Weekly Sketch Up – 09.30.2011

Batgirl by Mahmud Asrar

Wonder Woman by Katie Cook

Yoda by Dan Hipp

Steve Buscemi by Jamie McKelvie

Little Thor by Darren Rawlings

Jessie Pinkman by Jason Latour

Planet Hulk by Yildiray Cinar

Reed and Sue by Phil Noto


  1. Phil Noto does it again. Damn.

  2. love weekly sketch up. the Sue & Reed is fantastic *tear*. thanks guys

  3. Phil Noto AGAIN. When can we get a “Marvel in the 60’s/70’s” book? I’d read it if he drew it.

  4. Thank you for putting Phil Noto last…

    As I scrolled down, I was like: “nice… nice… oh, cool… Wow! That Planet Hulk image is awesome!…”

    Then “BOOM”

    It’s Sue’s little smile that completely sells me on this. I’d love a wall poster…

  5. Can we rename the “Weekly Sketch Up” to “Phil Noto…and some other artists”?

  6. Yep, I love that Phil Noto sketch.

  7. As soon as I saw that on his website I knew I would see it on Weekly Sketch Up.
    It is a perfect image of those two….Sue’s hand fading away….Reed’s subtly stretched out torso….just perfect

  8. I LOVE Katie Cook’s WW!! So cute.

  9. Damn. McKelvie and Noto knockin’ em outta the park every goddamn time!

  10. Dan Hipp makes comics look as exciting as they were through childhood eyes.

    And Noto for the adult in me.


  11. ah, Pinkman

  12. Actually… can you be “Little Thor” with a beard!?!?!

  13. Nice touch Noto with Susan’s hand, could very much see a cover like this in the Marvel Universe.

  14. Yes Phil Noto does it again,
    But Bat girl by Mahmud Asrar is also simply astounding.
    Little Thor is a lot of fun too.

  15. Phil Noto confounds me. I thought the Mystic Arcana one shot about Nico Minoru was a complete dud story and art wise, but Noto absolutely kills it and then some for every piece shown here. I don’t have a lot of experience with his interior work though, just that one shot. Perhaps he’s just amazing at static shots like that. But damn, is that Reed and Sue amazing.

    I would read a Little Thor book by that artist. Mahmud Asrar and Yildiray Cinar are artists I am definitely going to keep an eye out for in the future.

    Speaking of the future…that date in the header hit 88 miles per hour.

    • Got a little ahead of myself.

    • He does great interiors. Check out the couple Jonah Hex issues he did or the Avengers Origins series he did last year with Joe Casey–those both are strong pieces. I thought the First Wave One-Shot that he did was great as well. I think that was two years ago…

  16. I don’t usually go for Hipp’s stuff, but that shot is one of my favorite moments from ROTJ. So props.

    There’s literally nothing clever or complimentary left to say about Noto. So I’ll just say “thank you”.

  17. I made you my bitch, bitch! God I love that show.

  18. – Breaking Bad! What a show! If you’re not watching it, what is wrong with you?!

    – At what point is this feature renamed “Phil Noto’s Weekly Sketch Up”? Seriously, wow. He never fails.

    – Mahmud Asrar just made me miss Stephanie Brown all over again.

  19. Noto has found the formula.

  20. Wow, Phil Noto’s still amazing. What’s the sigificance of the date on the Noto page?

  21. That Noto is simply beautiful for all the reasons and small touches listed above . . .

    Great Asrar piece as well, especially for those of us still missing Ms. Brown . . .

  22. You have no idea how much I would love a coffee table book of Noto’s “Photo Album’ pieces. All of those pieces are so completely awesome. And I have loved Mahmud since I first saw him on “Dynamo 5” and this steampunk Batgirl is so gorgeous.

  23. Love the Reed and Sue ‘cover’ would actually like to read that in a mock bugle or pulse