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It still feels pretty strange to think that I’m reading a ‘second’ issue of Action Comics. Yes it’s on volume two, but I never thought I would see the day to go back to a beginning for this very long series. But what isn’t surprising is that Grant Morrison wrote himself a pretty damn good first issue last time. He’s not going for his ‘crazy’ tone for this series so reading a straight-forward origin for Superman was fun the first go around. What more does Morrison have to offer in his first story arc?

So far I like how Morrison goes right into the middle of the story to begin and issue. He did it in the first issue and here he takes us right into the torture of Superman. We normally would’ve gone through the rigmarole of introducing Lex Luthor and just why Superman has to be tortured for science. But no, Morrison goes right into the middle of his torture and we get a lot of insight into Lex with his monologues then a proper introduction. Morrison is not going to waste any pages so it’s nice to know he isn’t going to go through the bullshit of an introduction. I also particularly like how aggressive and cocky this Superman is. He literally laughs off the torture which is something you would see from Batman. It’s going to be interesting to see how Morrison will take Sups into a cocky new hero to the ‘All American Boy’ in the future. Also, the only thing I think is a problem with the title is that so far Morrison is spending little time with Lois. It might be a good thing in the long run, considering their relationship in the future in Superman #1, but it’s weird to see her thrown to the side for the most part.

Brent Anderson is helping Rags Morales do some pages for each issue, since unfortunately Morales can’t do a full issue on a monthly schedule. While I find that incredibly bullshit considering this relaunch has to keep it’s integrity for the long haul. Still, let’s get that unfortunate business out of the way and talk about how good the art is. I must admit that I had a very hard time figuring out which pages were Anderson and which were Morales. Anderson and Rick Bryant pencil and ink the pages so closely to Morales style I just couldn’t tell the different. Maybe you can tell a little bit with Lex, because his face changes throughout in the beginning. So maybe that’s the key, but other then that this is a really good looking book. My favorite panel this week comes from this issue where Superman is literally walking up the stairs while being shot at. He’s not running, jumping, or flying away from them. He’s drawn to be literally walking up while guards are swarming him. That really made me laugh.

I think we’re going to get a really great run out of Morrison with this new Action Comics. His way of compressing the Superman origin to two issues really impressed me and it’s been an action packed thrill ride for the most part. He might not be focusing on the secondary characters, outside of Lex, too much but it hasn’t hurt the series too much so far. While Morales getting help to finish an issue is a bummer, Brent Anderson does such a good job with the consistency he helps the issue by making it look great throughout. With the last page reveal I have to say I am psyched to see just where Morrison is going to take such a classic villain into the Superman mythos.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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