Despite many, many obstacles we made it to the San Diego Comic-Con! We got all settled in and headed out to Preview Night to soak in the atmosphere check out some of what we saw.

Tomorrow is the first full day of the con and we’ll be out in full force chronicling the happenings and news of the con. Be sure to keep checking back for up to the minute news and amusing photos. We’ll also be on the look out for the elusive comic-con mullet!

As usual the con floor was expansive and sometimes overwhelming. But the smaller crowd of Wednesday Night really doesn’t do the con floor justice, by Saturday the aisles will be bloated with people making their way from booth to booth.

Walking the con floor this time around took way less time than any other year. I’m not sure if it was the fact that we’ve done this many times before, or because there was just very little to actually see. It may be a combination of both.

No matter what, the action should build up into the weekend. It looks as if Thursday is going to be a quiet day, what with only really 1 panel worth attending. But that just means that Friday and Saturday will be jam packed.