‘Extraordinary’ Opening

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen opens in theaters today! The film, based on the Alan Moore/Kevin O’Neill comic book of the same name stars Sean Connery.

Anyone going to see it tonight? This weekend?

Personally, I’m going to see it, probably Sunday. If I had to choose, which I did, I’d go see Pirates of the┬áCaribbean. Which is what I’ll be doing tonight. But the NEXT movie I’d see this weekend is definitely League. I mean, we kinda have to go see it right?

I do collect the comic, but sometimes I wonder if it’s because I enjoy it or because I want to say that I collect it. I’m sure many of you can relate. I really enjoy the concept of the comic and a lot of the historical and literature references. I was really surprised when I heard it got made into a movie though, because I never really likened it to an action movie. But Hollywood tends to have its way with properties like this, so I’m really curious to see what comes out on film.

Think Alan Moore will go see this one?


  1. I saw Pirates last night. It was a good time; Johnny Depp is genius.

    I plan on seeing League tonight. I’m not going to go in hoping to see an adaptation of the first mini-series, because I know that’s not what I’m going to get. I’m hoping to see a fun film and watch my favorite Scotsman kick ass.

    Hopefully, the “but it’s not like the book!” online whining will be kept to a minimum.

    I collect the series. Not because I feel I have to, but because it’s really, really good. The first mini was extraordinary, the second hasn’t been as good as the first, but it’s still been great.


  2. Ebert:

    ” The movie plays like a big wind came along and blew away the script and they ran down the street after it and grabbed a few pages and shot those.”

    It’s gonna be awful.

    Go see 28 Days Later.

  3. “It’s gonna be awful.”

    I have no doubt that I’ll enjoy it.

    “Go see 28 Days Later.”

    On video.



  4. i saw 28 days later last night.
    definitly see it in the theatre and go to like a midnight show, so when you come out the streets are deserted.
    i’m still kinda freaked out.

    it’s a tough choice, Leauge or pirates. maybe pirates sunday and league monday

  5. I saw LEAGUE tonight.

    It was good. Entertaining.

    Something was missing though… I think that it lacked a real second act. It sort of throws you fright from the first act into the third.

    But there are some great sequences and visuals.

    They showed the PUNISHER teaser, which managed to make itself look exactly like one of the recent covers.


  6. I’m going to see League at 4 PM today…I opted for Pirates over League Friday night and even though I haven’t see League yet, Pirates was the better choice! Pirates could possibly be one of th ebest movies I’ve seen all year.

    League is going to have alot to live up to…

  7. This movie is ludicrous. There’s a fight scene between two huge CGI Subway meatballs. There’s a hilarious Scooby Doo unmask-the-killer moment. Established characters drop in and out of the movie at random, while new ones are tossed into the fray with no introduction.

    In short, it’s hilarious. But it’s also sad what they have done with this property. The movie is a bastardization of the comic series, replacing the elegance of Moore’s tale with an incomprehensible plot, dumb one-liners, and overly frenetic action sequences. The most depressing thing about this movie is that it will ensure that a good chunk of the population will never pick up a comic book for the rest of their lives.

    And the kicker of it all is that it could have been good. Really good. The production design is quite good, and at times, even stunning. The acting (aside from a Connery on autopilot) isn’t bad at all, a product of some inspired casting. With a not-abominable script, they could have had something special. As is, it’s a train wreck. And yeah, it’s so ridiculous that it can’t help but be entertaining, but I think the real League deserves better than that.

  8. Am I the only one who got a secret kick out of Sean Connery having a meeting with a character named “M”?


  9. Here’s what upsets me about bad comic book movies. As Steve pointed out, it surely will drive people AWAY from the comic, which is excellent, but it will also encourage the following statement, from the film reviewer at Newsday:

    “When Summer 2003 is over (is it September yet?), “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” may end up being the film that defined the season: underwritten and overwritten, effects-driven, inspired by a comic book and unlikely to drive those on- the-fence audiences back into theaters anytime soon.”

    Please notice how he mentions that it was “inspired by a comic book”, like that is the worst thing that could ever happen to film development. Most production companies would be lucky to have source material written by Alan Moore, but every time, they friggin butcher it, because they don’t give people enough credit to enjoy it or understand it as it was intended. Fucking Bastards.

    That kind of statement makes me so upset.

  10. Film crtics seem to hate comic book inspired movies, no matter what the quality.

    Every year that passes sees the growth of my hatred toward film critics.


  11. Sorry, I can’t agree with the idea that critics just hate comic book movies, no matter what the quality. Spider-Man was one of the best-reviewed movies of last year. Period. Same goes for X2 this year. And that was a sequel to a comic book movie.

    And I’ve seen quite a few negative reviews of LXG that absolutely fawn over the comic.

    I like movie critics. I really do. I’ve argued with coworkers about the reason for the critic’s existence. Sure, they might senselessly bash a movie I like, but they also let me know about the small gems that I wouldn’t normally seek out.