Spider-Man Gets A Lot of Flashy Editing

It’s a big night for comic book-to-screen properties. Not only does The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen premiere tonight at movie theaters around the country, but MTV‘s new animated series, Spider-Man, starts tonight at 10pm.

I’m hoping to catch this tonight, though it’s looking doubtful. Hopefully, MTV will stay true to form and rerun it a million times a week.


  1. Um, not so great methinks.

    At first, I was really put off by the visual style. It feels like I was watching cut scenes from video games, which are all well and good in video games, but on TV, feels weird.

    The voice, which sounds fine when read in USM, doesn’t sound quite as good coming from Doogie. There’s yet a third version of Harry Osbourne, who looks nothing like the comic or movie version, and resembles him only in name. Peter’s dressed a little too much like a club kid, in tight shirt and pants, which is off-putting, because the one thing about him is that he’s a nerd, and always has been in a way.

    There were 2 episodes I saw. I only saw the last few minutes of one where the villain was an Electro clone, and wasn’t Electro, and I didn’t really dig it.

    The other villain was a Kraven/Elektra/Samurai hunter person who had to fight Spider-Man out of honor. Don’t know why they didn’t just use the USM Kraven, but what do I know.

    It was very MTV to tell you the truth. That’s rarely a good thing. I think you could see Bendis’ influence here and there, but it didn’t give me any of the joy I get from the comics.

  2. I was afraid of these things.

    Hopefully, MTV will rerun it as much as they do The Real World and I can catch it.



  3. I saw it. I caught a rerun the electricity powered villain episode at about 3am last night.

    It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It was quite good, actually. The animation was off-putting for a while, but I got used to it pretty quickly.

    Harry Osborn was the biggest problem with the show. It felt like they changed him solely for the sake of changing him. Also, if that was the premiere episode, it was a weird one. It wasn’t structured like a normal first episode, it felt like something in the middle of the season.


  4. I felt exactly the same way.

    I think that was the second episode for some reason. Perhaps they aired them out of order as was done with the Clerks Animated series.

  5. Re: The animation

    As the episode went on, I liked the animation more and more. Yes, it’s a bit stiff and needs some work, but I really got the sense that I was watching an animated comic book page.


  6. I caught (most of) the second episode last night. The one with the Lady Shiva-like character.

    I thought that episode, overall, was much worse than the first one. Writing, animation, voice acting everything.



  7. I absolutely loved it. I’m not entirely familiar with the spider-man lore, so I wasn’t so put off my Ian Ziering’s 90210 version of Harry Osbourne. I just thought he’d have those wierd stripes in his hair.

    Peter Parker was a bit too cool for me, but I figured, a lot of us (and by that I mean me) kind of fleshed out that way by the time we got to college, started working out a little, wearing better clothes, etc.
    Yesterday’s dork is today’s cool guy. Except for those dragonlance people.

    I thought the animation was pretty neat, even though it reminded me of Zelda: Windwaker.

    I didn’t understand though, why they wouldn’t use Electro or…. well, Elektra for those villains. All in all, Bendis is king.