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The iFanboy Letter Column – 09.23.2011

We get letters. Lots of letters.

A Marvel Guy Rates The DC Books: Week Two

Can you get something out of these books if you brought nothing to the table but your Hulk Hands?

DC Comings & Goings: Palmiotti, Gray & Igle on THE RAY; Rozum Off STATIC SHOCK, Krul Off GREEN ARROW


DC Relaunch Week Two – By the Numbers

We’ve gathered the data from the second week of DC’s #1 initiative, and here’s what the iFanboy numbers have to say.

Zen and the Art of Comic Book Reboots

With DC’s New 52 and the “Star Wars” Blu Rays coming out at the same time, it’s interesting to notice just how differently fans react to change.

A Marvel Guy Rates The DC Books: Week One

Which books will connect with a new reader who’s not exactly a new reader?

SPECULATION: DC Relaunch Paving Way to Crossover with Marvel Comics?

While all of comics is wondering who the mysterious, cloaked woman is, we’ve cracked the case with a startling theory.

My Digital Comics Dilemma

Mike buys a digital comic and wonders how something that feels so right can make him feel so bad.

Top 5: DC Relaunch Books That Could Have Used Mustaches

Maybe we’re just feeling a little wacky, but we think we’re on to something here.

DC Relaunch Week One – By the Numbers

These are your numbers. What did you make it the first week?