TRAILER: The Dark Knight Rises Rises Some More!

Today Warner Bros. released the latest trailer for Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. Mind, this is not the highly controversial Bane on a Plane prologue playing before prints of Mission Impossible 4 in select IMAX theaters, but a new 2 minute plus theatrical trailer.


Are you ready for some football?

Check out the full trailer at Apple’s website.

Some notes.

  • Anne Hathaway’s Selina Kyle is a bit of a close-talker. Equal parts sexy and unnerving.
  • Bane needs to seek a new orthodontist.
  • Sad Alfred may be the saddest thing in the world.
  • Paul would watch football if that’s how football typically worked.
  • Still not sure what Joseph Gordon-Levitt is up to.

In conclusion: Marion Cotillard.


  1. AAACCCK!!! CAN’T WAIT!!! (Though I still don’t understand what they are chanting…)

  2. The Bat-Plane!!! We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy!!!

    • That bat plane looks like the plane from the Terminator films, but i’m on board w/ that. those planes kicked @ss

    • @iroberts007

      Riddler and penguin could easily be believable that not the real problem. Die hard could be rewritten as a batman movie in a second with the riddler as the bad guy, buying time with bombs and riddles as he steal billions. the real problem is the physical threat. Bane is the only real villain that is both a physical and mental threat to batman left.

    • fair enough..

  3. If Nolan is able to make me interested in a character like Bane I’ll be very impressed. Seems like the worst idea on paper but more power to him if he can pull it off.

    • What’s wrong with Bane?

    • just check out Bane’s origin and you’ll see why he’s such a smart choice for this film, and when compared to the Joker from TDK, it makes the most sense for him to be in this film.

    • Bane is the logical follow up to The Joker. The Joker was a mad, manic genius who physically couldn’t compete with Batman, so he basically lets his henchmen do all the work. Bane is physically stronger and, in this incarnation, an effective and brutal leader who seems to be pretty out in the open, because he knows he can take down the toughest guy on the block.

    • What’s wrong with Bane is that I’m not interested in him. There’s a reason a character like Bane dosen’t hold the imagination of the public in the same way that the Joker does. He just looks like a big, boring brute to me.

      But Nolan dosent have to convince me to get my money. I’ll be there on day one to see it. And that’ll make it all the more awesome if it turns out compelling and fun. All I’m saying is that I’m skeptical.

    • Ya banes a perfect choice and the only choice worthwhile thats left.

    • You should read the first arc of Secret Six (the first six issues). My opinion of Bane was blown wide open after reading those issues (the whole team is awesome).

    • Ya secret six was cool. Pretty unique storytelling for comics. Made me seek out more G Simone stuff.

    • Batman has possibly the largest and most interesting Rogues Gallery in any fiction, he can’t be “the only worthwhile choice left”!

    • If you think Bane is simply a boring brute of a villain, you do not know Bane from the comics. This is not going to be the same Bane we saw in Batman & Robin.

    • I dont know that Batman has the largest rogues gallery.. seems to me that the first one i think of thats larger is spiderman’s and i think spideys is almost definitely larger… although im not putting much thought into it… regardless its just my opinion that many of Batman’s “rogues gallery” is 1940’s cheesey.. Its my opinion that the riddler cant headline a movie with a green suit with questions on it.. or even be called the riddler… its my opinion that the penguin never should have been put in a movie because hes not imposing or scarey in any way.. hes fine as a comic criminal .. hes not very interesting as a movie bad guy.. and certainly not threatening… killer croc.. throws nolan’s realism out the window.. and besides croc is one dimensional anyway…. poison ivy again thows nolan’s realism out that window.. the ventriloquist i think is cool.. but i dont think he could headline a movie and he may end up being unintentionally funny.. because he’s a comic book criminal and not a movie one.. and he probably never should be a movie one.. Im not as familiar with newer batman villians over the last couple of years so i cant speak on those.. but from the classics.. Nolan has now used every single worthwhile batman character… except maybe Robin and Robin is tricky as a believable movie character. Im tryna think of whos left .. Clayface and manbat.. again.. breaking Nolan’s rules… which seem to be good rules right?.. and again ive never found either of them compelling enough to be the number 1 anything in a movie.. or even in a comic. God i just thought of Mr Freeze.. i wont even explain why he never should be in a movie..

    • although i will add .. if knightfall is used (which i agree with the above that it probably wont be).. then I have no problem with Nolan using some of these crapier villians .. i just remembered zatz.. anyway .. i have no problem with Nolan using some of the less compelling villians as part of the arkam breakout plot… Maybe we can get the ventriloquist 30 seconds of footage.

    • Penguin in the recent videogames is a credible villain.

      Likewise, Riddler could most certainly be made believable and scary by the right people and the right vision.

      You’re looking at the villains as they are currently rather than putting them through the process (as Nolan did with Joker) and seeing what they could be.

    • I get what your saying but ive never thought that any of the Batman villains are as good as Ra’s, scarecrow, joker, twoface, and bane. Believe it or not but ive thought that long before these Nolan movies. I wouldnt put the shocker in a spiderman movie or even the scorpion.. they just arent cool enough to keep peoples attention. And yes the character of the riddler could realy make for a cool movie except his name is the riddler.. thats an awful name. So hes out for me. Anyway do you think its a coincidence that with most of the successful superhero movies they pick villains that are criminals but also ones that have a more personal connection with the heroes. I also dont think Nolan/goyer had to change much with ra’s, scarecrow, joker and two face.. maybe hes altered Bane a lot.. who knows.. but with the rest i think he would have to struggle a lot to make the movie good.
      Anyway your talking to someone that likes to see craziness or extreme mental toughness in his villains so.. we probably just have differing taste.. thats fine.. Im hoping that Thanos is in the avengers movie.. but thats just me.

  4. Is it No 86 because of Dark Knight Returns and Batman: Year One?

  5. Having seen Mission Impossible twice (once for the prologue and once for this), I can safely say this may already be the perfect Batman film.

  6. uuuuuhhhhhhhh……….ok. My mom is going to see it for sure, just for Hines Ward. I really hope it is as good as the previous films. Plus, I really like Catwoman but is anyone buying Anne Hathaway?

  7. I saw the Bane prologue and other than the Bane voice (which is extremely fixable because you don’t see his lips), it was freaking awesome.

    This trailer…also really has me excited and intrigued. It seems like Nolan’s effectively mashed “Bane” and the mutant leader from “Dark Knight Returns.” I’m really curious to see how the League of Shadows plays into all this.

  8. Not even my intense and seething hatred of the Pittsburgh Steelers can spoil the awesomeness that is that trailer.

  9. Hey Conor, seeing this kind of makes me want to read Knightfall and all of that other stuff. Is it worth it?

    • Yes. (Disclaimer: I am not Conor.) Bane’s whole thing is kinda genius.

    • I’m probably the wrong person to ask–it’s my all-time least favorite Batman story.

    • It’s worth noting that AzBats’ run was a childhood favorite, so I have fond memories of that whole era. I haven’t read it in a long time; it may not hold up.

    • When i read knightfall in single issue format when they were released.. i thought Bane and knightfall in general was the coolest event maybe ever. .. and i told people that for years.. I even told people that the only non cheesey worthwhile batman villians to use in Nolans movies were Ra’s, Scarecrow, Joker, Two face, and Bane in that order.. I said that after watching the first movie .loving it and hoping to see those characters handled well..
      Anyway.. long story short i bought the knightfall trade a few months ago and reread it cause of Nolan’s Bane.. and I wasnt that impressed. Its OK at best. And Bane is cool but not as clever and unique as i thought he was. But i had an overinflated opinion of the character for a decade so.. i let myself down. Having said all that.. I know Nolan and Goyer will use the best of Bane and make him even better. Basically watch the movie.. if youve got ten hours to throw away then read knightfall.

    • I get the feeling that this is NOT that story in movie form. My guess is that Nolan captures Bane’s ruthlessness and cunning, but not the plan. I think this will more closely follow “The Cult” with Bane as the main bad guy instead of the Reverend.

      I don’t think you’ll need Knightfall to appreciate this.

    • Listen to the Knightfall Audio Book!!!!!!!

    • @ResurrectionFlan Really? Are you serious? Because I’ll do it.

    • I mean if you want to get the story, it’s a full cast audio drama with sound effects and music etc produced by the BBC.

      It’s really entertaining and includes Sword of Azrael also at the start thought the end of KnightsEnd. I used to listen to that and the Death of Superman one all the time when I was younger. Plus you can always wiki or google search characters and stuff if you get lost. Joe Quesada did some really strong art for DC back then.

    • i didnt even know there were comic audio books…. ill keep my eyes open for that stuff.. thanks.

    • I’d second the Knightfall audio book. It makes it into a more palatable and streamlined version of the that huge comic book storyline.

  10. I want to make sweet, sweet love to this thing.

    I literally got goosebumps from the end of the sting at the 2min mark. So much of this is awesome. From Bane and Batman fighting, to Bane giving Bruce permission to die later, to the football field caving in. I want this movie out now!!

    Also, that Bat-Jet is more of a Bat-Hover Tank but whatever it looks fucking awesome.

  11. Touchdown!!!

  12. Hines Ward 7, Bane 0

    the Tiki

  13. i am such a dork, i havent watched the trailer yet (im waiting to watch it on a nice widescreen tv tonight, not on my computer) but when i saw the first pic, i didnt think of hines ward, i thought of burt ward and hoped there would be a quarterback named WEST along with him

  14. I’ve heard that the film is set 8 years after The Dark Knight. Is it true?

    • Everything I’ve read says that is true!

    • Thank you! Well, that’s absolutely wonderful. I have very high expectations for this movie. I really think that TDKR will put a great end to the character of Batman, and I think It will be an ending we’ve never seen in any comic book.

  15. this will be the first time batman shows up during the day.

    wonder what that means.

  16. This has the potential to be better then the Dark Knight

  17. i feel sorry for anyone who watches hathaway deliver that line and not ‘buy’ her as catwoman!

  18. Am I the only person having trouble getting the trailer to load? I just get a quicktime logo with a “?”. Damn you APPLE!

  19. It’s my belief that JGL’s character will be taking over as Batman.

  20. chills.

  21. I still think that JGL is Alberto Falcone in disguise & the vixen Marion Coittard has got to be Talia Al Ghul. It would be such a wasted opportunity if they don’t tie her into this film universe & really connect the three films to each other perfectly!

  22. There were rumors the Occupy Wall Street would come up in the next Batman film, and Catwoman certainly looks like she is going to be a rather aggressive OWS activist. That would be a natural direction for her character to take, since she is a jewel thief. From this snippet, I think Anne Hathaway has been perfectly cast, regardless of a lot of fanboy grumbling. “The Dark Knight Rises” looks like it is going to be a rather political film. Some people might not like that.

  23. Holy Batman, Batman! This looks amazing.

  24. “When Gotham is ashes, you have my permission to die” – Bane

    That line sold the movie for me.

  25. I think it’s awesome that this is going to be a “conclusion” film. That Nolan is taking the story to it’s next steps as opposed to “another Batman Adventure.” Don’t get me wrong, love the Batman Adventures. But to see this series end as opposed to leave a door open to a sequel is awesome.

  26. I’ve got goosebumps. I can’t wait for this thing to come out.

    The Dark Knight also had one of my most favorite movie scores and it looks like this one is going to be great as well.

  27. Here’s a few thoughts:

    The whole vibe of Bane as revolutionary makes me wonder if Bruce is diametrically opposed to him, has Bruce become Fascist. Remember Harvey Dent’s speech from the Dark Knight? Die the hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

    Catwoman’s speech “you and your friends… how you thought you could live so large and leave so little to the rest of us” Is she talking to Bruce Wayne Billionaire or Bruce Wayne guy in bat suit? In one context, the speech is about equality and in the other, some weird superhero business

    There’s a shot/flashback of Bruce in the prison from Batman Begins

    There’s shots of Bane’s men or maybe even cops repelling down the well Bruce fell in from Batman Begins, i.e., “they” find the batcave.

    This maybe be thematic, there’s a sign in the crowd at the football match which reads “Demolish the Monuments” This that about the other teams or are regular Gothamites after a revolution

    • I don’t think that scene in the prison is from batman begins. Could it be the prison that bane is from?

    • Catwoman does call him “Mr. Wayne” in the speech. Perhaps she’s at the masquerade to rob him?

    • i think the bearded christain bale denotes the time period

    • I thought that too about the prison, it makes sense, but theres the scene where the guys are repelling down in the same prison and for some reason its seems like a pretty big deal for begins to have missed or glossed over that piece. on the other hand, it’s hard to say if Nolan had all this in mind when he was doing Begins.

      and i think demolish the monuments is right on. where Ras al ghul wanted to burn down gotham, like they did to say london, demolishing monuments really strikes home the point that to truly get rid of something you have to get rid of the memory of it, and what are monuments but memories. And that seems to be the big theme of this trailer, breaking down the establishment.

    • @Invasionforce: You’re being too literally. If she knew who he is, it doesn’t she she’s going to call him batman constantly

    • the visiting team’s name is the Rapid City Monuments.

    • Ah, I’m a foreigner so I don’t know the names of your Americian football squads? Squads, is that the right word?

    • I agree with luketowers – I don’t think that is the same prison as BB. I don’t recall them showing it to be underground. I think this one is the one Bane initially escapes from (provided they keep that element of his comic origin in the movie).

      Similarly, those people are not rappelling into the Batcave. Later in the trailer, at 1:49, it shows the rappellers descending into the prison shown earlier, so it doesn’t appear to be the Batcave. Not to mention that the first trailer showed someone climbing up (to get out, it would seem) the shaft. That could be Bane making his escape. But maybe not, at this point we’re all just guessing.

      Is the woman in red at 1:36 Marion Cotillard?

    • I still think bearded Christian Bale is meant to denote the time period. Maybe it’s Ra’s base from BB

    • Doesn’t he say he’s been going from place to place getting his ass kicked in the first one? It could just be a flashback to then when he met Bane while he was in the South American prison or he could be back doing that after being Not-Batman for a while.

    • That’s not the prison from Batman Begins. And isn’t Alfred with him? The beard means nothing, the gray hairs mean everything. I’m guessing he goes to find himself after his defeat from Bane. Maybe retrain or something.

    • >CGPO

      That makes sense – he has to retraint to be Batman again. I’m betting he goes to Siberia, where he throws heavy logs, chops down trees, pulls an overloaded snow sleigh, jogs in heavy snow and treacherous icy conditions and climbs a mountain to get in shape.

    • @kennyg

      what’s the song that plays during this scene. it’s a vital piece to getting that traiing vibe out there.

  28. Anyone notice the Robin-esque ‘R’ in the crowd at 12 seconds? Just a nod I think, but cool nonetheless.

  29. What are the prisoners chanting?

  30. Damn. Why couldn’t Hines Ward fall in the pit too?

  31. the only thing I don’t like about this is it mentions “conclusion”

  32. Why is Bane warning Bruce Wayne that his modem is going to die?

  33. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    After seeing this trailer, I feared something very bad was happening when the power went out tonight at the Steelers game. But it wasn’t terrorism. It was the transformers.

  34. I got the goosebumps too!!!Damn July! Can’t get here soon enough!!!

  35. You know, I’m not saying this is a bad thing but it’s not like I was super amped after the trailer. My response was “wow, that’s an interesting”, Not “Yay! Batman! effing A!” It’s like they’re teasing the story, not the action

  36. So awesome! I love it! I was a paid extra on the movie for 2 days on the football stadium shoot. So cool to see part of it coming together! Wow! I absolutely cannot wait for this movie! It looks phenominal! Nolan is the best!!!!!

  37. If i was Ward I would be like “Damn! Now that’s a touchdown!” And also that trailer was freaking awesome. Just saying…

  38. This trailer didn’t blow me away or anything but it certainly looks interesting and given Nolan’s track record the odds that this’ll be a great film are overwhelming.

  39. Bert Grumm for SANTA!

  40. Nerd-nasm!

  41. So Batman dies and Gordon-Levitt is Batman’s replacement.