Stan Lee Gets Sued Over ‘Stripperella’

There’s just so much legal action going on these days! While not entirely comics related, it appears that a stripper who Stan Lee visited is taking credit for the idea for his Stripperella television program.

“‘This office challenges Lee to produce proof of his creative work, as true authorship belongs to Tanga’s Jazz’, she wrote, referring to an adult club in Tampa where she claims she asked Lee about the concept of “Stripperella” a year ago during a private dance session.”

I’m shocked, but I don’t think he did it! To find out more, read on!
While I’m certainly not against the adult entertainment, I’m a little offset by Stan’s stripper visits. It’s sort of like hearing about your parents having sex, and it just makes me feel icky.

So I met Stan Lee over a year ago, in February of 2002, and he told me about this show he was planning with Pamela Anderson about a superhero/stripper. This woman suing Stan says she gave him the idea last year, but doesn’t say when. It would have had to be in January, giving Stan only a month to secure a deal with Anderson and work up the whole show idea. Shaky.

My guess is that he mentioned it to this stripper (perhaps he was doing research) and she bantered with him about it, and thinks that’s grounds to claim authorship.

Everyone’s trying to steal from everyone else. But I’m down with Stan.


  1. Oooh! Oooh! Maybe you’ll get called as a witness, Josh!


  2. It’s my only real goal in life.

  3. You should give his people a call.