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Who’s Blue About The New 52?

DC’s continuity experiment has been a huge, universally loved success… hasn’t it?

Check Out the New Captain Mar– er, SHAZAM

“Please don’t call me Gordon. I want you to call me Sting from now on.”

Earth Too Soon

Before we establish Alternate Superman, could we finish establishing Superman?

Auditing The Stack

DC made some hard choices last week. Maybe the rest of us should follow their lead.

iFanboy’s Best of 2011: The Top 10 Best New Books of 2011

The Best of The New, 2011 style.

DC Comics? Hot

Advertising Age has decreed their hotness. That’s a win.

Enough About the Cover Price, Already

If all you can think about is how much it cost you, you might not actually be enjoying yourself.

The iFanboy Letter Column – 11.11.2011

This week: The Best of the New DCU, Sales vs. Critical success, and Characterization!

The More Comics Change….

It’s no secret that this business is cyclical, but it’s still amazing how clockwork-like it can be.

Marvel’s Stealth Reboot

Just because there’s no Pink Lady doesn’t mean it’s not happening.