Weekly Sketch Up – 10.07.2011

Black Canary by Michael Cho

Swamp Thing by Tyler Champion

Gotham girls by Dustin Nguyen

Liberty Belle by Stephanie Buscema

Hercules by Dan McDaid

Flashbacca by Ming Doyle

Conan by Sean Phillips

Cerebus by Moritat

Bucky by Ron Salas

Bucky by Tom Fowler



  1. Flashbacca may just be the best thing I have ever seen.

  2. Is Dustin Nguyen on any DC books right now? If not, that is a travesty. He needs to be on something exciting RIGHT NOW.

  3. Wow! That Bucky by Tom Fowler is just brilliant.

    • SO much brilliance this week. Not only that Bucky, but also that Herc sketch where he’s holding life’s 2 greatest commodities: alcohol and an iPod.

    • Ha! Missed the iPod, I was more focused on the groupies 🙂

      Bucky and the missile made me think of Slim Pickens in Dr. Strangelove.

  4. Both Bucky sketches are outstanding. I really like that Cerebus piece as well.

  5. That Black Canary one needs to be a poster!

    Same with the Dustin Nguyen pic!

  6. Flashbacca is the answer to all my questions.

  7. awesome

  8. in Flashbacca we trust

  9. Love the Fowler Bucky and I can’t get enought of Stephanie Buscema’s work. I want to see her on more books because I’ve loved everything I’ve seen from her.

  10. There needs to be more Cerebus sketches.


  11. WOW Swamp Thing by Tyler Champion-I can imagine walking right past that on a nature trail and not even seeing it-creepy and very cool

  12. Flashbacca just made my Friday that much better.

  13. All hail Flashbacca!

  14. Flashbacca wins.
    Let’s get more of those please!

    The Incredible Hulcca!
    The Mighty Thorcca!
    Mister Terrifibacca!
    Captain Ameribacca!
    Tony ChuBacca!

    You listening, Doyle? I’m givin ya pearls here!

  15. Let’s have more superhero Chewbacca please!

    There has to be a Wookie Green Lantern. Has to be…

  16. The Cerebus sketch is freaking awesome and Flashbacca…need I say more?

  17. Flashbacca is probably the most amazing art that I have ever seen

  18. love the strange love bucky ,and that cerebus is my mona lisa

  19. Totally unrealistic Chewbacca-Flash. If he was running, his hair would be blowing back more than that!

    And before you ask, no I don’t have anything better to do!!

  20. Swamp Thing & Cerberus