Whoo hoo! For the third straight year iFanboy is going to be attending San Diego Comic-Con… despite their best efforts at keeping us from going!

I don’t know about the other guys, but I’m really psyched and I got a bit nostalgic, so I checked out last year’s photos and laughed at the mayhem and comic book themed good times we saw.

Is there anything you want to make sure we check out? Any creators you want us to corner and ask geeky questions to? Let us know! We’re open to doing pretty much anything, except run around in costume with Mark Hamill.


  1. “Dude, that’s Busiek right there. Go talk to him.” “No, no, that would be embarrassing!”

    Fucking Funny!

  2. Mark Hamill is going to be back this year…


  3. He signs everything the same.

    “Force Yourself”

    I think Harrison Ford does the same thing.

  4. Are you kidding?


  5. not at all.

  6. My god, what did George do to those boys?


  7. I’m packing right now. I’ll see you there!