Check Out the New Captain Mar– er, SHAZAM

DC gave the first look at SHAZAM today, in the New York Post. He’s been reinvented, hooded, and is no longer named after their primary marketplace rival. Haven’t just gotten to the point where I was completely comfortable not calling him Shazam in recent years, this is a personal setback, but I’ll have to forge forward somehow.

For my many years in the comics game, I’ve heard plenty of calls for a resurgence of Capta– Shazam, and I’ve even seen a few attempts. Bone’s Jeff Smith did a stand alone series, as did Judd Winick, on Trials of Shazam, which I thought was excellent. But he never caught fire in the mainstream, which isn’t really a surprise, when the nickname of the character is “the big red cheese.”

If you want to know more, check out his debut in Justice League #7, out on March 21, written by Geoff Johns, with art by Gary Frank. Gene Ha–who incidentally drew the last JLA comic to win an Eisner–tackles the main story.




  1. I think I’d find the character somewhat more interesting if they played up the magical aspects of his abilities. He often comes off as a slightly more naive version of Superman. I’d rather they write him as a more unique character.

  2. I’m sure fans will continue to ward off those interested by telling the whole complicated story behind his name for years to come.

  3. Ezio?
    “Nothing is true. Everything is permitted”

  4. Im wondering what his new magic word will be since he obviously can’t use Shazam anymore. it would make for awkward introductions “Hi, my name is Shazam..*KRAKOW!*…. oops…”

  5. Much the same outfit, but now with more hood. I find this pretty neat.

    Looks like they may try to diverge from the aforementioned Superman parallel, which I think is wise. The kid/adult transition works just as well, if not better, if the adventures are a little darker, maybe more mystical. In my humble, of course.

  6. Ooo, they’ve gone dark and gritty – that’ll suddenly make him fascinating…

  7. Look at that grimace. He’s so edgy. “Give in to your anger, Billy Batson. Add pouches to your uniform and your journey to the 90s will be complete.”

  8. always hated the name cap marvel. lame.
    always called him shazam anyway.
    i like the hooded look. i hope they play the mythology angle more like with wonder woman.
    i’ve always loved the character, it’s just that not too many people have ever done anything too terribly interesting with him.
    however, johns is on a roll in my book. looking forward to this

  9. Hoods are the new strap and pouch.

    If by new, you’re talking about Mike Grell’s Green Arrow.

    • And the new Captain Cold, not to mention Pandora, the lady in red who appeared in the background of all the first issues.

  10. I Love this character and am always thrilled when I see him appear. a 10 year old, who with a magic word, can turn into something akin to Superman. Brilliant concept. The Jeff Smith series is excellent, I bought the hardcover for my 10 year old nephew and he absolutely flipped out over it! I wish they would get Jeff Smith to write an ongoing.

  11. I have to agree that I hope the really play a little bit more with his magical aspects and not just look he is a superman knockoff

  12. I was wondering how he was going to look. I like the white hood. I’m glad they stuck with the red outfit as well. Combine that with Gary Frank art? Fuggedaboutit.

  13. When did Moon Knight get electricty powers? I bet Bendis is mad he didn’t think of that.

  14. I can’t tell what kind of collar he has.

  15. I dig it., Looks like Justice League just got whole lot better.

  16. He will always be Capt. Marvel to me! I thought Shazam was the name of the god that he calls to for his powers? Thats right a new DCU and we can change some of that, should be intresting. Capt. Marvel has always been one of my DC characters and I think I prefer him more than Superman!! Can’t wait to see what happens here, the JL title has had some awesome suprises as well; Phantom Stranger and now Shazam!!


  17. @sitara119: “i hope they play the mythology angle more like with wonder woman.”

    Holy crap! What if Shazam turns out to be Diana’s younger brother?! He’s got Zeus’ lightning powers (well, it’s coming out of his hands in the promo art) and a lightning bolt on his chest.

    Just a wild theory of course, but one I would heartily accept!

    • The idea that Shazam being a child of Zeus would be cool. I would like if Black Adam was one too. Think of the stories.
      When I first the image I thought that DC was done new Icon book based on the Milestone character.

    • maybe the wizard will be zeus in disguise with his own motives for empowering young billy. he IS currently MIA/presumed dead.
      younger brother… or lover to wonder woman…something. there’s certainly something to work with there.
      younger brother to black adam seems cool, too. as long as adam continues to be a 5000 year old ancient egyptian, cuz i always liked black adam’s orgins.
      perhaps there could be a theme of conflicting ancient gods of both egypt and greece and shazam and black adam are on the front lines.
      so many cool possibilities. i have high hopes

    • I know next to nothing about the Marvel Family characters, so I’m looking forward to getting to know them. Actually the only reason why I’m buying this month’s issue of Justice League.

  18. What’s with all the beads in the background, was the JLA at Mardi Gras?

  19. Always thought the old look was silly, this one looks more “unique” and interesting in my opinion. I’m eager to read the back-up in JL #7! 🙂


  21. Well as a big Captain Marvel fan, and I refuse to call him Shazam, it’s not….bad.

    I mean lose the white hood and I’m fine with it. The design is pretty good until you see that he’s covering his head like Mother Teresa for some reason. I mean from a practical standpoint I don’t see how covering your head works in battle.

  22. By the way, it’s certainly better then the piece of shit garbage I just saw for Jay Garrick.

    WOW! That’s a bad costume.

  23. I was hoping the Marvel Family was gonna show up over in Earth-2 continuity.

    Oh, well…

    Guess I’ll check out the trade.

  24. Also confusing is that now PRIME will be referring to himself as Captain Malibu.

  25. Looks a little meaner than the cheese I know and love. But the hood doesn’t bother me. Hoods can be very regal. It could work for a character so enshrouded in mysticism. Plus, he can look all badass in battle, and then when he brings the hood down we could see the cheerful face of Billy Batson underneath. Just sayin’, it could be effective.

  26. So glad that they’re getting rid of that half cape thing. The new costume looks pretty cool. But if he doesn’t shout “SHAZAM!” I’m going to be so pissed off. That’s the best part.

  27. DC! PLEASE! Just sell off the Captain Marvel Characters to Marvel Comics! It will never work… Unless you count the Young Justice TV series where it’s totally working.

  28. I guess once The Pandora story hits we’ll see what concepts stick.

  29. Other than the hood and more traditional cape, it’s not that much different, right? I’m on board with much of the lamenting about how DC has squandered their rights to Captain Marvel, but boy, his role in Kingdom Come was just perfect and worth the acquisition.