The iFanbase Twitter List

Inspired by the wide ranging discussion over on the Batman: Streets of Gotham #5 page, we thought it would be a good idea to make it easier for you, the members of the iFanbase, to keep in touch with one another, if you are so inclined.

Because all forward thinking members of the iFanbase are on Twitter, it’s high time you all got together on that fine service so that you all have somewhere else to talk about comics (or whatever) away from our prying eyes.

In case you aren’t following us already (and you really should be, that’s where we break a lot of iFanboy news, plus how else will you know what Josh’s is having for dinner or when I’m drunk?), here are the pertinent iFanboy Twitters:

Josh Flanagan
Conor Kilpatrick
Ron Richards
Gordon the Intern
Sonia Harris
Paul Montgomery
Jim Mroczkowski
Mike Romo

If you want to connect with members of the iFanbase, post your Twitter names in the comments below!


  1. @jmstump

  2. Thanks for posting this! I assume everybody knows these but new people come along all the time.

    Caroline = @madmarvelgirl

  3. Cant wait to see more tweets about Joshes mosquito problem! That insect fucked him up.

  4. @Rustyautoparts

  5. @forestjwp

  6. @kmalloy

  7. @Conor – Thanks for putting this together. Much appreciated.  

    I think magnum240 deserves credit for bringing this up in that thread.  He is @tomohara on twitter.

    I am @stuclach 

  8. @BZangers

  9. @JeffRReid

  10. @xomneon

  11. @tmacken

  12. @JesTr82

  13. On Twitter I’m @sigridellis

  14. I be @comicbookchris

  15. @lhkwok

  16. @ThePunisherMAX

  17. @helloimandrew

  18. @craigcpowell

  19. @WonderAli

  20. @GungaDin =)

  21. I’m @captain_primate

  22. @ixiGEORGEixi


    hit it!

  23. @spifferiferfied

  24. @DougStacy

  25. @luthor1

  26. @RoiVampire

  27. @hanknasserbakht

  28. @jgg0610

  29. @mikepgamer

  30. @daveashton

  31. @muddi900

  32. @piscespaul

  33. The One True Image Comics Pimp….


  34. @dezjoy

  35. @tomkaters

  36. kinda obvious, but @cylonpete


  38. @carypierce

  39. @jeffpomaybo

  40. @Woomer

  41. @briancbaer

  42. @gameredith

  43. @spastasmagoria 🙂

  44. @cmwnyc

  45. @JasonB35

  46. @mikeandzod21

  47. @JesseDoctor

  48. @alexferrer , but I post in portuguese, so… =)

  49. Wow, that took awhile, but I added everyone.  Except @gameredith who twitter can’t seem to find.  @tomohara for me

  50. @throughthebrush

  51. @TheBottomLine

  52. @wayne2001bc

  53. @thehorseman

  54. @jchristie

  55. @ottobott

  56. @wrater

  57. @jamiefs

  58. @gobo


  59. @mikegraham6, ‘natch

  60. @stephenmanzo

    kinda sounds like my username 

  61. @amirkat

  62. @jurassicalien

  63. @jxc

  64. @praxjarvin

  65. @NLNE

  66. @tomfitzpatrick

  67. @androidmoser

  68. @fwknight

  69. I’ll be the weird one that actually used my real name 😛


  70. @drakedangerz – Freak.

  71. @jamesgoux

  72. @deezer89

  73. Anybody else get some new followers due to this list and reflexively start to delete them as spammers? I was halfway through the motions before I thought, "Wait, these are REAL PEOPLE! They don’t want me to watch their Br!tney fuxxed videos!"

  74. @xebix

  75. @stustap

  76. @Woomer – I actually do want you to watch those videos, but that isn’t why I "friended" you.

  77. @stuclach – Don’t worry, we’ll work up to that.

  78. @SLockhart42

  79. @Diabhol (surprise!)


    And Conor, when *aren’t* you drunk? 




  80. @qtheillest

  81. @NextChamp

    Boy that’s a shocker isnt it?

  82. @roadcrew1

  83. @Bibble

  84. @tjwooldridge

  85. @postmoddiva

  86. @superjosh123

  87. @HerrStarr

  88. @fuso82

  89. @boscolicious and @comicsteacher

  90. @sociallyakwardnerd Just kidding its @ato220

  91. @ato220: Don’t use that name, I might need it in the future 🙂

  92. @DJSims

  93. @broderboy

  94. @EricEgan

  95. @erichulen

  96. @jing7wei

  97. @Nextchamp You’re right.  It’s not taken.  Is there such a thing as twitter user name squatting?  I could get a fortune for @sociallyawkwardnerd.

  98. @kyleudrea

  99. @livesayjd. Adding everyone now.

  100. @cyberauron

    So many new people…I may have to watch what i say now

  101. @pmc6284

  102. @tiocore (hahah this is awesome)

  103. @ivanctorres

  104. @ceekayell



    (It’s phonetic, see!) 

  105. @cjbabcock . This is a really good idea, kudos to whoever thought of it.

  106. @afburns here

  107. @lesknight

  108. @violetlantern

  109. @g0ofgnewt

  110. @liamtime

  111. @jdunbar

  112. @daccampo

  113. @HermitHomeboy

  114. @adrianzaslona

  115. @adamlott

  116. @jeffrey_b

  117. @mcbaker

  118. @vocaltic

  119. @carllee

  120. Possible new topic: iFanbase Google Wave list?  I finally got my invite, but don’t have anybody to Wave with!!  How about an iFanboy Google Wave on some topic..?  Anybody?

  121. @sampsag …. Oh and Jimski you really want to see this googlewave thing take off don’t you ?

  122. @kwisdumb

  123. @matt_haber

  124. @wade_wilson (don’t follow if easily offended or hate monkey jokes)

  125. I think I have carpel tunnel from adding all you bastards.




  127. @wildfire759

  128. @edward – Are you asking why I have carpel tunnel (because I was Ctrl+C’ing and Ctrl+V’ing my ass off) or are you asking why we would want a list for twitter (because it is a convenient place to chat that keeps us [occasionally] from hijacking threads here when something interesting comes up)? 

  129. @brainhound

  130. @Stucach: i just read comics. I don’t need to be involved with every other aspect of pop-culture that fits into that slightly geeky sub-category. It seems so self-limiting and myopic. (just my opinion, no offense intended to anyone)

  131. @edward – No offense taken.  I just see it as one more way to chat with friends and to keep track of what’s happening in the world I care about.  To each his own. 

  132. I’m @captds9e

  133. @smeeeeee

  134. @English1

  135. @dadandtheboy

  136. @yosoyju

  137. @steenar

  138. @haupt

  139. @Spliff_eoc

  140. @sinmuse

    You know, becase I care… about stuff

  141. @cenquist

  142. @johnvferrigno

    Yes, I’m the OTHER weird one who used his real name.

    Also, feel free to also add me HERE:


  143. @drdeaton

  144. @micahmyers

  145. @crippjsandman

  146. @jdfernandes

  147. @ealcantara

  148. @CRohling17



  150. @jediaxle


    wow this list grew fast

  151. @randolphmorley

  152. @ProjectX2

  153. @TimmyWood


  154. @gabeja

  155. @rjw3

  156. @MasterXell



  158. @clarkraykent

  159. @davidbcooper

  160. @ghetto_journo

  161. @pompster

  162. @hbkhumanity

  163. @siraim

  164. @ArchMerc

  165. @derrickplotsky – I swear I will update someday…

  166. @KreiderDesigns

  167. @charleneridley 

  168. @mikegraham6, I plugged in your name in Twitter and couldn’t find you.  What’s up???

  169. @JVBradley

  170. @webnet

  171. OMG. There are so many of them. I wounder how many people actually notice it. =( Here’s mine. @excalipoor that’s pretty much self explanatory. Think I can make this easier.

    If you google excalipoor, its basically all me. Glad I have a convinient scn.

  172. @jimehussey

  173. @Hazer_75

  174. @dwolkin

  175. @jamesmparr

  176. If anybody is intrested you’ll find me as @theswordisdrawn

  177. @MartGray

  178. @matti_k

  179. @WinTheWonderboy

  180. @JayStringer

  181. @acomicbookgirl

  182. @gregganderson

  183. @glnorwood

  184. @lrecio