Top 5: Comic Book Boots


Without quality footwear, your work is going to suffer.

5. Thor


4. The Flash


3. Darkseid


2. Captain America


1. Wolverine


  1. Great article, Josh!

  2. Also, I have a pair of those Thor boots.  And I totally pull them off.

  3. Pun intended.  (See: above comment.)

  4. I know these pictures are supposed to show of the boots, but they look more like crotch shots. I’m just saying.

  5. This made me laugh aloud. Nice job.

  6. But were they made for walkin’?

  7. Funny article.  Look at those Wolverine boots!  How does he drive a car?  I would have put Cap #1, but that’s just me.    When I make my character on DCUO, he will have Cap’s boots if at all possible.

  8. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Those aren’t the Flash’s original boots! I swear he’s gone through at least 3 re-boots in the last few decades.

    I immediately apologize for that pun. 

  9. We didn’t put puns in the terms of service, but we should have.

  10. Please don’t give @JeffR the boot!  That was a beautiful pun.

  11. Superpartiot has boots which the treads say Boot to the Head. I want those in real life.

  12. How oftern would all of the Flashes have to replace their boots? and with all that running, how bad would they smell, and subsequently, how bad would Barry’s ring smell of feet?

  13. I think Dick Grayson’s Robin Pixie Boots should get an honorable mention.

  14. It looks as if we got the Top 5 Crotch Shots to boot!

  15. What no Nightcrawler booties?

    @Flounder: Forget driving how does he walk/run in those?

  16. I breezed through this article while thinking, "Wow.. Molly is getting terse." Then I realized Josh "wrote" an article about boots. I’m going back to bed.

  17. What? No Superman Boots? The Most Iconic Boot of all time?  WTF?!? 😉 Good article, but seriously,.. Superman Boots!

  18. Superman boots bore me. Take that!

  19. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Congratulations for unearthing the remains of FAILosaurus Rex, Josh. Gotta go with Captain Cold’s snow boots and Zatanna’s legs-all-the-way-down-to-the-floor thigh-highs. 

  20. What about females?  Wonder Woman?  Batgirl?


  21. When I think of boots, I think of Batman’s boots as done by Jim Lee

  22. Carol Danvers.

    Kate Kane (post-redesign).


    Danny Rand.


    Any boots drawn by Dave Cockrum.

  23. Strange, I don’t see Guy Gardner’s moon-boots anywhere in there…..

  24. I know it’s a little off the beaten path, but I was hoping for He-Man’s bushy-top boots:

  25. The Flash wearing boots always perplexed me. If he is so fast that Boots do not hinder his speed, then why not sandels? A cheap pair like for 5 bucks.

  26. Look at the size of those boots for Wolverine! Were they used as a weapon too?

  27. No Jesse Custer Boots?

    When I saw the title of the list, my first thought was "Captain America!"

  28. Das boot!

  29. Come on now…where’s Kang?

  30. +1 for Danny Rand IRON FIST booties  

  31. Kang does have good boots.

  32. I love boots

  33. @peterbonavita: I know! Those were some beautiful, ridiculous boots. It’s a shame he got rid of them.

  34. (Dick) Robin didn’t wear boots, he wore slippers.

    I’ve never liked Cap’s boots. It’s the foldover bit. Ridiculous.

    Darksied’s boots are awesome. So are Gambit’s. Both because they look like they were stolen from KISS’s dressing room.

  35. @Jesse1125, Yes, I was thinking of Colossus as well.

  36. Also Terrax’s boots came to mind.

  37. dudes need to up their game to some visvims, lanvins

    OR the martin margiela speed bike sneakers!


  38. I got agree with those above that this is a very incomplete list if it has none of the wounderful (and often quite fetching) female boot bearers in comics.

  39. I would have never thought this would have been an article. It is pretty great though.

  40. What?  No Hawkeye?