Weekly Sketch Up – 06.15.2012

Admiral Ackbar by Gabriel Hardman


Scarlet Witch by Brian Hurtt


Thing vs. Silver Surfer by Michael Cho


The Thing by Brian Churilla


Medusa by Eric Canete


MCA by Phil Noto


Leonardo by Robert Atkins


Hulk by Joe Ruff


Justice League of 1000 by Ulises Farinas


Dark Phoenix and Rogue by Jesse Hamm


SHAZAM by Evan “Doc” Shaner


Count Chocula by Joëlle Jones


  1. Leonardo: WOW!

  2. *sigh*

    i’m just going to go ahead and say it: one of those nipples looks lazy-eyed.

    like, i know it’s that way because her shoulder is raised, but it just looks…

    never mind. i’ll shut up now.

  3. LOVE that Silver Surfer vs Thing. Very Kirby-esque!

    • I am looking forward to Ryan Stegman on Fantastic Four, but after Hickman is gone, I would be ecstatic to see a Michael Cho drawn Fantastic Four book after seeing that.

  4. Great selection this week. I mean, they always are, but y’know? Y’know.

  5. Yeah I’d say this is a pretty strong one… haha

  6. I hate that in my head, I have to correct myself every time I see C̶a̶p̶t̶a̶i̶n̶ ̶M̶a̶r̶v̶e̶l̶ Shazam.

  7. The Dark Phoenix makes me snicker 🙂

    I guess technically it’s Rogue and not the Dark Phoenix but someone has to be the “straight man” in the punchline.

  8. I love “thing vs. Silver surfer”. Perspective is amazing. The rogue and dark phoenix is pretty funny. And noto drawing mca! Amazing. Strong week to say the least.

  9. That MCA tribute gives me chills.

    LOVE that Leonardo! And the Scarlet Witch makes me extremely and inexplicably happy.

  10. Parri (@pazzatron) says:

    La-la-love Cho’s Thing.
    MCA ;(

  11. The Thing vs Silver Surfer is so full of dynamic action, I love it!!!

    Also love the face on Shazam, the happiness and joy are so clearly there, makes me even more upset about what they’re doing with him in the New 52

  12. Robert Atkins draws knee pads like nobody else working today

  13. Where can I purchase a print of “The Thing” movie poster? That one is too awesome.

  14. That Thing & Silver Surfer is eye-bleedingly good. I’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating – we are so lucky to have these people working in this medium. Josh, you have outdone yourself. *standing ovation*

  15. Thing vs. Surfer wins for me. Leonardo’s a very close second.

    This is probably the first ever Noto piece that doesn’t really do anything for me. I’m actually a little relieved by that.

  16. I’d be pissed if I asked for a sketch of Medusa naked and Canete stuck Black Bolt in there!!!


  17. Loved this weeks selection. MCA + Noto = Oh yeah
    Justice League and Phoenix were rad too.

  18. Oh shit, that Thing poster is ‘squee’ inducing. I love it… LOVE IT!

  19. OMG!!!! AWESOME WEEK! Thank you, Artists for this awesome batch of pictures.

  20. I would buy a Justice League of 1000 C.E., especially if it was drawn by Farinas. And the Surfer/Thing drawing reminds me of Darwyn Cooke in the line and coloring,

  21. I want that Scarlet Witch picture framed on my wall. It’s got a wonderful sixties style innocence fused with modern artistic sensibilities. Amazing.

  22. filippod (@filippodee) says:

    Hurtt is awesome.

  23. Love MCA, Phil Noto is one of my favorites as is, thats a perfect Ninja Turtle sketch, classic look on The Thing vs Silver Surfer, really dig the adult abstract look on Medusa w Black Bolt and that red n faded mint wash on the Thing movie poster is easy on the eyes, love those two colors together.