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Own It, Nerd

You might as well be proud of your geekiness. Consider the alternative. A cautionary tale.

Comics Back Then: Simpler Times?

Times have changed and so have comics. How does a new generation of fans experience comics? Do they even care?

How Much Does Clark Kent Weigh?

More like Man of Lard, am I right?

Hype Works

No matter how jaded you think you are, there’s a reason the con announcements keep coming.

SDCC 2013: Road Trip! Songs to Play While On Your Way to Comic-Con

What’s a journey into the heart of darkness without some righteous tunes? Here’s my list of songs to play as your make your way to the biggest con of all.

Who Do You Want To Be Within DC?

Identity theft is a crime, but this is all just pretend.

SDCC 2013: A Hesitant Return

Mike takes a deep breath (and a few vitamins) and steels himself for San Diego Comic-Con 2013 while thinking a bit about some of the things that have made the event special over the years.

What Will We See At SDCC?

The daddy of all conventions is upon us, and the rumor mill is abuzz! Here are just a few of the blazin’ hot scoops headed your way. NEWS!

Comics and the Uncanny Valley

Real or unreal? That is the question. Why photorealistic art can make the experience of reading a comic a bit uncanny.

REVIEW: Superman: The Unauthorized Biography

Spoiler warning: eventually he loses the red shorts.