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Looking Ahead At DC’s Movie Slate – Summer 2013 Edition

What’s next?

Great Moments in Comics History: The Marvel Family #85

Dressing up and stepping out.

Who Has The Best Villains in Comics?

Nerd fight… commence!


This just in. We interrupt you regular program to bring you a special news bulletin. Did you know that Billy Batson was once a kid radio journalist?

DC Histories: Kid Eternity

Though he’s been around since 1942, you probably don’t know the story of Kid Eternity.

Weekly Sketch Up – 06.15.2012

Inky, brushy, analog, digital, rough and finely honed sketches abound.

Check Out the New Captain Mar– er, SHAZAM

“Please don’t call me Gordon. I want you to call me Sting from now on.”