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Pick of the Week – Queen & Country #17 – 07.09.2003

07.09.2003 – Queen & Country #17

Because Scott Kurtz Won’t Talk to Me…

I’ve asked Scott Kurtz of PvP fame for an interview a couple of times now, and he’s yet to agree……

iFanboy’s Back!

As you may have noticed, we’ve been down for a little while. There was some unexpected server issues that caused…

Marvel Alters Ratings System

Diamond announced that Marvel Comics have revamped their ratings system, again. They’ve slimmed down to just 4 ratings: All Ages,…

Pick of the Week – Alias #24 – 07.02.2003

07.02.2003 – Alias #24

“Felicia” Makes Her Final Statement

This seems to be the biggest quiet rumble in comics I can think of. Over at Rich Johnston’s Lying in…

Trade Paperhack: The Return of iFanboy

Why do we do iFanboy? What was the point? Has anything really changed? Josh gets mushy.

Little English Girl Scared By Hulk Penis

In one of the most bizarre stories in recent memory, The Sun is reporting that a six year old girl, who was given a 12-inch Hulk doll won at a carnival, was stunned to find the doll to be anatomically correct underneath his purple pants.

Oneshots: Love Fights #1

Josh fell in love with this Astro City-esque take on the romance of everyday with superheroes getting in the way. And he wants you to read it too.


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