The iFanboy Letter Column – 09.23.2011


Friday means many things to many people. For some, Friday is all about slow roasting something. For others, it’s about going to that first guys house, and eating that slow roasted thing. For others still, those bastards don’t even help with the dishes.

At iFanboy, Friday means it’s letter column time.

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I’m a longtime DC fan and I am psyched about this relaunch! My favorite heroes are back! The creative teams are fired up! I can’t remember this much excitement at the comic shop!

But after 2 weeks — I’m wondering why some of the cool Wildstorm properties haven’t appeared yet. Don’t get me wrong — StormWatch and Grifter have been super fun — and I’m keen about Voodoo — but there is a real opportunity to tell some exciting new stories with these amazing characters!

This relaunch seemed like the perfect opportunity to have them seamlessly enter the DCU — and perhaps it will still happen – but wouldn’t it be cool to see:

• Hawkman as a member of Planetary?
• Warblade and Maul in Suicide Squad?
• Global Frequency replace the always awkward Checkmate?
• The Doom Patrol wander lost through the Bleed — aboard the Carrier — with Engineer and Adam Strange?
• The Doctor (the Jeroen Thornedike version) showing up in Swamp Thing?
• Cybernary in the JLA?
• Fuji in the JLI?
• Zealot with the Birds of Prey?
• Deathblow and Bronze Tiger as mercenaries for hire? Pursuing Deathstroke?
• DV8 tussling with Red Hood?
• T.A.O. hassling Mr. Terrific?
• Dane and Mother One hunting I, Vampire?
• Spartan joining Superboy against Braniac?

There is so much potential! You could mix and match all day!

What do you think? How would you position the all-stars of the Wildstorm Universe in the new DCU?


I… jeez man, give it a moment, hunh? They just started. Enjoy the now. Did you use Wikipedia to do this? Because if not you better be a disgruntled former Wildstorm editor, or you’re putting entirely too much time into this. I picture an apartment covered in ancient and defunct Wildstorm posters, action figures everywhere.

I tease you, just a bit.

Anyway, it took years to get to the point where they had all these characters, and then they shut down Wildstorm. They didn’t do that because the characters were all so wonderful and popular. They did it because commercially, people didn’t give a toss. Harsh, but true. I am acting as a full on bubble buster here, but it doesn’t make much sense that DC would then go and bring them all back in. It’s going to be touch and go, and slow and steady. Give it time. They’ll get bored and need to “shake things up” before too long, and then the Doctor will show up, and somewhere Warren Ellis will groan.

Josh Flanagan

So I’ve been meaning to check out Uncanny X-Force for a while now. It sounded like it featured the characters and aspects I always loved about the X-universe and the art looked awesome. However, I was hung up about starting in the middle of a story-arc.

Well, I was in the store and couldn’t resist thumbing through it and I just decided to dive right in. Boy howdy, am I glad I did. I’ll still check out the first 13 issues (and definitely the rest of the Dark Angel saga), but I had no trouble following the action and you ain’t kidding about Jerome Opena.

To me, this proves two points: 1) There’s no point in waiting to jump onto a series that’s potentially something you’ll like and 2) As much as people complain about Fear Itself, Marvel is really putting out some of the best books out there at the moment in terms of writing and definitely art. I haven’t been into superhero comics for years, but Daredevil, Venom, and Uncanny X-Force pulled me right back in.

As the Sugar Hill Gang would say: “Jump on it!”


Told ya so.

Josh Flanagan



It’s all too much…

Here’s my question: if you took the cumulative weight of Scott Snyder’s and Jeff Lemire’s balls (for taking on Swamp Thing and Animal Man), could The Sentry lift them?

John from Brooklyn, New York


(He’d be too busy flying away and crying.)

Conor Kilpatrick



  1. The thought of the Sentry crying to himself as he struggled under the crushing weight of a gigantic pair of ball sacks just made me giggle.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with the issues from question two. I think that DC and Marvel are both doing some GREAT books right now and I think believing in a “Jumping on point” is really limiting. My first comic was the second to last issue in the X-Men Inferno storyline, and trying to figure out who was who was part of the fun.

  3. I like the concise answers. Good job.

  4. I’m all for Wildstorm characters being integrated into the DCU, but leave Planetary and the Global Frequency alone. They should be ring-fenced in the same way that Robinson’s Starman and Gaiman’s Sandman have been. Perfect series, that should only be written by the writers that made them what they are…or were.

  5. Screw it I’m finally going to say it. Hell, I’m going to shout it:


    I don’t get the hate. Yeah he isn’t my favourite character but I have nothing against him. He was overused once he got ‘re-introduced’ in New Avengers but in that original mini I liked him and I did like the idea of a power-house who was utterly nuts. He was by no means the worst or most annoying thing Marvel has created.

    Was it just cos people felt cheated by his faux-Golden Age origins, which I think was quite a clever campaign. Are people just grumpy for being made to feel stupid by buying into it?

    Admittedly this is a tad off-piste. Other than that- I love the Doctor. He should only be written by Ellis and Miller. Like the rest of the Authority. I have early-Authority based fanboyism.

    • The reason I lost interest in Sentry was that I was constantly being force-fed how powerful and important he was, and he always ended up being too nuts to get involved with anything in a meaningful manner.

      Not sure if that’s the reasoning behind everyone’s hate though.

    • The mini series and the Sentry Adventures retro one are pretty good. That is all I will say.

    • when the sentry was re-introduced in the second arc of new avengers it made fantastic comics

    • The Sentry is a classic example of a Mary Sue character. We’re always told how he’s more powerful than, smarter than, and just plain better any other Marvel character even to the point where *proven* heroic characters like Ben Grimm are so jealous they contemplate murdering him, but then all he shows us is how much of a whiney cry-baby he is.

  6. Yes, you can in fact jump into a book anywhere. I started reading Invincible this summer, and I read the first ultimate collection, and then because it’s how the library sent them to me, I read ultimate collection 5, 4, 3 and 2 in that order. I had no problem figuring it out. In fact, even though it spoiled some earlier plot points, I was excited to figure out “What the heck are they talking about?” when I got to those earlier volumes.

  7. Jason, I like you’re thinking.
    Those were all great ideas for bringing in more of the Wildstorm characters in the new DCU. Please go to all of the conventions you can and hound the DC editors to make it all happen. I’ll help set up some fundraisers so that you can afford it.
    Good job, great thoughts.

    • Don’t have much of an opinion on this as I don’t any of those characters Jason mentioned. If it makes for a good story then go for it.

      And Baldrick, best handle ever. Loved that show.

  8. Doom Patrol and Fuji ideas I really like. To be honest if Plantery ideas did ever come back to the mind of Mr. Ellis (though Im sure there are at least a few knocking are in there still) he and Cassaday should collaberatively work on them but it should remain (for all intents and purposes) outside of the DCU. It just works better that way I think. The batman crossover was fun but it is a mythos all its own.

  9. While I’d like to see some more Wildstorm characters in the DCU, no one but Ellis and Cassaday should touch Planetary.

  10. Have you ever heard of Don RIckles?

  11. Next time read the internet with your eyes closed maybe your sense of humor will be heightened!

  12. to be fair to the Sentry, i’m sure josh runs away from this website at the end of each day in tears too

  13. Global Frequency was published by WildStorm. Was not part of the WildStorm U. Ellis wouldn’t groan, he’d sue. And win.

    Leave Planetary Alone. It’s perfect.

    Best Sentry comment, Ever. Conor wins the internet.

  14. As much as I tried to defend the Sentry (who Im not saying isnt a flawed character) Conor’s comment was sheer brilliance