Then Rick Remender ruined comics.




  1. Is that the G** D*** Sentry? Please tell me it’s not? PLEASE?!

  2. Well… those are all currently dead characters, right? Grim Reaper, Daken, Banshee (??), and HIM. So maybe it’s some kind of Apocalypse-resurrected-Horsemen kind of thing.

    • That was the first thing I though as well Ken. Remender is definitely all about apocalypse.Looking forward to this.

    • Might be horse men, but as this is a group of dead guys and an Avengers book we are looking at the Legion of the Unliving, the first line-up of which was organized by non-other than Kang during the Celestial Madonna affair…

    • Wait, when did Daken die? I kinda liked that character . . .

    • Apocalypse in the past seducing these four as his horsemen before they died is what I was thinking as well, if not the past then resurrected now or the future that is actually the present that most aren’t aware of cause the timeline was changed by whoever got a hold of the time gem which leads me to Thanos: Infinity. Kangs a time traveler with the Apocalypse twins by his side right now, Age of Ultron takes place in a dystopian future that turns out to be the present, Apocalypse is battling Thor in the past, the time gem went missing in New Avengers #2 and Thanos Infinity is coming. All those big classic villains are connected in a 9 year plan Bendis put in place awhile back with Easter eggs here and there like Moon Knight finding Ultron heads in Bendis and Maleevs run, ppl thought Marc Spector was crazy but turns out Ultron was coming……I love it, this is the stuff that Marvel sagas are made of. They’re getting back to events that have ripple effects for years unlike forgettable ones like Fear Itself and Siege.

    • Cosmo, Daken died in Remender’s Uncanny X-Force, which means he might have been setting up this story and had it planned for awhile.

  3. Avatar photo Jacen Chris (@jcbhatestweeter) says:

    Oh boy.

  4. I have nothing to add to this but fucking horseshit!

    Fucking. Horseshit.

  5. LOL, I agree with Josh on this one. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    But to try and be positive…Maybe we’ll get to see him be killed off again.

  6. And my appreciation for Rick Remender’s work increases.

  7. Ugh balls.

  8. Wait, why do people care what he does with that book now? Were they going to buy it? Did they not read the issue that already confirmed he’s a “totally not a racist, you guys” guy not worthy of rational people’s attention?

    • Are you claiming to be one of the rational people?

      Who just labeled a writer a racist because of a fictional story?

    • Didn’t you just say the same writer “ruined comics” from taking in a single solicitation image with 0 context in the same fictional story?

    • If you can’t tell the difference between poking a little bit of fun and calling a man a racist, I don’t know what to tell you.

    • Seems like you’re not willing to extend the same benefit of the doubt that you expect for your comment. Someone new to the site wouldnt at all know that you’re actually a Remender fan and simply “poking a little bit of fun”. Considering there’s 0 other context that new reader would have to take your words at face value as you’re doing with jxc.

    • The post is tagged “crying”. Lol come on people.

    • I just can’t.


      *Runs to go join the cheering crowd that’s pulling down the Josh Flanagan statue in the courtyard*

    • “The Day That Fun Truly Died”

    • I just want to clarify that I don’t really want “fun” to die, nor do I think that it has actually dead.

    • AmirCat is happy the fun is dead! Don’t you see, that’s what he wrote!

    • Is that Maggie Thatcher on the right?


      Read that in Conor’s voice, shouting like an angry parent. Can’t stop laughing.

    • @Andrew Gaboury LOL

    • I can’t believe people think that ‘It’s fictional’ is a way to defend despicable ideas.

      Not that I have read that comic being referenced or think Remender is racist for some other reason. But “The Birth of a Nation” was definitely fiction and racist.

    • Well, just a little over a day after Josh fixed comics, this guy had to go and break them again.

      See! This is why we can’t have nice things!

    • @JoshFlanagan You shouldn’t even have to explain yourself here Josh. I’d like to think the comic fan base is smarter than that but apparently some can’t read between the lines or just pick up on simple sarcasm, sublime humor or the concept of throwing a wrench in the wheel to see what feedback we get in return.

    • What is the supposed ‘racism controversy’ anyway? I have never read Uncanny Avengers and have no idea is this is actually a thing or not.

    • Well i have read every issue of Uncanny Avengers and i also have no idea if this is actually a thing…I must of skipped one hell of a page!

    • @cooper and sumguy

      This is the controversy: http://readcomicbooks.net/home/havokgate-uncanny-avengers-controversy/

      I never would have thought that meant Remender was racist, and even if it is taken that way I don’t think there is any way it was intended to be offensive.

    • Yeah I’ve read every issue and I am utterly flabbergasted to any “racism controversy” that happened or what it was about

    • @cumguy: Wow I had no idea people took offense to that. I think I tend to be more racially sensitive then the average guy but that’s a bit much. Also isn’t Remender Hispanic? If so isn’t his take on being a minority and using Mutants as an allegory for that valid? I say that meaning that if he is writing from a place of being a minority in American society and that’s how he feels then I think people should be respectful of that. It’s one thing if he was using the platform to preach racist idea’s ala Frank Miller with Holy Terror but to me that feels like it’s more his take on being a minority in America.

    • Wait a minute, I’m lost. He was sucking a what!!!!
      Crazy couple of weeks on Comic book mountain. So many knees a jerking and tongues a wagging.
      Josh was right and his joke was funny, made me smile. Conor took the biscuit though, made me laugh.

    • Havokgate, huh? And here I thought it was just alex wanting to be defined as more than just a mutant. Sorry! Homo superior american.

  9. Let’s make an Over/Under bet on the amount of times that The Sentry will run away crying during his appearance. I’m setting it at 3. Over/Under?

  10. Looks like a Legion of the Unliving thing. I can’t imagine he’ll be around for long.

  11. Remender has made a career at Marvel reinvigorating terrible characters. Surely he’s owed a little trust on this one?

    • I think Josh means this in jest but I agree Remender is a master of making bad ideas good.

    • I agree that Josh was poking a bit of fun. It’s more the other commenters concerns I was addressing. The ignorant level of “90’s awesome” that picture conveys nothing but pure joy for me. can’t wait to see what insanity Remender has cooked up!

    • My bad I can see where your coming from. Remender is one of my favorite new comic writers so I’m really excited to see where he goes with this. Also do you ever wonder what Remender’s book would feel like if they were created in the 90’s? He’s basically taken all of Marvels bad idea’s from that period and made them good

    • If he created in the 90’s we’d have awesome re-imaginings of stuff like Heroes for Hire, ROM and Power Pack. Which as I type it sounds awesome!

  12. Considering he never did anything when he was alive, what good does a dead one do? And, if it means seeing Thor sink his axe (or hammer) through his head like he did with the cycloptic Pestilence, I’ll mortgage the house to buy that page!

  13. I actually didn’t recognize that was Sentry at first and I thought people were freaking out about Daken.

    This was already one of the 10 best books being published and this just makes it even better. This is going to be so much effing fun.

    • That’s what my first thought was too.
      But with the black and blue costumes, blue faces they are totally the new 4 Horseman. Maybe a tie in for Kid Apocolypse?

  14. These are dead characters, so I’m guessing there is less to worry about here in the living world.

    • Not just dead characters, but characters killed by the members of the Uncanny Avengers…”You must now battle…YOUR WORST REGRETS!!! MWAHAHHAHA!”

      Wokive killed daken, and hates himself for it.
      Thor had to kill his once friend Sentry
      Rogue totally didn’t mean to kill Grim Reaper
      And I got nothing on Banshee….did Scarlet Witch kill him when she said no more mutants? Was he like 10,000 feet in the air or something?

    • An airplane killed Banshee. By running him over mid-air. I guess technically the airplane was Vulcan’s fault, and Banshee’s powers not working properly was Mystique’s?

    • Shit, your right. Well, there goes that theory. Thanks a lot, Obama!

  15. This is what Remender does, he takes seemingly crap ideas from comic’s past and reworks them into interesting and intriguing concepts. Venom, Xforce, Deadpool, Dethlok, etc. I’m interested.
    I also have a fairly good defense of what many consider one of the worst comics ever written, Sentey: Fallen Sun, if anyone is interested.

    • I don’t know whether you were being serious or sarcastic with that Sentry recommendation but either way you, and everyone else on the planet, should listen to this iFanboy podcast talking about Sentry Fallen Sun


      Probably my favorite iFanboy “review” ever.

    • Starting with the 21 minute mark.

    • Here it is in a nutshell. The main complaint with most people, the iFanboys included, is that Fallen Sun basically just retcons a bunch of relationships for the Sentry so that there are people to be sad at his funeral. Reed Richards apparently used him as a sounding board for his various ideas and theories, Thing had a huge grudge against him, Daredevil and he had many team-ups, and Rogue and Sentry even had a serious sexual relationship. None of these had ever been hinted at before, but that’s just the point. Remember, the Sentry is a character who basically embodies the concept of retconning. His origin was him being retconned as one of the first heroes in the Marvel U, they even tried putting him into the literal history of the industry with that Wizard article, how he got his powers was constantly changed throughout the years, the level of his abilities was constantly in flux as well as his relationship to the Void. Basically everything about the character seemed to be about reconning, and so rewriting the history of Marvel’s characters as a send off seems perfectly in line with that tradition, its just that most people didn’t catch the meta message of the issue.

    • Just because it was meta doesn’t make it good.

    • Thanks, Kamilo & Levi (my brother from another father). I just downloaded the ‘cast & will listen to it tomorrow. I know I heard it when it was first posted, but it will be fresh again, like a precious re-read. I don’t even READ Marvel, and this is a great comics-news story!

  16. Legion of the Unliving! Remender knows where to find all the good old toys!

    Can he and Jason Aaron team up for next summers epic crossover: a 12 issue Avengers / X-men Softball Tournament.

  17. Avatar photo filippod (@filippodee) says:

    Great cover.

  18. 4Horsemen!

  19. so here is a list of the books you only need to buy, who cares about this??

    • Wow. You actually wrote a list.

    • The more I see people dislike it. The more I like it. Remender is great I’m sure he has a well thought out storyline.

    • Thank goodness someone finally told me what books I need to buy. Thanks Warbird!

    • Yes! You must buy all of these mediocre DC books! NOW!

    • They’re worse than mediocre. Even the supposedly “good” ones…

    • Hey now, Wonder Woman’s still the best book to coming out of DC proper. That and Batman Inc, but both titles seem anywhere from ambivalent to disinterested with the greater DC superhero line, which I kind of love…

    • Those books are awesome, warbird. Fuck these snarky comments. Everyone’s a critic. 😉

    • Avatar photo filippod (@filippodee) says:

      I dropped Batman with #17 but I’m sticking with this. To each their own, I guess.

    • Not a bad list but definitely not the must have, definitive list for everyone. There’s plenty of other solid titles, I personally read about 4 on your list and for the DC mediocre kids, Earth-2 is good, and fuck you if you don’t like Batwoman!!! J.H. Williams is great. 😉 From the best to the worst someone does or doesn’t like them so its as pointless a topic as any, what’s cool is that we all like comics, fuck all that other noise.

    • You pissed away any possible credibility to that statement by adding Justice League and JLA. Remenders worst issues are about a 100 times better then anything Justice League related from the New 52. Also theres this hot new writers doing books at Marvel, Image and DC named Jonathan Hickman, Jason Aaron and Grant Morrison. You should check those guys out.

  20. Why is nobody talking about Daken’s kneepads? AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO SEES THEM?!

  21. Gotta say, as much as I’ve enjoyed most of Remender’s Marvel work, this title just doesn’t do it for me. Can’t get over how forced and unnatural the concept feels for me

  22. I’m not sure what has me more entertained, the idea of Remender doing this or this comment thread above. So, can we now start new “Kill The Sentry” fund, because if it gets another ifanboy podcast like the one that covered “Fallen Sun” I’m all for it. That discussion was comedy gold!!

  23. In “honor” of this image I am going to go back in the feed and listen to the review of Sentry: Fallen Sun.

    Oh Tom Katers I miss you

  24. Banshee?! The other characters I get(even Sentry, ugh). But…BANSHEE??!!

  25. I like Sentry. And I like it when Remender monkeys with old hats and does new things with them. So this is all good for me.

  26. You maniacs! Damn you! Goddamn you all to Hell!

  27. This is actually pretty damn ingenious. Look, look at how overwhelmingly people HATE dude to his core. And that’s before anything’s even on paper. You know how long it takes to build a villain up to that level of loathing in-story? Remender just got you to do it for him. (And that’s gotta be some Horsemen action, right?)

  28. Fuck it as long as they all die again I’ll still get it!

    I have my faith in Remender’s abilities at being a great writer & messing around with cruddy old characters.

    (finger’s crossed)

  29. This is why I love Remender. Master of fun comics that still can have deep character moments, also the world WILL get destroyed, and there WILL be time travel and multiple realities/dimensions.

  30. Holy smokes! A Tron tie-in!



  32. Rick Remender is awesome. He cares not for your unfounded nerd rage. I love when it does silly, crazy stuff.

  33. Oh good, I was wondering if Rick Remender was out of touch. This just confirms it!

  34. YES!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love the Sentry! Glad to see he’s back!

  35. I have a lot of faith in Remender. But not *that* much faith. Maybe he’s just bringing Captain Crybaby back so he can kill him again. That would be cool.

  36. Why and I looking for the Black Lantern logo here…

  37. THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE! Death, War, Pestilence and… Weeping?

  38. this cant be for real? i hate the fucking dio claws on wolverine, everyone bitched about the dc WTF covers, maybe we can stop this from happening.

  39. Guys the story here isn’t the return of the sentry but the return of Banshee who been dead for far too long. Although he kinda looks still dead in the picture but whatever he’s back! Long live the Irish!!

  40. its interesting how this is getting more comments than the saga article, but im game for daken and the sentry to return

  41. I couldn’t handle this book after issue 3…At least this should make for some good podcasting.

  42. Don’t care if he’s dead or if this is some sick joke.

    Fuck Sentry. And screw Remender for ever thinking this was a good idea.

  43. I’m going to buy this and read it. Then I’ll decide how I feel. It’s a crazy idea, but it just might work…

  44. The evil genius that is Rick Remender already used Sentry and Daken masterfully in his Punisher run, so don’t trip. They’ve only been good in his hands, and his hands saw fit to exploit them again. Excelsior!

  45. I think Remender is overhyped. I’ve never read anything he’s written that I’ve actually enjoyed, and I read nearly the entire Uncanny X-Force run. It was boring, confusing at places, and the team never felt like a team.

    • Fear Agent isn’t over hyped and completely disagree with you at every turn on Uncanny X-Force but not all books are for everyone.

  46. I wonder how Rogue will feel about the man who taught her to love (The Sentry for some reason) returning from the dead. Or what Ben Grimm will think for that matter…God i hate The Sentry.

  47. Whenever people mention the best books coming out from Dc right now, it amazes me that nobody ever mentions Aquaman, hell even justice league has seen a massive improvement in the last few months.

  48. ok im going to post this and never post a comment like this again, i cant stand Rick Remender on any non creator book and i never got why people love him but because this a free world i will not judge youse guys but really he made the punisher into a Frankenstein monster,made deadpool not care about money and had more morels than well anybody on x-force,put frigging zolim in cap’s chest,hey dont use the M-word(peter david did that already with geecee and it was way funnier) and now this i swear fan boys are like the wasp when it comes Rick writing their books…..yeah I went there

    • I give you a 10 for courage. Now brace yourself, buddy.

    • He has been very hit or miss with me. I hated his Punisher run and loved his Un X-Force run until about issue 19 were I jumped off and Captain America was just not for me. So far I’m enjoying this but I can see your confusion of all the hype on him be this epic writer.

    • @frankt1978, if you loved up to issue 18, you deserve to read issues 25-35. Final Execution completed that run amazingly, almost as well as Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men ended.

  49. Yeah! I fucking love The Sentry! Awesome!

  50. Remender is crazy like a fox on this one. If its even remotely cool and fun he will be “the guy that made the Sentry cool”. If it starts flopping he gets to kill the Sentry again. Which I think we would all buy just to see that happen for the second time.

  51. I was fiending for some Sentry! Wondering when he was coming back. And I am not being sarcastic. Welcome back, Bob!

  52. Nerd Rage is hilarious, you’d think Sentry killed a puppy on Prime Time TV or something…

    Personally I loved the first Sentry mini and the Age of Sentry series, but other than that I blame bad writing rather than the character. You create a character that is so powerful that he could take care of any threat at all by himself, then you put him on a team. Team books suck if some guy does all the work with out breaking a sweat, so Bendis kept needing to sideline the guy… and instead of, I dunno, coming up with something new he kpet going back to the “oh he’s crazy so I’ll have him cry in a corner” shtick. Depower him, split the Void from him and have it take half his power, have Stark and Reed whip up something to represse the Void with a side effect of lowering his power level. Then we could have had him actually involved in plots, develope a personality, maybe even nobely sacrifice his control to overcome some powerful threat… only to unleash the more dangerous power of the Void. But no one seemed to be interested in deveopling the Sentry as a real character, only as a tool. So everyone ended up hating him.

    • The Sentry on the Mighty Avengers was a pretty sad sight. However, on the Dark Avengers, he was quite good. Osborn really knew how to manipulate Bob into doing things he wouldn’t normally conceive of. The Sentry also served as a great precursor/harbinger to Osborn’s own reckless insanity and Norman’s greatest weapon.

  53. 20 percent of the population 99 percent of the superheroes. hmmmm