Weekly Sketch Up – 10.21.2011

Hipster Spider-Man by Brent Schoonover

Eric Roberts by Brandon Bird

Cap’n Steve by Gabriel Hardman

Golden Age Sandman by Patrick Gleason

Justice League by David Bullock

Jonah Hex by Tom Fowler

We3 by Kalle Malloy

The Doctor vs. Darth by Katie Cook

Green Lantern Lando by Joe Quinones

Madame Hydra by Mike McKone

Hawkeye by Nick Dragotta

Spider Jerusalem by Ben Templesmith

Stargirl by Phil Hester

Yoda by Arteche

Robin by Tom Fowler


  1. There is so much Rockwell in Tom Fowler’s ‘sketches’.

  2. Also the Eric Roberts is horrifying

  3. Green Lantern Lando would make an awesome costume.

  4. God damn, but is Hipster Spidey an ass.

  5. Once again, as it was last year when Fowler had a Robin piece in the Weekly Sketch-Up…

    That Robin is mine.

    @tomhayday, it’s funny you mention Rockwell because that was exactly what I asked Tom for. I asked for Robin doing something mundane, as in a Rockwell piece.

    His explanation was, “Alfred has an ice cream parlour in the Batcave and whenever Robin gets hurt, he gets ice cream.”

    That guy (Fowler) is pure genius.

  6. +1 to Fowler and Schoonover. Both absolutely brilliant.

  7. love each one, but man, this really cements the fact: I hate hipsters.

  8. That Bullock Justice League is pretty amazing. I would frame that and put it on my wall.

  9. Wow that spiderman one is hillarious

  10. Green Lantern LAndo just blew my mind

  11. Fantastic line-up this week. I don’t think the word to describe that Eric Roberts piece exists.

    Also, I love Chewie’s expression behind Green Lantern Lando.

  12. Really like the Justice League and Stargirl ones. Eric Roberts isn’t dead, right? That one almost seems a tribute picture showing us Eric in Heaven riding a flying horse to me.

  13. Sorry for the horrible scan of the Hawkeye and Cap’n Steve sketch. My scanner is 7 years old, I’m surprised it still works after all these years.

  14. So much to love this week! The Doctor vs. Darth follwed by Green Lantern Lando have set my mood for the day 🙂

  15. I WANT THAT SANDMAN!!!!!!!!!

  16. That Phil Hester Stargirl is gorgeous. Also, I didn’t know that I needed to see Eric Roberts riding a pegasys (sp?) until now.

  17. Lots of excellent work this week. Green Lando, Dr vs Darth and Spider-Hipster made me laugh, bullocks Justice League is spot on Cooke’ian and Tom Fowler is simply superb.

  18. I love the pose for that Stargirl sketch, and I want that Eric Roberts masterpiece to be on my wall for inspiration.

  19. That 3 sketch is wonderful… Poor lil’ 3. Or should I say Pirate?

    May be a little off topic: I just read We3 this week. A friend got it for me for my birthday. I’m mostly into superheroes and he just reads non-superheroics. We get each other a book every year to try and cross pollinate a bit. God damn I’m glad he got me We3 this year. SO FUCKING GOOD. I was blown away. You could really tell Morrison and Quietly were pushing themselves. And it’s only 3 issues!! Whatta jam packed 3 issues that is.

    The layouts duke! THE LAAAAAYOOOOUTS!!!!

  20. Love that Justice League.