The Top 10 Most Fashionable Comic Book Characters

It's truly amazing how much the fashion of comic book characters has affected the real world fashion industry. Even a couple of years ago Luella put out a collection of runway ready Batman clothes: yellow and black and emblazoned with the logo of the bat. But it's no wonder, as the character and costume design of the majority of superheroes (and supervillians!) is truly exceptional. As a self professed fashionista, I feel that growing up reading comic books truly helped to define my style. I was always attempting to replicate the X-Men's fashions, or dying my hair to emulate Polaris. Comic book fashion is a subject that I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about and thus I am brought to my point: Who are the ten most fashionable comic book characters?

10. Ramona Flowers
What sort of top ten list would this be without that quintessentially adorable nerd girl that you lust over? Ramona Flowers definitely fits this description, with her quirky brand of obviously Asian infused style and constantly changing hair colours. It may not just be her fashion that Scott Pilgrim finds so appealing, but I would risk almost certain death at the hands of her evil exes for those adorable black boots that she wears.


9. Dazzler
Maybe it's just the sparkles in my eyes, but for originally being a disco queen, Dazzler is one fancy pants pop star. In my own little universe I like to believe that Lady Gaga's TRUE inspiration is late 70s Dazzler. Originally created as a cross promotion between Casablanca Records and Marvel in the style of the band KISS, you would not think that Dazzler should be on this list. But her character has evolved gracefully from the days of disco into a still over-the-top but well dressed celebrity in the world of fictional music and mutants. And isn't the true mark of someone who dresses well their ability to change their look to stay with the times, but still maintain their own unique style?


8. Wormwood
Giving new meaning to being buried in your best clothes, Wormwood: The Gentleman Corpse somehow manages to pull off the classic suit and tie better than most "living" men. Despite the omnipresent toothy grin that, in all reality, should detract from the snappy clothing, Wormwood’s nice shoes seem to level out the playing field against his rotting flesh and empty eye sockets. Pair that with the fact that his creator Ben Templesmith is perhaps one of the best dressed men in comics, and Wormwood has secured a solid spot on this list of comic book character trend setters.


7. The Shade

There are three ways one can make top hats look awesome:

1. If you are a hipster also sporting an ironic curly mustache.
2. You happen to be the Mad Hatter.

You are THE SHADE.

Obviously, since I am talking about comic book characters here, the answer is number 3. One of the classiest villains you will ever come across, The Shade takes Victorian chic to a whole new level with an impeccable top hat, fantastically tailored coats with shiny buttons, and custom canes that would make Dr. Gregory House salivate with envy. The Shade rocks these combinations much better than Charlie Chaplin, and I would let him envelop me in his darkness ANY DAY.

6. Supergirl
With dozens of costume changes over the years, Supergirl is the true superhero fashionista. With constantly evolving outfits that seem to subtly reflect the trends of the "real world" that year, Supergirl's only true constant is red and blue, two colors that always look fantastic together. Add her frequent wardrobe changes to the fact she is a smokin' hot blonde who could ALSO kick your ass, and Kara is basically the quintessential (albeit slightly non-traditional) All American Girl Next Door.


5. Tony Stark/Iron Man

Admittedly, if you were a multi-millionaire, you could hire people to dress you. But Tony Stark is a true ladies man and doesn't need any help – he knows how to look sharp in a suit, be it Armani or armor made up of nanobots the size of a grain of sand. When romancing ladies and enduring the harsh glare of the public spotlight, he's rocking skinny ties and pinstripes, sunglasses and Italian leather shoes. Tony Stark has a suit for every occasion, and that includes those times when the dress code is less hand-crafted Italian and more torch welded iron. Be it the original red and gold, silver, stealth armor, or something he has only recently created, Tony Stark always has the outfit to get the job done. Is there really THAT much of a distinction between conquering ladies heart's and downing corrupt branches of the government?

4. Delirium
You know that really bizarre girl in high school who wore tutus and faerie wings and painted rainbows on her cheeks and was always seen lurking at the thrift store when you went with your mom? Yeah? Delirium is totally that girl. I imagine that when she dresses herself, she employs some sort of technique where she rolls around in a pile of clothes on the floor and whatever sticks to her is what she wears that day. It's like a closet threw up on her, violently, but it works for her… and it leaves fourteen year old Hot Topic consumers wondering how to replicate her effortlessly insane style.


3. Emma Frost

It takes a certain sort of skill to dress like a classy prostitute and somehow not appear trashy AND still remain fashionable. Emma Frost manages to possess this singular and unique ability, although I am not quite sure this is a skillset you would want to brag about on your resume. As if that weren't enough, she dresses like a popstar wannabe and wears all white, which of course is a generally accepted colour of purity. Ha. Sure, she may show a bit too much skin at times, but with a bangin' body like that… why wouldn't you always want to be switching up your costume?

2. Two-Face
Have you ever faced the dilemma where you wake up in the morning, try on about four different articles of clothing, throw your hands into the air and scream: "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!"? Of course you have, it's happened to the best of us. Do you know who DOESN'T have that problem? Two Face. He can't decide between the giraffe print or argyle tie? No problem! He gets to wear two suits at once. It doesn't matter if he has a casual lunch with hired goons to contemplate ways to destroy Batman, followed immediately thereafter by a formal occasion where his master plan takes effect: he has all bases covered. I wish this was a fashion trend that would catch on, because I have a feeling it would make life easier for most of us.


1. The Spirit
The Spirit nails the number one slot here because there's no way you can ever go wrong with a classy suit, trench coat and a sweet fedora. It only adds to the sexiness and mystery that he wears a tiny mask. Men, take note: you'll make any lady's knees go weak if you wear a skinny tie and a well fitting suit. Then when they ask where you got your fantastic fashion sense, you can proudly proclaim: comic books!


Molly McIsaac points her camera at everything and enjoys fictional characters with green hair. You can stalk her to your heart's content on Twitter.


  1. List is incomplete without Angar the Screamer.

  2. Dazzler? Really? Maybe last century.
  3. I’ll take Dr. Manhattan when he chooses to cloth himself.  He looks like an absolute pimp (the good kind, not the slapping kind).  Glowing blue goes with EVERYTHING.

  4. Wesley Dodds?

  5. This list has Dazzler. iFanboy has more list that include Dazzler in them.

    But no Gambit?

  6. @drake: We have a strict "No Gambit" policy.

  7. Yorick Brown

  8. Definitely agree with Shade, he’s probably my favorite on this list when it comes to fashionability. If most people try to rock that Victorian look with the top hat and cane, they would more than likely come across goofy. Though Shade’s suave and cool characteristics compliment the look and make it seem bitchin’. 

  9.  only one missing is Trauma.

    By the way I like molly’s articles so far, they are pretty fun.

  10. @Conor-Does Ron know about this?!?

  11. The next article will have to be about fashion victims.  I nominate Black Canary.

  12. Honorable mention to the Kingpin (pimps would be proud).

  13. Molly clearly likes dudes in classic suits.

  14. @josh – I’m sure which is why her and Templesmith get along, haha.
    Enjoyed the article, and it makes me think list like this…should naturally be bigger. The time and space for it would be crazy, sadly. Guess that’s what the comments section is for. I kind of think Batwoman (The way she’s currently drawn) is kind of fashionable, and of course the former model, Mary Jane. Hmm….maybe I have an heart for redheads, unbeknownst to myself.

  15. What about the Gentleman Ghost? And ya gotta love Wolvie’s Marlboro Man look.

  16. And if Supergirl gets a mention because of her costume changes, let’s not forget the Wasp. She’s had dozens of different costumes!

  17. @ Josh

    Cause every girl’s crazy for a sharp dressed man!

  18. @drakedangerz + @conor – I never approved a "No Gambit" policy!

    That said, I don’t think Gambit makes my own personal top 10 most fashionable list anyway

  19. I did. That’s 2 to 3: NO GAMBIT!

  20. And in reverse-

    1. Wonder-Man

    2. The Beyonder

    3. Strong-Guy

    4. Aqua-Man

    5. Brother Voodoo

    6. Martian Manhunter

    7. Galactus

    8. Iron-Fist

    9. Jay Garrick Flash

    10. Night-Wing

  21. I reckon Frank Castle scrubs up pretty nice once you get him out of his work clothes

  22. Wait…no Doctor Nemesis?! He’s the classiest of them all!

  23. Great article, had a lot of fun reading it!

  24. Fantastic article, Molly! But man, am I the only one bothered by Supergirl’s outfit? Like, everytime I see her! She is wearing the shortiest skirt in the solar system… and she FLIES!! That’s, like, the main thing that she does! It’s how she gets around! And she’s what, 17? You’d think a world wise young lady like Kara would think a little bit before she gets dressed in the morning.

  25. The only thing I will contest is that the Spirit does not wear a skinny tie, he wears a regular tie (a fat tie?). Skinny ties are rubbish. Huh, I guess that’s two things I contest.

    Either way, his tie sure as hell better be red!

  26. That was a fun article, but I think you would have to put Aquaman in there.  Orange scale shirts NEVER go out of style.

  27. If only I could pull off the suited look.

  28. Supergirl looks good, but I need to see a little more "WHAT WHAT" and "HEY!" in her eyes.

  29. Nico Minoru would make my list.

  30. Has Grant Morrisson been in a comic??  If so, he’s gotta be a contender…..

  31. Aw man, @DeadlyFoe, I gotta argue with the Jay Garrick call. Don’t ask me why, but that is one of the all time classic costumes, in my opinion. I mean, how does that helmet even stay on when he’s running at superspeed! It’s stylish, AND it makes ya think.

    Also, I think that the Hulk should win some kind of participation trophy. Admittedly, purple pants aren’t the high end of fashion, but just look at his consistancy. EVERY TIME he transforms he’s got a fresh pair, properly sized and ready to rip just enough to give him that rugged edge. That, friends, is commitment to a look.

  32. Where’s Conan?

  33. Ampersand! Diapers never go out of style.

  34. Tough call with #1 or #2 really. Might hac given it to Dent though cause he can get highly creative with his suits sometimes.

  35. Cool.  Now do the 10 worst.


  36. @planetheidi I have already begun it 😉

  37. No one has mentioned Tawky Tawny yet…. That tiger pulls off a mean tweed jacket

  38. What? No Luke Cage? The dude went from "70’s Disco Pimp" to "Urban/Ghetto/Thug/Street Chic" to "Toned-Down Shaft Wannabe" to the present day "Always Shirtless with Extremely Tight Jeans While Carrying a Giant Chain as an Accessory." That man knows how to transform himself and really work a look… (I’m sorry, Mr. Cage. No one’s buying you’re street cred no matter how hard you try and push it. You’re still the guy who burst onto the scene wearing a bright yellow chest-baring disco shirt and metal headband. You will always be that guy. You may as well go back to that look and make the rest of us happy.)

  39. Also, I really really REALLY want to see Two-Face lounging around on one of his off days. Does he wear half and half Yankees and Red Sox t-shirts sewn together down the middle? Or Lakers-Celtics during the winter? (Or whatever the Gotham/Coast City equivalent rivalry is.) Which side of him gets which team? Does he have any pairs of half-jeans/half-Dockers? Or half-shorts/half-pants for those early spring "I can’t decide if it’s hot or cold out days?" And the possibilities for the kinds of hats he must own are endless… These are things I need to know.

  40. @lmiller31, you should probably commission some fanart of that. I literally "LOL"ed, and I do not take that acronym lightly.

  41. I agree with Doctor Nemesis… He barely inches out Elijah Snow for pulling off the white suit look.  But where’s the love for Jenny Sparks?

  42. I agree with the list for the most part, I think everyone should be moved down 1 place and the Jan the Wasp should be straddling the top.

  43. nice one, Molly!  I like Constantine’s style as well…

  44. If the world were soaked in psilocybin/LSD, I think Dr. Strange would be its fashion icon: a cape, a pedant, "pirate shirt" sleeves, tights, and a sash! Plus all those twirling Ditko details – that is one serious catwalk phenom.

  45. the fact that janet isn’t number 1, let alone omitted from the list entirely is a crime.

  46. No Spider Jerusalem?