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They said there would be no more tears. And yet.

It’s Only the Complaint That Keeps Getting Resurrected

Everyone knows that any character who dies in these Events just gets brought back again. Too bad everyone is wrong.

Go for the Gold, or Adamantium, or Whatever

In a world of wallcrawlers and shapeshifters, would the Olympics even be a thing?

Top 5: Times The Sentry Ran Away Crying

Some reputations are earned.

The iFanboy Letter Column – 09.23.2011

We get letters. Lots of letters.

Sympathy for the Deadpool

“Read what you like” is easy to say, but it’s not always easy to do when even other comic readers are giving you grief.

Here’s to the Changes

In honor of a new site, a new Wednesday, and a new whole damn DCU, an ode to those books that change without changing.