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  1. Not sure how I feel about this book coming with a "Faces of Evil" tag. I can’t imagine anyone will have stepped on Geoff Johns’ carefully layed out plans though.

  2. "Faces of Evil" is a loose event tag, it just means stories focusing on the villains, which certainly fits into New Krypton.

  3. I thought that the "faces of evil" theme was just with the book covers, I don’t think it affects the story inside at all.

  4. With Johns/Frank off Action (for now), this book is likely getting dropped.

  5. I wonder if Bizarro actually shows up in this issue or it’s just who they wanted to get on the Faces of Evil cover. 

    I’m curious to see what’s up with this Nightwing/Flamebird situation and I love Greg Rucka’s work generally, so I’ll give them some rope. 

  6. @southbymidwest: I hope he does show up otherwise the cover is just a waste (I know Ron wouldn’t be happy with that). He is a fairly big Superman rogue so he could be a target for the Kryptonians. Or perhaps Bizarro what Lex has been working on for General Lane.

  7. I hope so too.  Really want to see if the villains that were sent to the phantom zone make an appeareance.  Either way, should be an interesting issue.  Is this Johns’ last issue, or does he have a few more left?  I confess I haven’t checked out the solicitations.

  8. Wow, this Bizarro appearance is coming out of left field, right? I too was confused (until I read the solicit) about why this "faces of evil" was cutting into the crossover. My guess is that this was already planned and that it won’t affect what Johns would have written anyway. I mean, they could have just put Lex, or someone else already in the story, on the cover if that was the case.

  9. Despite the fact that the cover image doesn’t make much sense given the current storyline, it’s good to see Ladronn getting some exposure. 

  10. Remember Bizarro flying away when the Kents went to visit Pa’s grave in the special. Hes probably hurt by Supergirls fathers death as well.

    Plus they don’t have enough characters in this story yet.

  11. Didn’t Bizarro appear earlier in the story?  If I’m not mistaken he was put in the Phantom Zone by the Kryptonians. 

  12. There’s another cover with Luthor on it, which fits the story better.

    I haven’t been overly impressed with this "event"/story as a whole, it hasn’t been bad, just nothing huge or memorable, like I expected. I was hoping for Sinestro Corps War level of awesomeness.

    Fingers crossed it has a good ending. A good ending can make or break a story (IMO).

  13. I think the whole faces of evil thing just has to do with the covers. Kinda like the shtick they pulled 9 or 10 years ago where all the covers that month were a head shot of the title character.

    Can’t wait to see what Lex has up his sleeve for all those aliens.


  14. Each of the "Faces of Evil" titles has a story where it focus’ on that specific character.  Dectective had Hush, Secret Six had Deadshot, etc.  From the stories I have read with it, there is no noticable change in quality of the title at all.  Not sure why people are even worried about that

  15. I just saw a preview for this on newsarama and oh man! I am so glad I dropped this!

    Geoff Johns at his worst, horrible art and anatomy by Pete Woods……

    Here I am thinking I was going to pick up volume two for this event and see if it’s any better then the first half (or first five parts). That 5-6 page preview proved to me that this was totally the right call on dropping this.

  16. Troll much?

  17. @jonsamuelson you must be new here, he does this a lot


    Imyself am loving this storyline

  18. how’s this for trolling?


    this book makes my eyes itch!! why can’t this comic be an extra 10 cm high?!! i wish comics still cost 10 cents an issue!!!! Apparently it’s actually impossible to fly and shoot lasers from your eyes, shocking i know!! My wife left me because i’m a fat loser!!!!


    Pretty good, huh? 

  19. @JonSamuelson I for one always enjoy NextChampion’s shit talking.

     I don’t think this event has been perfect, but I have been enjoying it. For the most part I really like Pete Wood’s art (I love his creature comandos–DC, please give him that book), but I’m not sure if he’s the best person for this book. He lacks the weight and explosive action of Gary Frank.

    And the story is a little bit disapointing to me so far. Too many elements, not enough real plot development. But still I’m enjoying it.

  20. Sorry that it’s trolling that I’m stating this storyline has been boring to me.

    I didnt realise critizing something was consider trolling. Oh wait I forgot! If I make a complaint on this ‘New Krypton’ event, then people will call me mad and say it’s perfect. Outnumbering me and making me look bad.

    Sorry that I felt the artists involved on this event has been subpar, and sorry that the entire storyline for this thing has been nothing more then a preamble to the 6 Superman titles you need to read after this. Sorry that you want to spend $20+ a month buying Superman titles when you should have the actual ending of the event in the…..Oh I dont know….the event!

    So excuse me for criticizing!

  21. I don’t understand what was so awful about the preview.  I checked it out and I thought it was good.  I can’t wait to check this out.


  22. @Kory: Here’s what I thought was awful about the preview.

    Mostly it’s the art of Pete Woods. Maybe it’s because we all have been spoiled by Gary Frank the last year on this title so that could be why Woods is so inadequite in my eyes. But my good, couldn’t they have gotten an artist that could….I dont know….draw antaomically correct? I mean I know this is a book about aliens from a distant galaxy fighting the JLA and Magic but….you gotta at least try panel by panel to make someone look good.

    The faces Wood’s drawn (in this preview I saw and the last AC comic I bought) are inconsistant. Look at the faces in all of those preview pages; and if it wasnt for the outfits I couldnt tell you what is the difference between the male faces. Superman should have this unqiue quality to him and instead he looks like another face in the crowd. Plus it doesnt help that the inking, thanks too Renato Guedes (who also does the coloring for Superman currently) makes the enviroments bland and too pascal. It’s like he’s trying to go for a watercolor type of effect (again like in Superman) and he fails at this if that was his intent.

    I cant imagine how this will read in a trade format. With three writers how have a different take on Superman and Supergirl, and three drastic styles of art in this…..Reading this in trade will be an eyesore and a headache for almost everyone.

    There… that trolling, or do I need to be more sincere with my criticisms?

  23. @TNC: Take your pills and calm down. 😉

    It’s okay to criticize something, but it’s not okay to criticize a book you haven’t been reading.  You haven’t  read the last few parts of the story, but yet you come in here to say how awful the story was.  I think that’s what people mean when they say you’re trolling.

  24. @Kory: Oh right….that’s what trolling is…..

    Still I’ve seen others complain the same way that I do about this (maybe it’s not on this still but still…) So my mindset of ‘gald I dropped this’ seemed to me to be a good choice.

  25. Honestly I agree with TheNextChampion. This is not the same quality writing as was featured in the Brainiac arc or say Rogue’s Revenge. I realize this is a different type of comic, but it’s just not that great imo. I think the art has also taken a huge step backwards especially in light of the newest preview posted up on newsarama.

    That being said, I gotta give props to James Robinson and Sterling Gates. Both writers have been putting out fantastic work so far for the New Krypton event.

  26. @TNC-the point is that you dropped it, yet you still feel the need to come and complain about it.  Ands never been any new criticisms.  Its always that the art sucks and its subpar Johns writing and you are glad you dropped it, etc.  We get it.

  27. @drakedangerz. Exactly right.


    it’s like how i criticize young parents, even though i don’t know them or have kids of my own. i just walk up to them and say something like "you’re not going to feed him that" or "don’t breast feed her if you are on methadone" 

  28. *acts sheepish*…I….I just wanted attention that’s all 🙁

    Seriously though, we just got screwed over with Secret Invasion on the fact that nothing note-worthy happen or that we need to read several books to get the overall conclusion of the story. Isnt anyone bothered by the idea that we need to pick up 5(!) titles in order to have an ending with New Krypton?

  29. @Next I don’t mind reading another five books to finish an event taking place exclusively in books that I was already reading.

  30. Again, you have already said this before.

    Everyone else seems to realize that New Krypton has ALWAYS been slated as a crossover event that will shape the way the Superman books will be through all of 2009.  Same can be argued for Secret Invasion.  We were told way in advance that the reason SI was green lit was because Joe Q liked Bendis’ idea for Norman being in charge, for the stories we could get out of that.  You really have a hard idea accepting all that?

    Like we have always said, you are free to criticize all you want, but quit repeating yourself over and over.  It doesn’t make your case more convincing in any way and its going  to keep those of us who like this story from enjoying it. 

  31. @ next. i like your stuff too, dude. it’s all good stuff

  32. @edward: I’m like Grant Morrison….I annoy the hell out of people but I get a tiny percentage to like me.

    So I guess reviewing the two trades for New Krypton (which is stupid to seperate it into two volumes btw) would be a bad idea?

  33. @ next. stick to your guns, mate, if you don’t want to read it – don’t read.

  34. Man, this was a disapointing ending to such a great story.  Why rush it at the end like this?  All in all, I loved the story and appreciate it catapulting Superman back to respectability among comics fans.

  35. meh

  36. I personally think the story has been fantastic!!! As long as a story is good, and continues to peak my interest I would buy 10 Superman titles a month!!

  37. Wow, an event that sets up the status quo for the next year, but also manages to give me some sort of closure.  Unlike RIP this had some sort of ending, while keeping me interested in what is to come for the next year of Superman comics.  Grant Morrison could stand to learn a thing or two from this Geoff Johns guy. 

    My one criticism of this is the art, it felt a little off to me, but other than that, this storyline delivered exactly what I was expecting.

  38. @kory  I agree about the art. peoples faces and feet looked off. Otherwise a solid solid ending to a great story that made me care about everyone in the superman family

  39. @RoiVampire- I think the thing that shocked me most about this story is that I actually care about Supergirl now. 

  40. I was a little down on the whole New Krypton story so far, but this issue changed my mind.  I really enjoyed where they took it and am now looking forward to the next storyline.  Weird mixup on the covers though : the solicits show Bizarro but it was Lex on the cover, which made much more sense.

  41. I don’t feel we got enough of Superwoman, Flamebird and Nightwing.  From the epilogue with Superwoman, I understand there is far more to her storey.  But why are Flamebird and Nightwing staying on Earth?  What motivation do they have?    I don’t plan on picking up every book that comes out of this, maybe 1 or 2.  I have to check out the solicitations to get an idea

  42. so that was an AWESOME issue cept supergirls mom is a HUGE bitch

  43. I think the last page reveal was pretty great but the pacing on this event has felt really padded.  

  44. Totally agree Kimbo.

    This would have been WAYYYY better if it was all Johns & Frank in Action Comics, because the writers on the Superman & Supergirl were definitely the weak links (IMO) & the story could easily have been told in half as many issues. Overall it wasn’t a bad story, it just wasn’t as good as a lot of other recent Superman stories that wern’t over-hyped as "events".

    I understand that it was to set up the Superman books for 2009 & to get people to buy Superman, Action AND Supergirl. But, it’s kinda back fired for me — I’ll be dropping Superman for the first time in years, because I don’t think Robinson has the voice or the feel for these characters at all (IMO) & I won’t be reading Supergirl on a regular basis for the same reasons as always — I’m not into teen drama.

  45. PS — Champ was right about the art — it was pretty crappy. Not just the average pencils, but the bland, dull colours.

    He was also right in comparing himself to Morrison — I have trouble understanding both of them sometimes. =P

  46. *listening to Wade* ‘Champ was right’

    YES! Got it on audio to prove it! Ebay here I come!

  47. @WadeWilson- Don’t encourage him. 😉

  48. Overall I liked this entire storyline and was very curious to see how they would wrap it up.  I think that the final resolution was about the best that could be delivered for the scenario, but I found the issue to be less immersive and engaging than what came before it.  Also, the art seemed a bit weaker than usual (as many others have already noted).  Not a bad comic, but only a 3 out of 5 stars for me.

  49. I liked this issue a lot. but, what the fuck!!! there was barely any Lex in it at all, it seemed like we were gonna get Lex killing tons of Kryptonians. but, instead we got another Lex/General Sam"I like pointing my gun at peoples heads"Lane conversation in this "Faces of Evil" issue. That being said, i thought the story as a whole was pretty damn good and it has me excited for the coming year of superman comics even if superman won’t be in them.

  50. this story coulda easily been told in a regular 4-6 issue story arc. Felt really decompressed

  51. Man. It was bound to happen. Geoff Johns first disappointment, in my eyes. Nothing about this felt like the opening salvo we had from the special. Alura has devolved into a one dimensional hate-monger, Supergirl is more confused than Powergirl, and I felt like it was ultimately predictable. Oh, and I see DC finally caught up to marvel on the whole "Planet on the otherside of the sun" thing. (Which, yes I know has appeared in Sci-Fi novels/TV/movies etc. for years.)

    I don’t know. I wanted to like this, I really did. But I was left disappointed. I will say, it did leave me liking Supergirl and curious to follow her (and Sterling Gates) into the Supergirl Monthly. I’m only vaguely curious about Flamebird and Nightwing and really feel that we should have been given more about them in New Krypton. But alas. 

  52. Isn’t complaining about TNC’s comments the same as complaing about his trolling? Just do what I do, and what he should do with books he doesn’t read, and skip over everything he says. It makes this site way more enjoyable, and you only have to read half of the comments posted.

  53. @PraxJarvin — In defence of Geoff Johns — don’t forget there were two other writers involved in this story.

  54. @WadeWilson While that is true, I actually think Sterling Gates comes out looking the best in this crossover. And James Robinson, well, he was the largest disappointment. But I just felt like Johns, who masterminded this whole thing, didn’t do that good of a job. But alas.  

  55. um… this was actually good

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