WonderCon 2012: Wood on X-MEN & ULTIMATE X-MEN! Eaglesham on HULK! Parker, Shalvey, & Walker on DARK AVENGERS!

The news from San Francisco Anaheim rolls on! There were several announcements at the Marvel: The Next Big Thing panel, and it’s possible that none of them involved Wolverine!


Brian Wood writes both X-Men and Ultimate Comics X-Men !

Oh my stars and garters! For the first time ever one person will write corresponding books in both the regular and Ultimate Marvel Universe! That one person is Brian Wood and those books involve the X-Men.

X-Men #30

Beginning in June with X-Men #30, Brian Wood joins artist David Lopez to bring you the continuing adventures of Storm, Psylocke, Colossus, Domino, and Pixie. Hmmm. That’s a team that features what I like to call “favorable odds” for Piotr.

Ultimate Comics X-Men #13 (Variant)

And in June with Ultimate Comics X-Men #13, Brian Wood will team up with artist Paco Medina (or Carlo Barberi, depending on who you believe). Kitty Pryde’s on the team. Other than that your guess is as good as mine

Dale Eaglesham draws Hulk !

In June, acclaimed artist Dale Eaglesham joins series writer Jeff Parker on Hulk where things are still red and still angry. Hey! Judging by the preview art that’s been released, it looks like Alpha Flight will be making an appearance.

Jeff Parker, Declan Shalvey, and Kev Walker tackle Dark Avengers !

In June, Thunderbolts gets renamed Dark Avengers (branding!) and keeps its creative team intact. But will the line-up and premise stay the same? Good question. Let’s ask these three guys.

Dark Avengers #175

I’ll take that as a “No comment.”

Well, I have it on good authority that it’s the same premise–Luke Cage leads a team of (possibly) reformed baddies–but that the line-up will be a bit different. I mean, that is Skaaar on the cover there.


  1. So is that Clor?

  2. I dropped X-Men a long while ago, and I dropped Ultimate X-Men about 4 issues in, because I wasn’t a fan of the direction that Hickman was going in, but Brian Wood writing both of these titles will have me picking them up again on Day 1.

    • Nick Spencer currently writes ULTIMATE X-MEN. Hickman writes THE ULTIMATES.

    • Right! I dropped them both around the same time, so I got them mixed up. My mistake. Nonetheless, I’m really interested to see what Wood brings to the table with both of these books. I’ve loved his non-superhero work, and I’m loving Alpha and Omega right now, so I’m hoping that it will be excellent as well. Thanks for the catch, Conor!

  3. Hooray, Brian Wood! Marvel, give Brian Wood all the books! Dunno about the Thunderbolts rebranding though. Hmmmm.

  4. DC really should’ve reached out to Wood for about when they were putting together the relaunch. He would’ve been a choice get.

  5. As excited as I am to see Brian Wood’s take on the X-men, I’m sad to see Gischler go. I’ve been a bit jaded about X-men comics, with exception to X-Force and Wolverine & the X-men, but Gischler has quietly and consistently been writing excellent stories in X-Men.

  6. I assume Marvel wouldn’t announce this, but since Thunderbolts is now going to become a “branded” Avengers book as Conor pointed out, do they plan on increasing it to $3.99? I’m really starting to vote with my wallet as far as these price increases go, so I’m hoping it doesn’t happen because I have been quite enjoying this title.

    • Same here, Brian Wood definitely makes me interested in X-Men, but I try extremely hard to vote with my wallet and stay away from $3.99 20 page books.

  7. Really bummed about the Thunderbolts. I love that book. I know it’s the same creators but I’m not sure if I want this team. Everything else I’m not real jazzed about.

  8. filippod (@filippodee) says:

    If they don’t keep Karla Sofen in the book I’ll start a hunger strike. Between meals, that is.

  9. God damn it Marvel….Three things:

    1) If Wood was going to Uncanny X-Men this would be bigger news. Although Nick Spencer departing from a series? That never happens!

    2) I actually don’t have a compliant on the Hulk news. Eaglesham is a great choice for the book. Maybe I’ll pick that up considering on my 3rd point.

    3) Dark Avengers? No, no, no, no no. I refuse to buy the title with a pointless name change with a new line up I can already tell I won’t like. I’m sorry but Clone Thor and Sklaar? No matter who else is on that team I have no desire to read that. I love Parker and Shalvey, but there is no way in hell I am buying this.

    So congrats Marvel. You made my pullbin go from five Marvel titles in a month to four.

  10. kinda sad to see Nick Spencer leaving Ult. X-Men but Wood is a fine replacement. And it looks like I’ll be buying the third X-Men book now.

  11. I really like that first Hulk cover.

  12. The creative team stays the same, so I doubt it will suck or anything. But I am not a fan of rebranding Thunderbolts. Booooooooo.

  13. well, i’ve been hoping and yappin’ for a full fledged on going dark avengers title for quite a while now. since yesterday was my bday, i’ll consider this a late present from marvel. hope it remains a 2.99 book.
    i dig the line-up. please, please, please throw daken into the mix. then resurrect bullseye and throw him into it, but make him dark daredevil. that would be wicked fun.
    i wonder, will norman osborn be around for this? also, who could play dark captain america?
    super stoked for this!

  14. Too many Spidermen! Too many everybody! Remember when having two Human Torches was confusing? Every character in the Avengers movie has at least two copies of themselves currently active.

  15. I subscribed to X-Men not long ago. I’ll miss Gischler but glad to know it’s Brian Wood.

    Not really reading much Ultimate stuff, not much affected by changes there.

    Need to catch up on Parker’s Hulk. Maybe this summer I’ll read some trades. Eaglesham is usually great.

    Been reading T-bolts since issue #100. Wonder if this means a split and relaunch?

    Hopefully it’s some temporary AvX branding.

  16. Look at storm’s face in the X-men 30 cover

  17. Is that Dark Avengers image supposed to look like that? Is it blurry at the bottom on purpose to hide something? Is it a printing error? Looks like they are standing on rocks and looking down at something. A dead character(s) maybe?

    I’ll wait until there is more info before writing it off because the creative team is the same but my initial impression of the re-branding is pretty negative.

  18. thunderbolts is one of my favorite books in comics, I have faith in creative team.

  19. What the flip happens at the end of Thunderbolts 174?! I don’t know how to feel about the Dark Avengers branding because I like both the A and B teams of Thunderbolts and the idea of adding some of Osborn’s goons to the ranks just screams that him and H.A.M.M.E.R. will be back soon. Does the time traveling affect all of the Marvel Universe so drastically? Shouldn’t this be a big status quo changer?

  20. I love that Alpha Flight plays a role in the Hulk arc! Going have to start getting Hulk for this arc.
    Don’t like the name change of thunderbolts.

  21. That people do not want to read Thunderbolts after being rebranded as another Avengers book is funny because I’m resisting buying another Avengers book when it is just a Thunderbolts book in disguise.

    Brian Wood on X-Men is very exciting. Gischler has been doing great, but with the vampire business coming full circle, he may have written all he’s got for X-Men stories.

  22. Looks like I’m picking up an Avenger’s book again.

  23. I’m friends with both Paco and Carlo and I have asked them about this. The thing is that Marvel swaps artists from title to title to keep it fresh and to get things done in time

  24. Thunderbolts=Yay! Dark Avengers=What the hell? Seriously, Marvel, what the hell?

  25. Looking forward to Brian Wood’s take on Ultimate X-Men. That title hasn’t really found its groove since BKV. I’m hoping that Wood can be its Taye Diggs.

    And is it just me, or has Nick Spencer’s Marvel tenure been a bit of a hot mess?

  26. Well good. I was looking for good places to jump off of some titles and move to trades. Looks like I’ve got a solid point for Ultimate X-Men and Thunderbolts. I’ll see from reviews whether or not it’ll be worth picking up the trades later, and now I don’t have to worry about adding X-Treme X-Men.

  27. is skaar’s sword made of adamantium or something of the sort? for it not to break on impact is impressive. just to imagine the amount of force he could put into each swing is staggering.