Top 5: Superhero Vehicles

Although flight is one of the most recognizable abilities of the super-hero occupation, not all of our masked vigilantes can get where they need to go on their own. From surfboards to sleds, from big wheels to magical chairs, superhero transportation comes in all shapes in sizes. Here’s five rides that we’d love to have in the iFanboy parking garage.

5. The Authority’s Carrier

A base and a ship all in one, The Authority’s Carrier is a shiftship of alien technology capable of traversing what’s known as the Bleed — the open space that lies between alternate universes in the Wildstorm, and presumably DC, universes.  Measuring 50 miles long by 35 miles high and 2 miles wide, this fine piece of machine has more than horsepower under its hood: it’s fueled by a caged baby universe.


4. Razorback’s Big Pig

Admittedly a dark horse candidate for this Top 5 list, this Marvel monstrosity came into the running for its sheer inane-ness and, yes, awesomeness. The trucker/vigilante known as Razorback has the mutant ability to drive anything, from his terrestial Big Pig to a spacecraft, also named Big Pig. In the hands of the right creative team, Big Pig could be the next big thing. Jason Aaron, can you hear me?


3. Batman’s Batmobile

Through countless variations, DC’s Dark Knight has been riding in style since the original vehicle’s debut in 1939’s Detective Comics #27. Although it took years to evolve from the red sedan into the distinctive, sleek bullet of a car it is today, the Batmobile is a mean street machine.


2. Ghost Rider’s Motorcycle

Ghost Rider existed before motorcycles were even around, but when Roy Thomas, Gary Friedrich and MIke Ploog reimagined him as a stunt motorcyclist in 1972 they blew the tires off everything that came before. Through various iterations of the bike (including the under-rated 90s version), Ghost Rider’s two-wheeler has made an impact with bikers and everyone else. Favorite use: Riding up the side of the Baxter Building in an issue of Fantastic Four.


1. The Flash’s Cosmic Treadmill

Some might argue that this is outside the boundaries of what you’d consider a vehicle, but The Flash’s Cosmic Treadmill transports you from one place to another — it’s just from one place in time to another. Created by writer John Broome way back in 1961, it’s become the lynchpin to a variety of Flash stories and probably on more than one kid’s list for Santa. If they had one of these at the gym, I’d renew my gym membership in a heartbeat!



  1. Favorite versions of the Batmobile? For me it has to be Animated Series’ (pictured) and the Michael Keaton/ Tim Burton one. How cool was it when it went into Cocoon mode? I remember being very disraught when a young ATO220 (only 109 at the time) when they broke the batmobile into three parts and made a batcycle out of the middle in Batman Returns.

  2. Honorable mentions: Wonder Woman’s Invisible Plane, The Silver Surfer’s Board and the Fantastic-Car (just cause of the name)

    At one point didn’t Spiderman have a silly car?

    • Yes, the Spider-Mobile! Great for a punchline or two nowadays. I loved how Marcos Martin included it in his M.C. Escher image of all those who had died in Spider-Man’s life.

      I would have thrown the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier on here, but I guess that isn’t really a “superhero” vehicle. The Authority’s carrier is pretty cool in its place.

    • I just re-read DC: New Frontier, and based on the panel of the bloodied Wonder Woman alone, I’d have to vote for inclusion of the invisible jet.

  3. No Spider-Mobile or Parker-Vespa?

  4. nice, i wouldn’t mined the Rocketeer jetpack, but from this list it has to be ghost rider’s bike. not a fan of big vehicles and i hate running.

  5. I for one am disappointed at the absence of the ‘Thanos-Copter’

    • Great link man! I love how the copter is clearly labeled “thanos” to avoid confusing it with another cosmic super-villain’s helicopter. The understated “Drat!” from thanos is classic too.

  6. I’d have put Static’s manhole covers / dustbin lids on the list.

  7. Tumbler > all of these choices & I would put Ghost Rider’s bike up a spot b/c it is much more iconic than Flash’s cosmic treadmill. I mean do people really look forward to seeing the treadmill nowadays? Everyone gushes over the motorcycle that was the main reason why the first movie made money because they got the bike right & it defines the Ghost Rider character. No one can imagine Johnny Blaze without his trusty bike of fire & brimstone spinning hell on wheels!


  9. Id have the the Fantasticar on there, as well as silvers surfers surfboard. For me it’s the 60’s Batmobile all the way, fillowed by the tumbler with the big bathead version 3rd, burton 4th and animated 5th

  10. Yo, Chris, I’m really happy for you and I’mma let you finish, but the Batman TV show had the best vehicle of all time.

    Seriously, the 60’s TV batmobile should be #1. It is the perfect blend of fantasy and reality, meshing 60’s muscle cars with Bondian gadgetry. If I could have ANY car, that would be it.

  11. Black Beauty. That is all.

    Also: Would the Autobots count? They’re heroes AND vehicles rolled into one.

  12. Ehh. It just doesn’t sit right with me.

  13. Shogun Warriors would be #1 for me.

  14. Maybe there should be top 5 time machines list for the treadmill. Until then, kick it out to make room for Metron’s chair.

  15. Razorback’s big Pig???? FREAKING AWESOME! The truck driver with the funky special power from Texarkana, Arkansas. Wanna guess the high school mascot for Texarkana High?

  16. Ghost Rider? Really?

  17. My top 5:

    5. Moon Knigh’s crescent Moon shaped helicopter

    4. Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet

    3. The Fantasticar

    2. The Avenger’s Quinjet

    1. The Batmobile

  18. C’mon, the Ninja Turtles had some awesome rides back in the day. I know, I collected a great deal of them.