What Was Your Favorite Single Issue of 2011?

We’ll be posting our list for the best single issue of 2011 soon, but before then, we wanted to ask you what your favorites were from the last year. After all, we can’t read everything, can we?

So let us know what your favorite single issues of the last year were. Not trades, not runs, and not graphic novels, but a title and a number, released in 2011.

Also, tell us why. Make your case. An ambiguous list from an anonymous poster doesn’t do anyone any good. What did it mean to you? Why is it the best?

Have fun!

FYI: Last year’s Best Single Issue was The Brave & The Bold #33 by J. Michael Straczynski and Cliff Chiang.


  1. Uncanny X-force #18 by far! It had everything i love about comics jammed in there.

    Close second was Amazing spider-man #672 The conclusion to Spider Island. Slott litterally made me jump off the couch and yell EFF YA! at the end. Pretty epic stuff.

  2. “Journey Into Mystery” #627, because it was the apotheosis of what Kieron Gillen can do on the title, and also, the best handling of Mephisto ever.

  3. Alpha Flight #1

  4. Action Comics #1. It represented everything the New 52 is and it made Superman awesome again.

  5. For me it was a no-brainer because this was a terrible year for Marvel. While most of the books I was reading were good, it was obvious the company was not doing well in terms of creativity. Jeff Parker was trying to tell his stories but had to get hampered with tie-ins left and right so he had to actually do a time-travel story to get them out of that situation. FF/Fantastic Four are doing great with this magnum-opus Hickman was making but not one single issue was ‘the best’ because it’s the overall story at play there.

    There was only one issue that made me happy to read from beginning to end and show just what you can do with a single issue: That was Secret Avengers #18.

    The issue was a showcase for Shang-Chi as he fights his way in a facility that was upside down. It was like a fortress designed by M.C. Esher. The opening pages showed how violent it was going to get but also you didn’t know where the story was going to go. Beast is talking about different alternate realities, Cap is fighting MODOK in a bizarre spaceship; literally everything was thrown at this issue to make it fun. But what made this issue so damn good was David Aja’s art. He put everything Ellis gave at him and showed me so of the best pages of the year. He show the beauty in the violence, such as taking two panels to show a henchmen get punched in the face and then falling down. (You could see individual pieces of his mask and teeth floating in the panel) He handled all of the designs of the fortress to his advantage; showing people walking on the ceilings or Shang-Chi fighting guys on steps. Everything about this issue, the more I think about it and re-read it, makes me proud to be a comic book fan. This is how you change the medium by doing these one-and-done stories.

    So of course all of that will be lost when Rick Remender comes in and spoils it.

  6. Daredevil #7 by Mark Waid and Paolo Rivera. Just an amazing issue, one-and-done story, heart-warming, and absolutely gorgeous art. I could recommend this issue to anybody.

  7. AQUAMAN #4 by Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado & Rod Reis — Issue #4 of the new Sea King’s new series is the satisfying conclusion to the Trench storyline in which we see Aquaman’s raw power unleashed, breath-taking visuals, some “Aw yeah!” fanboy moments, and cool teasers about what’s to come in this title in 2012.

    Overall, AQUAMAN feels like the book in the New 52 that fulfills the purpose of the 52 with the most integrity to the concept of the re-launch. Aquaman is restored to his core concepts by Geoff Johns, who then amplifys them by addressing public mis-perceptions head on & turning perceived weakness into strength for the most human Arthur Curry we’ve every been treated to in comics.

  8. Detective Comics #879: The skeleton key. Absolutely fantastic.

  9. Dark Horse Presents 4. Just the perfect balance of exceptional comics, easily my single issue of the year. Read DHP.

  10. Batman #1. I knew once I had read it that it would be the standard I judged all others from the New 52. I hadn’t read any of Snyder’s Batman or even knew who Greg Capullo was, but now they’re my favorite creative team in comics. Snyder just mashes so much of what makes all the different versions of Batman awesome into one comic. I loved the cliffhanger at the end regarding Dick, and it really convinced me to stick to buying comics on a weekly basis (something I’ve never done before September of this year). Those opening pages with Batman teaming up with “the Joker” at Arkham Asylum were just great and completely unforgettable.

    Superboy #1 was a close runner-up just for being so surprisingly good and blowing my expectations out of the water.

  11. Infinite Vacation #1
    Forward thinking, idiosyncratic and beautifully rendered.

  12. Fantastic Four 587 it was a great payoff.

  13. I’m going to go with Fear Agent 32.. Honorable mention to Fear Agent 31, Uncanny X-Force 18, Wolverine and the X-Men 1, Secret Avengers 16, Journey into Mystery 632, and a few others that I’m forgetting.

  14. The death of ultimate spiderman. I hated that he die but I know Bendis has some stored and i’m really liking the new spiderman and Sara Pichelli’s art. Alot of the new 52 issues are good as well.

  15. Detective Comics #875: The Skeleton Key

  16. Animal Man #1. When I really think about it had the best use of prose in an issue I’ve ever seen, and it had me caring about the main characters by the end of the first issue. Not to mention how much I love Travel Foreman’s artwork.

  17. Three way tie: Power Girl #27, The Tattered Man (one shot), and Northlanders #40.

    PG 27 displayed just how fast, smart and powerful she is all in 22 pages. The entire story takes place over about 60 seconds and was a great way to send off PG before the New 52.

    Northlanders #40 was a heartbreaker, following a hunter who questions the purpose of life while he tries to hunt down a stag for his family. Great one and done story.

    The Tattered Man one shot was a disturbing horror story about a spirit of vengeance borne of the Holocaust. Good art and great writing make it a great self contained story that still frightens me.

  18. Cobra #7
    It was one of those books that just really had me from the get-go, but seeing 6 issues of stories all come to such a forceful impact in such a tight fit, was edifying in a way that I just couldn’t help but love the book all the more.
    Cobra is definitely my favourite book of 2011, and the biggest surprise.

  19. The first one I thought of was Amazing Spider-Man #625…the one with Rhino’s wife. I know there were better single issues in a dozen different titles but this one tore my heart out.

  20. Mine would definetly be Ultimate Fallout #1. I don’t really cry a lot, but this issue made me bawl my friggin eyes out. It was so wonderfully written. The scenes with J. Jonah Jameson typing and the conversation with the little got me really choked up to the point where I had to hold the comic away from my face to avoid my tears from dripping down onto the page.

  21. Batman #1 – the perfect reintroduction to the world; everything about the book was awesome. That said, Detective Comics #881 is just as good, but the opposite – a perfect ending.

  22. JIM 624

  23. Aquaman #1, no Aquaman #4…no wait Aquaman #1– but in #4 he gets a dog…

    …oh hell, I think #1 set the tone for the whole story that went thru up until #4 so my vote is for Aquaman #1! Boom!

  24. Any of the Ultimate Death of Spider-Man issues except for the last one

  25. Daredevil #1 I love Daredevil, and i love seeing this new take on him (Y)

  26. For me, it has to be Severed #4. Jack and Sam(antha)’s kiss at the top of the construction site was something that reminded me of my childhood. I was little younger than Jack appears to be and Anita and I were sitting on the roof of her house when we shared our first kiss. *SPOILER ALERT* (She moved away sometime later which parallels the story somewhat). This comic is just a great story overall.

  27. I know it’s cheating the page length, but I gotta say Fantastic Four #600. Almost a hundred pages of great art and wonderful Hickman story. It was pricey but I’ve already read it three times. No better value in single issues last year.

  28. Uncanny X-Force 18 NUFF SAID!!!!!

  29. Action 897, Lex meeting with Joker. Paul Cornell wrote one of the most perfect Joker stories ever, I think. I still giggle thinking of the scene that climaxes with: “Rich people really can’t tell when you’re making fun of them!”

    Avengers Academy 13, the Superhero Prom issue. Delightful, fun, bittersweet, a high-school movie feel (in the best possible way).

    Batgirl 18, helping Klarion get over his jealousy so Teekl could enjoy a little freedom on Valentine’s Day. A lovely little story that really stands out in my memory of the past year.

  30. There are quite a few I could choose, but for me, Hellboy: The Fury#3 is as good as it gets. The artwork by Fegredo combined with the culmination of years of storylines, and the biggest rarity in comics, a definitive ending.(even though we still get to hang with Red in 2012) This was the book that had me saying “WOW” constantly, and I could hardly believe where the story went. Mike Mignola is one of my absolute favorite writers and he REALLY laid down some awesome this year. Honorable mentions: Tec #881, The Unwritten #28, and Criminal: LOTI #3.

  31. I have a bunch others. But the two that jump to mind are Daredevil #1 and the Wolverine: Debt of Death one-shot.

  32. Its a tie between Rocketeer Adventures #1 and Thunderstrike #1. Both were great issues that I really enjoyed reading.

  33. Jonah Hex #69

    Palmiotti & Gray wrote what felt like an epitaph for their long running series. Jeff Lemire was the perfect artist for the grisly tale. A one and done story, no previous knowledge of Jonah required, but if you’d followed P&G’s fleshing out of Hex’s past, then it was even more effective. Jonah finally confronts his father after a lifetime of carrying around the psychological baggage bequeathed him by the old man. The ending is as unsentimental, violent, and bleak as you’d expect from a Hex tale yet still gut-churningly emotional.

    • I went with an issue of Detective for my pick, but up until I read that, I was saying that Hex #69 was the best issue of a comic I’d read all year.

    • I second pretty much everything you said. An amazing issue, and add into the emotions and bleakness the fact that it totally takes you by surprise (which doesn’t happen much nowadays) and I’d say it makes for the best issue of the year.

  34. For me it has to be Animal Man #1.

    I’ve been aware from comic reading for a long time. Too long in fact. And it was the DC re-boot that initially brought me back in. I heard about the new Animal Man and Jeff Lemire was a name I’d heard mentioned even whilst away from the hobby. I picked up the first issue (along with Swamp Thing #1 as it happens) and was completely blown away by it. The story and characters rang true. I too have a young family (young son, even younger daughter) and know the difficulties in balancing your job and your family. Not that I’m a superhero by trade, but my wife and I have also had similar discussions to the one had by Buddy and his wife. The action sequence revolved around a truly heart rending situation. Though you cannot condone the guys actions (holding sick kids hostage) you can certainly feel his confusion and loss through Lemire’s story telling.

    The artwork is also stunning. Travel Foreman’s linework and detail is amazing. He packs more into a single panel than some artists can manage in an entire book. And of course there is the final panel… Wow! I have never been so affected by a single page. My heart was truly in my mouth. I hope that this series goes from strength to strength in the future. Issue 1 is an amazing springboard into a truly horrific and unsettling story. Long may it continue!

  35. Action Comics #904, It was the perfect way to wrap up the Doomsday arc & Lois & Clark’s relationship together. The best of the best for a long time Superman fan.


  36. This is not easy. Knowing that I have not read enough comics to justify a real answer, I am still confident that Northlanders #41 Thor’s Daughter was THE BEST– mainly because it tells a full story in one issue. The art fit the story so well. The story of what daughters can inherit from their fathers is not done enough in comics. That moment when a character realizes ” I am my father’s daughter, and you cannot take that from me” was powerful and violently beautiful.

    It was an awesome year for comics, and I have missed out on most of it because of school and Money. Ellis, Kirkman, Lemire, effin Snyder, Hickman, T. Moore, Weibe, Menton, M-Waid, Azzarello, Rucka , Gillen, Spencer, BQ Miller, Hann, Brubaker, Aaron, Morrison, Cosby/McCool, and my favorite baldy, Bendis, won’t let me walk away from this insane world we love.

  37. Batman: Knight of Vengeance #2

    It is rather surprising as I look back at the year in comics and find that the single issue that stuck out the most for me was a comic from an Else-Worlds type story with very little actual impact on continuity. And I never thought a Batman book without Bruce Wayne (or at least Dick Grayson) would have been excellent and memorable.

    But for me, Batman Knight of Vengeance #2 was hands down the best single issue of the year. It was truly shocking. The scene with Gordon tracking down the Joker and his hostages was as suspenseful as I have read all year (and I love everything Snyder has done on the Bat books in that department). The Joker twist at the end sealed this as the best single issue of the year. Good job Azzarello and Rizzo.

  38. Ultimate Spider-Man #1. The characters were very good.

  39. Wonder Woman #1 I was full of anticipation and at the end I was able to say “My God, they did it!” Finally, a kickass interesting WW!

  40. Tough to think off the best single issue off top of my head…my vote is probably going to go to Venom #5, where Rick Remender proves why he is the best regular writer at Marvel, but where Tom Fowler’s art makes me wish that he was on more ongoing books.

  41. Oh man, there’s a tough decision…

    Vying for attention would definitely be Daredevil # 1 (the perfect restart), American Vampire Survival of the Fittest # 1 (the perfect intro to a perfect series) and Wolverine Debt of Death (a perfect one-shot).

    In the end I’d have to flip between two. Detective Comics # 880 (My Dark Architect) because it’s a perfectly constructed thriller with some lovely misdirection and cemented James Jr as that rarest of things: a new Batman villain for the ages. Superb cliffhanger too. My more leftfield choice would be Punisher # 5, a beautiful Thanksgiving-set story which is all about character. I’m in two minds still about the art still, although I certainly don’t hate it, but it serves as a reminder of both Rucka’s skills and of those golden Gotham Central days.

  42. Although I have not finished reading a number of books from 2011, Currently ” Criminal #1 ” stands as the best issue I have read in the last year. The issue immediately submerged me into the world through the art and writing. It felt like a comic which readily worked in terms of creators building on each other. It contained mystery, an interesting group of individuals, Beginning to a great story arc, a killer art style(s). It was one of the title I could not wait to pick up each month

  43. @ Caleb Cobra # 7 was amazing and they have been doing an excellent job taking characters that I loved to watch as a child in the morning before school and telling a story that I can enjoy now that I am 31 and have a son of my own.

  44. I want to take back my answer after reading other’s picks. I completely forgot about some great issues.

  45. Oh Christ. I dunno. Off the top of my head …

    – Detective #879 was an all-around beautiful comic.
    – Daredevil #1 gave me real joy to be back with my Matt Murdock.
    – Wolverine and the X-Men #1 was like that first sip of cold beer on a hot afternoon.
    – Wonder Woman #1 achieved the impossible
    – Walking Dead # ____-gets-shot-in-the-face (gimme a break, I’m at work) gets points for shock of the year.
    – Animal Man #1 reminded me just how far you can push the boundaries of this medium.
    – Uncanny X-Force #19 made me choke up and cheer in the span of three pages.
    – Demon Knights #1 and Frankenstein #1 reminded me that sometimes you’re rewarded for branching out.

    But I’m gonna go crazy and say that Justice League #1 was at the very least my most memorable single issue of the year (how very mainstream of me). Not only was it executed superbly by two of my all-time favorite creators, but in many ways it was the flagship book for the New 52. As well it should be. It wasn’t so much the actual plot, dialog, or even artwork (though all of that was tons of fun). It was what it stood for. It was the feeling I had while reading it. I was literally tingling as I realized that for the first time ever, nothing in my favorite fictional universe would be the same again. They had finally delivered on the rusty old “event promise”, and I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. Also, it placed Justice League back on top both in terms of popularity and relevence. Something that I believe has been lacking since Morrison’s run. The stakes were high, and we needed our heroes. The thing was, our heroes weren’t our heroes yet. It was a wonderful moment. And one I’ll never forget.

  46. Wolverine and the X-men #1! It was fun, great art, puts a fresh take on the whole Xavier school for mutants. It had me most excited, interested for which direction Aaron would take this story and characters in. I’m looking foward to a nice long(hilarious) run!

  47. Knight of Vengeance #2 has to be the best issue of 2011 it had you at the end!

  48. :/ I bought the GI Joe Cobra Special #1 this year and just loved it. There’s also the Walking Dead issue that so and so got shot. The build up of failure for that issue and the anticipation I felt before grabbing it was so good that it’s one of those memories that stick out. There’s probably a good reason to put the “Choose your own adventure” issue of Unwritten. I love it when something steps out of the usual format that you can’t help but feel joy or excitement.

  49. Daredevil #1. Fantastic take on one of the best characters plus gorgeous art.

  50. Morning Glories 1. Even now I go back and reread it

  51. Batwoman #1

  52. Detective Comics 881

  53. Wonder Woman 1. Azarrello and Chang created an interesting and beautifull looking world(I really like the uniqueness of the gods), and finally made me care about the character.

  54. I remember reading that issue of Flashpoint that revealed the pale, skinny Superman more than twice. I think it was issue 3. Reading an issue more than twice is a good litmus test for a favorite issue.

  55. My favourite series this year has again been Locke & Key – Clockworks, with issue one being my favourite single issue of the year. The origins of the key house explained, the scene with the goat! It was fantastic. That series goes from strength to strength in terms of art & writing month to month. The recent Guide to the Known Keys one-shot was a close second.

  56. It took me a while to warm up to it, but in terms of good characterization, mood and solid storytelling, it’s hard to beat Ethan Rilly’s Pope Hats #2.

    That said, this was a fantastic year for superhero comics, and I’ll have to give my respects to Wonder Woman #1 for a) being a beautiful work of Cliff Chiang art, b) keeping the character intact while giving her book a completely different, more mature supernatural-horror tone than any Wonder Woman book we’ve ever seen, and c) tinkering with the WW mythos in a respectful way to tell a fresh story.

  57. Avengers Academy #13–Prom Issue. It was such a fun issue and a great time all around.

    Other than that, i read lots of great stories this year, but i can’t really think of any single issues that really stood apart for me as something special by themselves. Most i felt were nice pieces of a larger story. Did not read enough one-shot issues i suppose.

  58. I’m really torn, so many great ones.

    Daredevil #1 (but who are we kidding they’ve all been great) was a fantastic book on every level.
    ASM #655 had me more chocked up than any other book this year. I carried it around with me for a few weeks.
    Walking Dead #83 was my biggest “Oh Shit!” ending.
    While Batwoman #4 had my biggest “Oh Shit!” opening.

    But i think my favorite book of the year, the book that more than any other, helped me escape from reality every time i read it was……

    Batman Incorporated #6

    “You should have stayed in Pennsylvania, Joe Average.
    We don’t have a Batman in Pennsylvania.
    Not Yet.
    Welcome to Gotham.”

  59. Hellboy “The Fury #3” — the end of a brilliant (decade-long) arc of my favorite character in comics.

  60. Hellblazer Annual 2011.

  61. Avatar photo Slammaster23 (@greenemachine3) says:

    Wolverine #19. Best single issue of the year!!!!

  62. Possibly Superior when the monkey is revealed as something other than what it presents itself as. I forget what issue that was.. issue 4 maybe?

    Honorable mentions All Star Western 1, the first few issues of ultimate spidey, the scalped issues involving the mother killer and the tribal sheriff. Many of the Uncanny Xforces, OH CRAP I just relized this list is gonna go on forever. hmmmm suffice to say… I could add many of the new DCU stuff.. Justice league 1 and tons of the new green lantern stuff im loving. Last year (2010) would have been much easier cause thats when i first started reading Locke and Key and the 2008-2010 locke and key stuff destroyed all other competition …. its been a bit slow this year though… or maybe it doesnt read as well when you dont read it in trade.. not sure.

    • and by monkey i clearly meant APE.

    • yeah, as soon as I decide on a single favorite issue, I remember others… and one title i forgot to consider was Locke & Key, oh- and Scalped as well (and Northlanders). Each of those titles is part of a greater continuum of” favorite reading”and I wouldn’t know how to chose just one issue. It would be like throwing darts blindfolded.

    • Yes.. it isnt easy to choose a single issue.

  63. I’ll go with Batman #1, but Daredevil #6 is a very close second. Both these comics should be used in colleges as example on how to write comics.

  64. DMZ 72

  65. Criminal: Last of the Innocent #1

  66. Either Wonder Woman 3 or Wolverine Debt of Death

  67. Either Ultimate Fallout #1 or Detective Comics 881

  68. Uncanny X-Force 18 Definetly. It had everything a comic should have. Action, Heartbreak, Amazing Art by Jerome Opena, A well thought out script by Rick Remender, and It had some of the best moments of 2011.

  69. Secret Avengers #16: My personnal favorite of the Ellis issues and is simply a fun ride wich prominently features Moon Knight and Beast.

    Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E #4: There was a giant death wheel attacking giant monsters on a living planet like Mogo. This is the epitomy of fun for me.

  70. I’m going to go with Uncanny X-Force #18….it was a fantastic finish to a fantastic story.

  71. I just started reading comics again this summer, after a LONG drift away from the medium. That said, both first issues of Daredevil and Animal Man really spoke to me- the levity, the imagination, the artwork…… and the timing could not have been more impeccable, as both books really crystallized for me why I should still be reading comics- it’s fun, and being a part of the comics community is fun, as well.

  72. Criminal: last of the innocents issue one. Not only did we get the start of an awesome crime tale, but we had Brubaker literally pouring his heart out about the recent death of his own father, the power of comics, and the wonderful, yet bitter-sweet, and dangerous, allure of nostalgia. Just fantastic stuff you don’t read everyday.

  73. I know it’s cheating, but Snyder’s entire run on Detective would be my vote. Each issue worked in harmony and built wonderfully. Too hard to pick a single one.

  74. My fav comic throughout 2011 was Invincible. Not sure which individual issue to pick, maybe the wrap-up to the space saga, which was back in March or something.

    And of course, Savage Dragon’s historic issue 175, and Judge Dredd Megazine 300. Also a shoutout to Catwoman 1.

  75. Daredevil #1 – Most fun I have had reading a comic all year. It hit all the right buttons.

    Honorable Mentions:
    Fantastic Four 587 — so beautifully plotted and paced that it had the full intended impact despite knowing what was coming.
    Wonder Woman 1 – This ain’t you’re daddy’s Wonder Woman. I have always felt that the gods should play a bigger role in Diana’s stories, and this version delivers the most compelling WW story in a long time (ever?)
    Animal Man 1 — Hey, wait! Is this a horror book? Awesome!
    Uncanny X-Force #4 – I couldn’t believe he did that!
    Detective Comics #879 – Gordon Jr. is creepy and deranged in the perfect way.
    Batman #3 – Loved the use of the 13th floor / Gotham architecture.

  76. Avatar photo 36crazymet (@themikeylamb) says:

    Daredevil #1. Breath of fresh air.

  77. Fantastic Four #588 – Fantastic silent issue that perfectly captured the emotion of the sacrifice that Johnny made. When knew then he wasn’t staying dead and know now we were right but none of that changes the emotional power this issue delivered. Hulk and Thor taking Thing to the middle of nowhere so he could lash out and finally release his emotions was a powerful moment. And if all that wasn’t already enough the backup with Spider-Man and Franklin made me cry.

  78. 1. DAREDEVIL#4 I loved Bruiser 2. Wolverine &theX-Men #1 3. ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #1 4. STORMWATCH #1

  79. Final issue of Remender and Moore’s FEAR AGENT. No contest.

  80. As much as I loved Uncanny X-Force, the best single issue of this year was Daredevil #1. It was a great way to revitalize the character, begin a great new story and show off the art of both Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin.

  81. One single issue I really enjoyed was aquaman #1. For one I loved the part where he flipped over the amored car with his trident. Living around the boston area it was great fun for me to see aquaman take down some townies!

  82. Flashpoint Knight of Vengeance 2 was the best single issue I’ve read in the last three years.

    • I agree. It was the one book that took my breath away. Several times while reading it…and in ways that no other did. I enjoyed Blue Estate straight through, and am loving Aquaman and Animal Man…but that one single issue has to be FPKoV #1.

  83. I would have to say that Secret Avengers #18 was my favorite issue this year. Aja knocked it out of the park and the story was loads of fun.

    In second place, it was definitely Wolverine: Debt of Death. Also, an Aja comic and the story was a great play on a great movie. Loved it.

  84. My pick for single issue of the year was probably Action Comics #1. It did something that is very, very rare: it made me interested in Superman. I think Superman is a great character, and I like him in Justice League and stuff like that, but I have never bought a Superman solo title on a monthly basis. Ever. But Grant Morrison’s “back to basics” approach really struck a chrod with me and now it’s one of the titles I most look forward to each month.

  85. Batgirl 17, the Stephanie/Damian team up


    Batgirl 24 for the touching final panels, revealing what Stephanie might have been dreaming while under the influence of the space parasite plant (always forget what that plant is called)

    • Batgirl #17 gets my vote as well. The Pere Perez art is gorgeous, but most importantly, Miller does a great job of portraying Damian as a tragic little kid who’s losing out on his childhood. No single issue this year did more to make me feel for a character than Batgirl #17.

    • Oh Man, what a great time that entire series was.

  86. Wonder Woman # 1-4. Finally Wonder Woman is cool.

  87. My favorite issue was Venom #1. After waiting months for this book Rick Remender gave me everything I was hoping to get. Action, interesting villains, and he made Venom even more fun for me. Also the Venom symbiote isn’t really the main character, but in Eddie Brock a great character lives. I’m waiting for the rematch between Eddie and Peter Parker to see if military training and a symbiote can beat Spider-Man.

  88. The best single issue would have to be the Mr. Bun story in Unwritten (#24, I believe). As much as I love this series, I procrastinated on reading this issue, as the first Mr. Bun tale was not one of my favorites. This one blew me away though. An amazing story that functioned both as an engaging twisted cutsy animal story, as well as a fascinating parable of organized religion. The art was terrific as well.

    Runners up:
    Detective 881/Batman 1
    Batgirl 24 (I still miss ya Stephanie Brown)
    Demon Knights #1
    Journey into Mystery has too many great moment to chose just one, but I’ll go with the Volstaag Fear Itself epilogue, as that was a mostly self-contianed tale . . .
    & I’m sure something else that I’m not recalling off the top of my head . . .

    • Unwritten 24? Is that the one with the endless winding staircase? If so, that was one of my favorites as well. . It was a great stand alone issue. Could be bound in hardcover as a fractured fairytale of sorts. Like Shel Silverstein’s ABCs.

  89. Batman #2 takes it for me because this showed me that Bruce is badass both in the cowl and out of it. Issue #1 was amazing and to be honest the whole series is amazing, but this issue helped solidify how awesome this character really is. And to be saying that after so many batman stories, that’s pretty impressive on Scott Snyder’s and Greg Capullo’s part.

  90. Fantastic Four #600.

    runners up include: Swamp Thing #3, Wolvie & the X-men #1 & Frankenstein: AoS #3.

  91. Cap #616

    Absolutely awesome stuff from Brubaker AND Paul Grist! Yes!

  92. oh, and Green Lantern #61 (had to look it up). it’s what the Red Lantern book should be.

  93. Whew! Lots of great issues this year…I’ll try to keep it short-ish.

    If I HAD to pick only one I think I’d go with Detective Comics #875. I don’t think I’ve ever been dissatisfied with a Snyder book, but when he’s one he is really on! Perfect flow and absolutely gorgeous and terrifying art from Francavilla.

    Other would be Daredevil #1, 6, and 7, Jonah Hex #69, Animal Man #1, Northlanders #41 (I think…Thor’s Daughter), American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #1 and 5, Wonder Woman #1, Batman #1 and 2, The Unwritten #29, Batman: Knight of Vengeance #2, Xombi #1,

  94. justice league #1
    #1 becuz lee and johns working together on this title was a dream come true. i read each issue over and over.
    knight of vengence 2: martha’s the joker, brilliant
    flashpoint 2: flash pulling a frankenstein and thomas wayne is batman!?(thomas was my favorite character of the year)
    action 1: superman going back to his roots. protecting the lil guy and going up against dirty politicians & businessmen
    baltimore the curse bells 5: zombie nuns!
    hellboy the fury 3: epic

  95. Cap and Bucky 622. I really liked the first couple of issues, but after reading that I realized that this would be a series I’d go back and read over and over again. I absolutely love it.

    • Kudos to Chris Samnee (art) and Bettie Beitweiser (colors). I love the first few pages made to look like you’re watching a newsreel/propaganda film from the 40’s. I was even imagining the voice of the narrator done in those days. That splashpage with the Incredible Invaders in black n’ white is poster material.

    • It’s nice to know that I wasn’t the only one reading in the “Newsreel narrator from teh ’40s” voice. I’ve loved every issue of that series and was really happy with the work Francavilla did on the most recent one.

  96. The Unexpected #1: Alternatingly creepy and darkly humorous, this Halloween anthology was one uniquely told, expertly drawn short story after another, and the fact that the completely mental cover by Rafael Grampa has no connection to any of the interior stories, is for some reason, the perfect insanity-icing on this cake-of-craziness. POTY!!!!

  97. Man it really is a great time to be reading comics again. My wallet is just bleeding right now. This is tough so I’ll just narrow it down to 5:

    5. American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #4 — just like seeing a summer blockbuster for the price of 3.99 (Star-spangled banner while killing Nazi Vampires anyone?)
    4. OMAC #1 — it’s what comics used to look like but done in a fresh take, you’d swear Jack Kirby was still lives on. Plus it’s damn FUN! “OMACTIVATE!” is the new “It’s Clobberin’ Time!”
    3. Superman #1 — it’s hard to write for a character who has everything. I never liked Supes pre new 52 cause he’s too powerful but luckily in this new take, Grant Morrison gets back to basics and even makes him bleed and bruised.
    2. Aquaman #1 — finally! Aquaman gets some respect. I always thought his cool factor would come out soon.


    1. ANIMAL MAN #1 — from brilliant character work, high stakes, awesome artwork by Travel Foreman and especially those two pages (bleeding eyes and the Maxine cliffhanger). Nuff said.

  98. The Unwritten 31.5

  99. X-Men Schism #4. There were a number of contenders this year, Scalped, Criminal, Walking Dead, Fantastic Four, several of the New DC 52 number 1’s. But Schism #4 really resonated on a visceral level for me. When Cyclops chose to make that completely out of line comment to Wolverine in the middle of a dangerous situation, For a brief moment I wanted Wolverine to gut him and watch him bleed out. It reminded me of the Age of Apocalypse story where Cyclops was running around with one eye and Wolverine with one hand, in that universe they apparently had it out… But here, Cyclops just making that staement was one of those times where you KNOW when something like that is said there is going to be a fight. As leader Cyclops responsibility was to the safety of the team, and not taking cheap shots at Wolverine. It was mean-spirited and irresponsible and he needed his ass-kicked. It was almost like that episode of The Shield where Vic Mackey tells Capt. Kavanaugh what his ex-wife’s “happy area” tastes like. WAY out of line, and a reason to throw some hands, but Kavanaugh let it slide. I wouldn’t and neither did Wolverine. Cyclops was out of line at the worst possible time and with no reason at all. That issue stood out for me because the long-simmering dispute now was out in the open and they got into it and the result is the team is split. This is all on Cyclops, however it ends.

  100. Thanos Imperative #6, I love DNA’s entire run on the cosmic corner of Marvel from Annihilation/Conquest/War of Kings/Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy and Imperative #6 had a great climax especially after reading all that and really getting attached to the characters.

  101. Flashpoint: Batman Knight of Vengeance #2

  102. Amazing Spiderman 655, “no one dies on my watch” for the pensive silent panels, juxtaposing Jonah in his grief against Peter in his, tying both of their journeys together, or at least showing the parallel tracks they are on, if only momentarily, through each one’s sense of loss. I forgot about this one, but I think it was early 2011.

  103. Infinite Vacation #1
    Avengers Academy #8 ( AA vs the Hood and Video of Tigra beign beaten by the Hood)
    Batgirl #18 (mysterious killer literally wants to steal everyone’s hearts)
    Justice League Generation Lost #19 (will they be able to track Maxwell Lord down in time to save Blue Beetle?)
    GI Joe Cobra II # 12 ( Cobra Commander dies!!!)
    Who is Jake Ellis #1
    Unwritten #24 ( The return of Mr. Bun! In between the worlds of story, there is a staircase )
    Velocity #3
    Chew #27 ( The One year later story)
    Power Girl #24 ( the final real issue)
    Wolverine #14 (The most shocking end to a Wolverine comic you will ever read )
    Animan Man # 1
    iZombie #18 (you won’t want to miss learning his secret connection to Zombie Gwen’s “boyfriend,” Horatio!)
    Superior #5
    Daredevil # 7
    Batwoman # 4

    still don’t know which I would choose. Still thinking about it

  104. Detective Comics #881. Snyder’s whole run was amazing, but the final issue had everything you could ask for. Action. Suspense. Dick Grayson being a bad ass. Wonderful stuff.

  105. I’ve become a Remender fanboy over the last year, but the best issue from 2011, for me, was Detective Comics 875. It’s the creepiest comic I’ve ever read. Gordon looking into a murder while remembering one of Barb’s friends disappearing when she was younger. The mood of the issue is palpable and thick with creepiness. I’ve never experienced a comic like that before or since.

  106. Grodd of War.

  107. Fear Agent #32 hands down. Remender is a genius. Sick and twisted but a genius none the less.

  108. Wow, I just love that we had so many great single issues past year. I forgot how much I loved certain issues. Your combined posts certainly reminded me of some greats ie. Ultimate Fallout 1 , Batman Knight of Vengence 2, Batman Inc. Severed, Daredevil, Wolverine, FF, Wonder Woman, SwampmThing. So many great issues this year from all publishers, but my vote has to go too Detective 875. That issue will be with me forever.