TRAILER: ‘Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance’ is a Trailer for a Movie

I realize the instinct with these kind of things and writing on the internet is to instantly heap praise at the violence and visuals, or take the other road and deride it with pitiless snark, that has likely not yet been earned. I am going to try and do my best here.

This is the trailer for Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, the sequel to the movie no one I ever spoke to liked.

If you want to see the high resolution versions, there’s Apple.

It looks like what they’ve done here was take the guys who did Crank, which I liked the first time I saw it, but don’t need 35 versions of, and put in a lot of music from about a decade ago, and found some video game cut scenes, and added Nic Cage, who’s deal with the devil is apparently still valid, and we get a movie! But then, hey, it’s not for me. Fellow iFanboy Ron Richards, on the other hand is sated, exclaiming with excitement “Nic Cage is spitting fire!” which is his wont. We all have different tastes.

Make up your own mind.


  1. Ahhh… Doesn’t look like my type of movie, but, I am pretty sure I will end up seeing it.

  2. Spitting and pissing fire. Never imagined that in a Ghost Rider movie.


    This looks like shit. No surprise there.

  4. Sorry, constructive.

    It looks like a rollicking good action flick, with no need for things as story and character because it’s got kick- ass action and the protagonist pisses fire.

  5. My thought on the last scene of the trailer: “Well they certainly aren’t going to show him pissing on TV”.

    You know I love Crank and Crank 2; they are some of my favorite movies. But the first Ghost Rider was so…..not “bad” (like Jonah Hex bad, which these two guys also directed) but just ‘there’. Like Fantastic Four, it wasn’t bad as so much that it’s easily forgettable.

    But I gotta admit there were points that made me smile and laugh. Ghost Rider throwing up the bullets back at the guy made me laugh….in a good way! Maybe if it’s gonna be all action and no plot, which was the reverse (and problem) with the first Ghost Rider then I might watch this.

    Although why can’t Jason Statham be in this?

  6. looks alot better then the last one, im gonna check it out.

  7. Looks to be Nic Cage’s best movie since Moonstruck.

  8. I noticed in the whirl of title cards early on a big “MARVEL KNIGHTS” logo. Have they done that before? Is this the arm of Marvel Studios that’s doing all the smaller character movies we’ve heard about? Does this mean anything interesting, or have other movies had that label on them before and I just didn’t notice it?

  9. HE PEES FIRE! Bwahahahaha!

    I guess they decided to not take this seriously at all, because that seemed REALLY tongue in cheek. Also, Scorpion from the first Mortal Kombat movie is all I could think of.

  10. is it bad that i want to see this as it just looks like a big stupid fun action movie

  11. I gotta say that these guys will certainly have one of the most visually interesting comic movies out there. While most directors would pull back and let the action breathe, these guys are still going for that crazy, handheld cam vibe of the Crank movies with super close ups. I’m not overly excited by this, but I’m certainly really, really interested in seeing it, whether its a train wreck or not.

  12. This trailer is 80% Ghost Rider, 20% Nic Cage, so already a win there.

    Toss in the spitting, pissing, and a metric crapton of awesome whip action and you are totally speaking my language. Here’s hoping the actual soundtrack is 100% classic metal. Basically, Judas Priest or Motorhead need to be tapped to do the soundtrack.

    In conclusion: Day. Friggin’. One. \m/-_-\m/

  13. I really didn’t need to see Ghost Rider pissing flames. I really didn’t.

  14. I’ve just been entirely unable to jump onto the “Nic Cage: Action hero” train. Every time a new one comes out I think “So he’s still doing that hm” This… is no different.

  15. I have a feeling the pissing fire is something the guys wanted to do in Crank or Crank 2 but couldn’t logically do it.

    Cause as you know that series is nothing but serious and believable.

  16. I am not surprised that it burns when Nic Cage pees.

  17. There was never a moment when I was going to see the first one. This one has the kind of pedigree that will at least make me seek out the reviews. Not because I think there will be raves; just to… see what kind of criticism it gets. One man’s negative is another man’s incentive.

  18. Kelly (@annaluna) says:

    “i’m not afraid of you.”

    >oh sh*t. are they really going to put a line that cliche in the movie let alone the trailer? ..hrm..maybe not. i mean, it’s not like all these clips are scary enough to lead up to–

    “you should be.”

  19. Could go either way

  20. Anything with Nic Cage in it is always a pass for me. The fact that the man still has a career baffles me.

    • When is the last time you were nominated for an Oscar?

      He still has one- b/c at one time he had a great one.
      And honestly he was pretty good in the first movie.
      I never saw him as Superman and I think his personal life is something I def don’t want to hear about.
      But he’ll do a good job in this picture.

  21. Even though he didn’t do the screenplay, apparently David S. Goyer did a lot of the story for this…..So….it might be good?

    • David Goyer is good only when he works with Nolan.

    • Blade will beat you for that.

    • David Goyer needs help. No, literally, he does. Everything good with his name attached, he has had great people that work with him and improve on the framework he sets up.

      “Blade Trinity” is a good example of an end product where he’s largely in control by himself. Make your own judgments.

  22. I didn’t see the first Ghost Rider. In fact, until this trailer, I had forgotten they made a Ghost Rider movie. Although to be fair, I also forget there are ghost Rider comics.

    My wife tried to watch the first one. She can sit through almost anything and try to find the positive in it. But she didn’t even finish Ghost Rider. Which is probably like the 3rd time in her life she did that. So if she couldn’t sit through it, no way will I enjoy it.

    This…….looks like it could appeal to some people. I am not one of those people, but if this is your type of movie, have fun with it. I don’t think it looks “bad,” I just think it looks like I am not the target audience for it.

  23. Didn’t see the first one. I’m intrigued to see Idris Elba in it. Cage must be really really broke because he keeps pushing movie turds out of his hollywood poop shoot.

  24. I hope that karen Carpenter has time to make a cameo – after her scene stealing mention in the last film

  25. Doesn’t look as bad as the first one. At the very least, I think it will be entertaining in an actiony explosiony type of way.

  26. The biggest ‘What the Fuck?’ moment for me in film does come from the fact that they got Peter Fonda to be in the first one.

    One of the greatest actors of all time….How in the fuck did they get Peter ‘fucking’ Fonda to play Mephisto?

  27. Wait. Is this real?

  28. Seriously? Can we get a reboot?

  29. Ummmmm…….why?

  30. I’m definitely down.

    The first Ghost Rider movie was a really tone-deaf adaptation that just went through the motions, which is why I really didn’t care for it. While we only have this trailer to go by, it seems as if they really filled up this movie with Jason Aaron-esque craziness, so that’s at least a plus.

  31. The first film had Sam Elliott.

    Ghost Rider > Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

  32. This looks bad, but in all the right ways. As long as Ghost Rider spends most of it pounding on bad guys in entertaining ways, I’m good. This is also the reason why I enjoyed Punisher War Zone.

  33. looks a hell of a lot better than the first one

    • That’s true but then again it’s not saying much

    • it actually looks at least exciting. the first one was boring as hell, which boggled my mind. I mean Ghost Rider is not a great character, but he is a visually interesting character…how do you make a boring movie out of that?

  34. It will be a bigger hit than green lantern but it looks like a p.o.s

  35. Yeah, I’ll probably be seeing this one. I love the chain-whip action. And the pissing fire is stupid, but hilarious. It may be immature, but it’s fun to be immature every once in a while.

  36. a ballsy move, it looks pretty good. i saw the first one i might as well see the sequel. i wonder where stan lee’s cameo going to be. πŸ™‚ or a punisher appearence

  37. Seriously why make another Ghost rider movie when the first one was so bad.

  38. eventually, i’ll check it out……..when its on On Deamdn for free….and i’m sure i’ll fast forward through the whole thing after 20 minutes.

  39. I think it would be awesome if Robert Rodriguez got ahold of this property and made a nasty grindhouse flick out of it. Ah well.

  40. -awkwardly scratches head and walks away embarrassed-

  41. Ok I can see that this may be a movie, not just a comic book movie, in general that people may be turned off by, but that really is the career of these directors. Crank 1 & 2 are not Academy Award seekers, they are fast paced, obscene, and extremely crazy violent and that is why this Ghost Rider sequel/reboot will be awesome. This may be the Ghost Rider movie that will have the closest feel to Jason Aaron’s definitive run on the title. Grindhouse, rocknrolling insanity topped with some awesome effects so far and definitely a much better looking rider. I hated the original Ghost Rider theatrical release, but have grown to at least like the Director’s Cut of the movie, same with Daredevil which is fitting since both movies had the same director and both movies were edited by crappy producers. Basically I am really looking forward to this. Ghost Rider is by far the most metal comic character, and soon to be most metal comic book movie, ever!

  42. Nic Cage is one of my favorite actors, especially when he overacts. I’ll watch this for cheap sometime later just for that. The Ghost Rider movie franchise seems kind of like a throw-away to me anyway. I heard Cage really wanted to play a comics character, and he seems to enjoy this role, so more power to him, but I can’t see these films as becoming classic comics-based cinema.

  43. Actually looks pretty good :/ well… when compared to the first one at least, I reserve my judgement for when I see it though πŸ™‚

    I am glad it’s not called GR 2 though, almost a soft reboot (fingers crossed)

  44. looks pretty good to me. y’all must have standards or something . . .

    he rides a V-Max!

    looks highly entertaining for my taste anyway, as long as he doesn’t eat jelly beans for no good reason that’ll make it 100 times better than the first one.

  45. Jesus jumped up Christ, yes.

    I love the first Ghost Rider, as it is (second only to Catwoman) a perfect delicious movie. A movie that is so bad that it somehow comes out on the other side of the spectrum as brilliant. Kinda like Asteroids, but with evil cosmetics companies and jellybean martinis.

    Can. Not. Wait.

  46. I’m torn. On one hand, it’s a sequel to Ghost Rider. On the other hand, it has Nick Cage pissing fire. Tough call.

  47. Josh, your title for this article reminded me of something from The Onion, I laughed.

    I kinda liked the first one, actually. I didn’t think it was that bad, but I have no attachment to the source material either. I thought Nick Cage was actually appropriate for the part and he did a decent job (that’s saying a lot, I am NOT a fan of his “acting”). Sam Elliot was great too.

  48. I think including the pissing flame scene in the trailer was a wise move.
    It tells the audience, and particularly the potentially overly-critical fans: “this is a “Ghost Rider” movie. We have no shortage of overly serious super-hero movies. Now it’s time to watch a movie about a SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE who will piss fire all over you if you’re evil.”

    I’m entirely in for this.

  49. Looks like it could be cool. Need more Ghost Rider on screen. I liked the 1st flick but its biggest flaw was not enough GR on screen in my humble opinion. I am looking forward to Spirit of Vengeance.

  50. Didn’t these two write the Jonah Hex movie? Why give them another comic book adaptation? Also what the hell is Stringer Bell doing in this?

  51. I’ve never really read any GR, but did watch about half of the first movie. This one does look better, but after seeing the last couple of Cage’s movies I refuse to give him or the studios who use him anymore of my hard earned entertainment budget.

  52. Pissing fire!?!? Clearly he’s not drinking enough cranberry juice.

  53. A flaming skull actually looks more life like than Nicholas Cage’s head

    but, yeah, i would watch that

  54. *facepalm* Guys, guys. It’s a movie about a flaming skeleton on a motorbike. Of course he pees fire.

  55. And people thought Green Lantern wouldn’t get a sequel…

  56. I thought the trailer looked fun, right up until the flaming pee. Really?

  57. @lucasewalt ghost rider was a hit for what it cost and made more at the world wide box office than green lantern

  58. I should know better, but I can’t help but be excited.

  59. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    I recognize his nemesis Blackout from reading the book in the 90s. He’s a real monster. Last I saw he was being forced by The Hood to take on the New Avengers.

    Peeing fire. How? He’s not anatomically equipped.

    • I just want to say-
      that while it may not be the most sensitive screen name
      PymSlap is kind of awesome of a name here.

    • “Peeing fire. How? He’s not anatomically equipped.”

      So following that line of reasoning, Ghost Rider should also not be able to talk as he has no vocal chords, nor should he be able to move because he has no musculature and he should also not be alive because he has no brain.

      C’mon people.

  60. peeing fire is a symptom of supernatural herpes πŸ™

  61. Normally I have a good time trashing comicbook ‘based’ movies but these Ghost Rider movies just piss me off so much…I just want this to bomb so miserably and die a painful death at the box office that no one will EVER make another one again.
    The first one was offensive to this Ghost Rider fan of 21 years. Just watching the filmed abortion of a trailer for the second one shows me hollywood really doesn’t give a damn about the material and these ‘directors’ should be waterboarded.

    NOTHING about either of these movies is right. Except the names and that’s about it. I look forward to trashing this crapper as much as possible until it opens.

  62. Looks better than the first one.

  63. I’m beyond pumped for this movie. Gonna be a ride!

  64. Looks like everything’s a go from this point forward! Can a Turtles reboot be far behind?