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In his weakest moment, Superman is taken down – but by whom? And if the world wasn’t ready for a man with super powers, they’re utterly unprepared for the rage of a Superman cornered!

The cornerstone character of the new DCU continues his debut adventure!

Variant cover by ETHAN VAN SCIVER
B&W variant cover by RAGS MORALES

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 26.2%
Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. Wasn’t Brent Anderson coming in to do some pages? Ah DC, even with a new look you still do old things like not update your solicitations.

    Still excited for this. After re-reading it I was surprised just how much story Morrison crammed in 40 pages. He had all the time in the world to set up but he went 160mph out the gate and didn’t look back. Wonder if it’ll be the same here?

  2. I’ve never read that much DC so sorry if this is a dumb question but does this take place in an alterate universe or is this in the main DCU? And is he the Clark Kent Superman or a different character?

    Really enjoyed the first issue, just a little confused as to what is going on.

  3. I loved the shit out of the last issue, faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive, and he hit him with a bullet train. Haven’t loved Superman like this since Frank Quitely drew him.

    • I agree with you. It’s amazing that this revisit of a 1930’s powered Superman feels so fresh and new. He’s more Strong man then God. Where I think DC is dropping the ball is in titles like Superman, Swamp Thing and JL where we’ve seen the new “modern day Superman” who feels like a completely different character- I just can’t see how those dots will ever connect- how Morrison’s Supes eventually becomes Perez’s Supes.

  4. Is this title always gonna be $3.99?? Is there more content than normal?

  5. The first issue of this was pretty fantastic. I’m pretty sure that Morrison’s portrayal of the energy drink-swilling Lex was my favorite aspect

  6. I love the jeans and casual costume. Morrison is a master and happy to be reading this book!

  7. Issue 1 was super ( pun intended ) and I look forward to this book. Probably going to be my pick of the week.

  8. At first I was worried I picked the wrong book in not choosing Superman #1, but obviously this was the right decision. Really I’m interested to see if the mysterious red hooded woman is in the second issues of the DC books.

  9. Dug the first issue but didn’t love it. Although I’m more excited after seeing the preview on CBR for the second issue.

  10. This would be a good chance for Luthor to kill Superman and be rid of him forever. Let’s see if he’ll drop the ball.

  11. Issue 1 was all over the place, kinda how I see a day inside morrisons head…the guy is bat-shit crazy, I didn’t dislike the first issue but it was REALLY fast paced…I LOVE the newer look and feel of supe, he’s got a chip on his shoulder and some anger issues, if the book keeps its crazy pace and its modern superman ill keep reading.

  12. I hear Keith Giffen taking over next issue. As well as the other 51 books and all the Vertigo books.

  13. That cover. Fuck yes.

  14. “Superman is taken down – but by whom?”

    Oh crazy solicits, don’t ever change. Who could that bald man on the cover trying to kill Superman POSSIBLY be?

    I am SO looking forward to this!

  15. Well I hope Action comics is going to span out a little besides just Superman?! I thought the first book was good and not great, I hope this issue picks up with a little more stability rather than helter skelter, helter skelter. I will be reading this closely and I really feel that each character should have one book and the best team should be put on it so that it gets quality not quantity!! This would also leave room for some of DC’s other characters a change at thier own book as well.

    Just sayin’,


  16. Awesome book, Grant makes me get into Superman like Reeve did when I was a kid.

  17. Anyone notice how red eye Supes looked a lot like Supes Prime? I miss Prime..

  18. Lex is such a peeping Tom.

  19. Another very good issue, I honestly didn’t think I’d like the idea of this younger Superman in this costume but I’ve really liked the first 2 issues a lot….I should have known Morrison would prove me wrong.

  20. Didn’t enjoy this as much as issue 1, and thought Morale’s version of Lois was flat out HORRIBLE. Didn’t look like the same girl from issue 1 at all! Despite that though it was still good and I’m enjoying this new take on the Man of Steel.

    • That’s not Morales’ version of Lois, that’s Brent Anderson’s.

      He’s the second penciller that they brought on to help Rags keep a monthly schedule. If you notice, all of the Lois scenes are by Anderson and all of the Superman/Lex scenes are Rags.

      I was hoping for a little better flow between the two artist’s, but Morrison’s story more than makes up for any flaws in the art.

  21. The art was a disaster (there are pages on which Lois looks like a deranged bag lady) and the story ends at the staple so that we can be treated to a behind-the-scenes look at how they crafted the masterpiece we hold in our hands. I was tremendously excited after issue #1; what a disappointment.

    • I loved the issue but I to was pissed about the extras at the end. Seriously could have done without the sketch book and whatever the hell that Batman thing was. What was that all about?

    • There’s nothing like getting to the halfway point in the book and having the publisher crow, “Look at the masterpiece you hold in your hands! I’ll bet you’d love to know how we crafted this jewel, wouldn’t you?” It’s extra special when this happens right as you’re thinking, “Ugh, this is not very well done at all.” So self-congratulatory and wasteful.

    • I really enjoyed how we saw concept art for things that haven’t even shown up in the book yet. Those would have been lovely surprises. Remember when they debuted the Iron Spider costume during CW with that horrible sketch that looked like a 10 year old sent it in for some unspecified art contest? Ugh

    • Jimski, Was it really that bad? I found it pretty entertaining. And don’t read the extra if you don’t want to

    • I hated the Batman ad at the end, but then I hate all of the multi page story excerpts they throw in as ads….I did like most of the sketches at the end of the story however. I thought the art was a bit of an improvement over last issue’s…not as many goofy faces on Clark/Superman or the twisted body in mid-flight…..but there’s still room for improvement to be sure…like the pages with Lois as you pointed out.

    • Yup, you just said everything I wanted to say in this thread. I forgot what it meant to race thru my books so I could be the first snark on the scene.

    • Or people could have just felt differently about the issue than you.

    • Sorry. I’m like a dumb dog that barks at itself in the mirror. Just reasserting myself here.

  22. Well that was awesome. We are looking at the beginning of a truly great run. I can’t wait to keep reading.

  23. Well, dammit, I bought this even though I said I wouldn’t. I didn’t like #1, but I flipped through this and it had a LOT of Luthor, which was about the only thing I did like in #1. And the guys at the shop said they thought it was better than #1. So I’m gonna try it and see.

  24. I liked this a lot more than #1, but I’m still not crazy about the art. I’m looking forward to #3.

  25. When I heard Rags Morales would do the art for this book I groaned because I knew that meant we would either have huge delays or have rushed art with fill artists doing other pages and this issue proved me right. I think the only way this book could be as big a success as Batman & Robin is to have revolving artists every couple of issues, that way we could get the best artists in the business(maybe even Frank Quitely?) to work on the book without worrying about them meeting month to month schedules. And yeah, 3.99 is totally not worth have a bunch of sketchbook stuff in the back, save that for the trades or something.

    And SPOILER, anyone else REALLY disappointed that ship on the last ship wasn’t the classic skull ship?

  26. This is the first time I’ve EVER made a Superman comic my POW, because I don’t like Superman. Well, I like this version…reboot, relaunch, whatever…successful.

  27. 4 star book minus one star for charging 3.99 for 20 pages story 6 pages of extras

  28. Ok so i just read the issue, and everyone needs to go to the back with the sketches.

    Where Grant sketches the ship for Rag’s to draw, he puts a Superman Crest on it.

    Those hexagonal solar panels definitely seem braniac-ey, but with that sketch we get a possible Krypton related reveal.

    But i agree, Art was sup-bar, come on rags, step yo game up.

    • I caught that Superman crest too!

      I also liked how we got Steel and Metallo introduced as well. That made the Brainiac (as far as we know at this point) reveal all the sweeter.

  29. I feel like I don’t want to get to emotionally invested seeing as I’ve been disappointed by Morrison multiple times, But I have to say this was GREAT. I’m really enjoy this series so far.

  30. 4 out of 5 for issue #2; was better than issue one story and art! The ending of this issue was not really a surprise it kinda makes sense that you know who shows up so soon. It will establish all of the big villians for Supes and set a good pace for this book. Action Comics= Action packed and face paced!! The one let down for me was the way Lex was drawn; it looked kinda sloppy and deformed. Thats it.

    Just sayin’,


  31. I am a little worried after reading this issue. Is the dog like body that Luthor shows Superman Krypto? I always liked the idea of Krypto and was hoping he might show up a some point. It would be a little sad if he was dead. Besides that I really liked this issue, and I love having a Superman with a personality

  32. this issue would have been a lot better if there hand’t been a fill-in artist for some pages. Brent Anderson really lost a step since his early work on Astro City when he has a proper inker.

  33. I loved this. However, like many on here, I don’t want to pay extra for pages of sketches.

  34. DC pulled another fast one with those last few preiview pages through out most of it’s books this week. Like everyone lese has been saying and me personally they can keep all that crap I do not need it!
    So there was a guest artist on certain pages? I guess maybe thats why Lex looks really deformed in so many panels?!
    Anyone else notice that or is he really supposed to look like he has soemthing wrong with him?
    I read it again last night and issue #1 again and I am really starting to like this series more and more in just two issues.

    Just sayin’,


  35. I liked this but in some panels Lex looked a lot like Sloth from the Goonies.

  36. So, I’m switching to download as much as I can, and will end up waiting a month for the $ off. Anyone out there know if the “extras” are included in the download? Just curious.

  37. I really enjoyed this one. Even more than #1.

    Grant’s wasting no time establishing the cast/rogues gallery. I love the fact that he introduced Metallo, Steel, and Brainiac in one issue. And without making it feel like a squeeze. Storywise, this is already more entertaining than Secret Origin ever was.

    I really dig the limited power set. It’s a great idea to scale down Clark’s powers while simultaneously upscaling his ego. Makes for a refreshing read.

    This Luthor is everything I love to hate about Luthor, without the baggage. So far, this book perfectly encapsulates what I wanted from the relaunch. A fresh, exciting take on a classic theme that maintains and preserves everything that made it popular in the first place.

    And usually I hate backup featurettes, but Morrison’s are almost always insightful. And Rags may be rushed, but the guy’s a smart illustrator.

  38. Picked up the first 2 issues this week and thought they were fantastic. I’m not really a superman fan but this is a take on him that i really enjoyed. On this as long as supermans like this, so probly not to long.

  39. Rags needs a better inker but this comic is quite compelling to me.

  40. I wasn’t a huge fan of the first issue but was surprised that I did like number 2. Think I’ll stick around a bit and see what happens

  41. finally finished all my books, even though Rags’ art didn’t wow me, this is still my POTW. just fantastic. Love the Morrison’s Luthor.

    ….. for more read my review.

  42. I hope Action stays in the past , I wasn’t too fond of the modern-day status quo as seen in Superman. They should have just had Action Comics only, forget the Superman title. I could just read this one and forget the other one exists.

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