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I’ve Got Voices In My Head

Listen up. Hear that? That’s the sound of comics being read aloud.

Comics Are Nice!

Friendly reminder: this is friendly. Come share the love!

Fixing DC’s Movie Universe

Krypton, we have a problem.

Hey Comics–Lighten Up, Already!

Thanks to Jason Aaron, Mike realizes that most of the books he’s reading are just kind of depressing.

Piracy: Is That Still A Thing?

Legitimate digital comics could not be easier to get. Did pirates give up, or just shut up?

Dinosaurs In Comics

Good comics millions of years in the making!

Your Four Dollars Hate

If you want people to stop asking about how degrading comics are to women, maybe you should try giving a different answer. Just once.

Big Brains In Comics

It’s OK to be smart.


Holy Bat-finales! Mike finishes up the Batman, Incorporated run and thinks about what a long, strange…and LONG trip it’s been.

Go £#€* Your Shelf

The phrase “shelf porn” is hereby banned, forbidden, and abolished.