BREAKING: Is the deal done for Nick Cage to ride again in GHOST RIDER 2?

So I'm sitting here all innocent-like, minding my own business, unwinding from a long day watching my favorite late night show Co-Ed Confidential 3 The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Tonight his guest was Nick Cage, crazy eccentric Academy Award winning actor and star of Ghost Rider.

Ghost Rider comes up a lot on this show because Craig is a big, unabashed fan of the movie. He thinks it's awesome. As a result, he was excited to have Cage on his show. Craig was so excited he even had a Ghost Rider totem made for Cage. In the course of showing it off, they had this exchange which began with a reference to Craig's robot sidekick:

Craig Ferguson
That's Geoff Peterson over there. He's my sidekick. He's a robot skeleton. Actually, partially inspired by the movie Ghost Rider, which I enjoyed immensly without a hint of irony. I really did.

Nick Cage
No, I appreciate it. No, thank you. I actually enjoyed the movie quite a bit myself–

Craig Ferguson
Well, you got Sam Elliot in the movie–

Nick Cage
I'll tell you something, we're going to go for two.

Craig Ferguson
You're gonna do a second one?

Nick Cage
There's gonna be a new one. I just made the deal today.

And then Craig tries to get Nick Cage to promise to put his Ghost Rider totem in the movie, barring that could there be a part for Craig himself? (He loooves that Ghost Rider movie.)

Nick Cage
Well, I'm not the director.

Craig Ferguson
Who's the director?

Nick Cage
Well, they're the wonderful directors… the team from Crank.

Craig Ferguson
Oh, really?

Nick Cage
Neveldine and Taylor. They're fantastic.

Nick Cage is referring to Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, the writer/director team behind Crank and Crank: High Voltage, which I hear are tons of fun (they're on my NetFlix queue, get off my back, Ron!), and also the writers of, uh, Jonah Hex. They're not writing Ghost Rider 2, however. The script was done by Hollywood's go-to comic book movie scriptwriter David Goyer.

There's been a lot of talk of a Ghost Rider sequel lately — which isn't surprising considering it made $228 million in worldwide box office (not a huge hit, but not a flop, either) — and for a while a lot of the talk was centered around Cage being replaced in the title role. Then suddenly, a little while ago, all the talk was about Nick Cage coming back for the sequel. Now, it would seem, that the deal is finally done.

So, that's happening.

Watch the interview here.

Listen to the Special Edition: Ghost Rider Podcast. It's a quick one!



  1. ugh. Come on!

  2. This makes me so happy.

  3. Of all the things to have in common with Craig Ferguson… it’s that I liked the "Ghost Rider" movie, too.

     I mean, I grew up on the comics with Johnny Blaze in the ’70s and ’80s. Little boy me loved the Hell out of Ghost Rider!

    Full disclosure: I liked "Ghost Rider." I even liked "DareDevil," and can’t hear that Evanescence song without thinking about Jennifer Garner working out.  But… I didn’t care for that last Superman movie. 


  5. Damn.

  6. Interesting on the directors and writer. I think it will turnout good. But I think they should have gotten to young Johnny Blaze.

  7. lmao

  8. Crank Directors? I’m kind of intrigued. 

  9. It could be interesting with the Crank team behind it.

  10. They should have Jason Aaron’s Ghost Rider Corps in the movie that would So AWESOME!!!

  11. Ghost Rider was the most fun I’ve ever had at a comic movie. So much fun to laugh at. Excited!

  12. While I have no love for the Ghost Rider movie, I’ll say this about the team of directors. They did write Jonah Hex, but they were supposed to direct it but left the project on account of "Creative Differences". I believe they wanted to make a GOOD movie, and the studio would not allow it.

  13. I just don’t know…

  14. Ifanboy review preditictions of this comes to pass:

    Conor will be somewhat ambivalent.  He’ll think that it was a relatively fun time but will have problems with it.

    Ron will agree with Conor that it wasn’t a great movie, but he’ll enjoy it for what it is, a popcorn action flick.  He’ll find good things about it.

    Josh won’t go see it.

  15. Still haven’t seen the first!

  16. awesomes. liked Cage in the first one. can’t wait.

  17. Never really gotten into Ghost Rider – so he’s a demon that the Devil (Angel?) put on Earth to hunt other demons and his host doesn’t like it but can’t help it because he played with black magic? I don’t understand the backstory of Ghost Rider at all. If anyone can explain it, this might interest me.

  18. So long as Mark Steven Johnson isn’t directing, this could be good news. I wasn’t crazy about Crank, but I think that’s the right mentality that you need for approaching a property like Ghost Rider. 

  19. NO NIC CAGE!!!!!!!!!!!

    He’s just………….NO…………….

  20. I’m there.


    the first one was great as long as you watched it with the right mind set (ie not a pretentious douchy one)

  21. I’m good with this – I liked the first one in a popcorn movie sort of way and had no problem with Cage or any of the actors really. I’m just glad the director isn’t returning (Steven Johnson? Is that the name?). He just seemed to be finding cool panels from the comic and putting them up on screen.

  22. yuck

  23. The guys who did Crank are great directors, but not good writers. So maybe it’ll be good that they’re working on Ghost Rider 2?

    ……Seriously this is gonna suck. 

  24. I’m okay with this news I mean really how could it get worse unless they try to make a bad movie.