DC Relaunch Week Two – By the Numbers

Two weeks into this onslaught of slightly new versions of DC characters, and the fans are still game for giving new things a chance, for now. Last week, we ran down the numbers for the first week, including Justice League #1, and now we’re in the meat of it. How did the second crop fare, and who were the winners and losers?

Highest Average Rating (out of a possible 5):

1. Batwoman #1 –  4.4
2. Demon Knights #1 – 4.3
3. Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #1 – 4.0

Highest Pulls:

1. Batwoman #1 – 1306 Pulls
2. Green Lantern #1 – 1285 Pulls
3. Batman and Robin #1 – 1184 Pulls

Highest Pick of the Week Percentage:

1. Batwoman #1 – 32.8%
2. Demon Knights #1 – 19.3%
3. Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #1 – 6.6%

Most User Reviews:

1. Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #1 – 18 User Reviews
2. Batman and Robin #1 – 14 User Reviews
3. Batwoman #1 – 13 User Reviews

Most Comments:

1. Batman and Robin #1 – 98 Comments
2. Green Lantern #1 – 84 Comments
3. Batwoman #1 – 97 Comments

Lowest Pulled Relaunch Books:

1. Legion Lost #1 – 535 Pulls
2. Deathstroke #1 – 546 Pulls
3. Mister Terrific #1 – 567 Pulls

Lowest Average Rating (out of a posible 5):

1. Legion Lost #1 – 2.7
2. Mister Terrific #1 – 2.74
3. Red Lanterns #1 – 3.2

Least Comments:

1. Superboy #1 – 26 comments
2. Deathstroke #1 – 28 comments
3. Mister Terrific #1 – 29 comments

Top Pulled Non-DC Books:

1. Daredevil #4 – 1084 pulls
2. Fear Itself #6 – 927 pulls
3. Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1 – 895 pulls

Highest Pick of the Week Percentage – Non-DC Books:

1. Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1 – 13.4%
2. Uncanny X-Force #15 – 8.1%
3. Criminal: The Last of the Innocent #4 – 6.6%

Unlike last week, there wasn’t a clear winner like Animal Man, which garnered over 60% of the community Pick of the Week votes. Conversely, the lowest ratings this week weren’t as low as Green Arrow and Hawk & Dove earned last week, at an average rating of 2.6 (out of 5), compared to this week’s low of 2.7 for Legion Lost #1. The pulls were also interesting. The highest pulls this week were considerably lower than last week’s, there were 5 books each week with over 1000 pulls each, plus the record breaking (for this site) Justice League #1, which was quickly broken by Action Comics #1. On the other side though, the lowest pulled books were higher than last week’s, with none under 500. Comments and user reviews were way down this week as well.

Here are some other cumulative numbers to take a look at. Keep in mind they’ll change and shift slightly over time, and the first week’s numbers have grown some since last week.

Week One Average Ratings for Top 5 books – 4.14
Week Two Average Ratings for Top 5 books – 4.10

Week One Average Ratings for Bottom 5 books – 2.96
Week Two Average Ratings for Bottom 5 books – 3.06

Week One Average Ratings for all books – 3.56
Week Two Average Ratings for all books – 3.35

Week One Total Books Pulled – 11,842 (not including Justice League #1)
Week Two Total Books Pulled – 11,430

We’ve got two weeks to go, so make sure to make your pulls, rate, and review the DC Relaunch books you’re reading!


  1. So overall DCs books were slightly less good and slightly less bad. i can see that.

  2. I love these. MORE DATA.

  3. I would describe those average ratings as almost statistically equivalent. 6% difference in overall average is small although I will admit with a sampling of 11,000 it is more than one standard deviation apart.

  4. Kinda sad to see Legion Lost at the bottom of the pulls and ratings. I thought it was a great book. :/

    • Same. But I’ve come to accept that the Legion is just one of those things that most people hate but a few fools (this guy) can’t get enough of. Unless it’s written by Levitz. Then I don’t care.

  5. kind of sad to see some of the titles on the worst % list. was really hoping Legion Lost would be good. can’t all be winners

    • I have a hard time classifying Legion Lost as “not good”. I’m a big Legion fan. In fact it’s one of the 3 comic book properties that I will always collect no matter what. I realize that my view of Legion books in tainted by nostalgia.

      I can agree that Legion Lost wasn’t a “winner” because it was pulled by a low percentage of people and most of those people didn’t LOVE it.

      I think Legion is one of those things that you need to involve yourself in. You’ll never be pulled in within one issue. Once you immerse yourself in it you come to love the history, the intricacies, the huge world(s), and the vast cast. Maybe Legion would be more successful if it were only released in OGN form…

    • I thought it was just fine. Their certainly seems to be some anti-Legion sentiment here. As a fairly long time Legion fan, I enjoyed it and look forward to where it’s going next. But I can see some people being who don’t know the characters feeling lost. Hey, it’s called Legion Lost for a reason, folks! – I’ll be here all week

  6. This makes sense to me… when reading them it appeared the books regressed to the middle this week. Not as many great books, not as many stinkers (which is really making it tougher to pick what to drop). Honestly, the only book I loved the week was Superboy, and I didn’t hate any of them.

  7. I am in sports (NFL)/comic junkie heaven today with all these numbers. Oh yes!!!

  8. i’m wondering how they sold.

  9. Personally, I expect LL to interface (read: crossover) with Superman and cross paths w/Booster [with or without JLI] before all is said and done.

    The Superman connection is easy. And if memory serves, Booster didn’t sport his Legion ring on the cover of JLI #1, but he was wearing it in the story, he WAS flying, after all. Can anyone confirm?

  10. Really surprised Frankenstein got so much love. It was a very average issue.

  11. Not suprised about Legion Lost being down the bottom of the list, picked it up on a whim and i had very little idea what i was meant to be taking from it. Legions always been a book that i was interested in checking out but there was to much history so i thought this would be my chance. Maybe the other legion book will do it for me.

  12. These numbers the last few weeks have been fascinating. Yet another reason i love this site!

  13. I had hopes for Legion Lost since I’m a fan of Fabian, and liked the first LL series. Interesting choice of characters, thought Timber Wolf was a good pick and I’ve always liked him. Not overwhelmed by the first issue, but I’m going to give it a try for maybe the first four-five months to see how the initial arc pans out.

    Blown away by the art and writing on BATWOMAN. I really didn’t know what to expect from the character, but think I like the supernatural (if that’s what it turns out to be) slant it appears to be taking. Another of the new 52 that I’m going to follow for a while.