We just received this cryptic teaser image from Marvel Comics:

Art by John Romita JR.

It came along with a quote from SVP Executive Editor Tom Brevoort:

The war is over, and the warriors return home, carrying with them scars of battle, both physical and mental. Now the cost will be tallied, the casualties buried and mourned, the rubble swept up and carted away. But the damage to our heroes isn’t easily repaired, the wounds not easily healed.  Decisions are made and lives are changed—can shattered heroes find renewed courage to go on?

What does it all mean? Is this what comes after Fear Itself? Check back here tomorrow, we should have more for you on this whole Shattered Heroes business.


  1. The coming storm? *sigh* I thought the “storm” was here. I guess Fear Itself is the lead in to ANOTHER event. Yay.

  2. Mopey Steve.

  3. Since Hulk lost job, Hulk really into TM now.

  4. How long did that so-called Heroic Age last? Marvel just can’t go a year without an event.

  5. I say this as a JRJR fan, but these kinds of static group shots are not his strong point.

  6. Shattered Heroes is probably just a 6-issue lead-in to the new status quo: Marvel Hobos!

  7. Do we know who the two guys by Spider-man are?

  8. Mental Scars. mostly from the post Fear Itself heroes asking themselves “What just happened? What was that about?”

  9. Who’s the dude with the lightsaber standing in front of fake-Thor?

  10. Fear Itself was pretty boring. This looks worse.

    Seriously, when is Marvel going to bench Bendis and Fraction and start letting Hickman, Gage, and Slott run the show?

    • Don’t forget DNA. Can you imagine how awesome the Marvel Universe would be with DNA running the show?

    • I’ve actually really been enjoying Bendis’ contributions to Fear Itself. Avengers and New Avengers have been my bright spots. As for Slott…no.

    • I agree. Bendis gets a lot of flak, but he can at least write some damn good tie-ins… now that might not sound like it’s saying much, but I find the majority of tie-ins by even the most accomplished writers to be terrible.

  11. From fear to depression. Things I always look for in my entertainment.

  12. Anybody notice that the guy in red armor in front of “Nu-Thor” is one of the guys from the Forgiven teasers?

  13. Can we give it up for the Hulk wearing some Mr. T style gold around his neck. I don’t know what happened to the Hulk. But with the long hair, the beard and now the chains… throw this man in a hawaiian shirt and you will have my all time favorite book.

  14. Are they all depressed because they have all been cut off at whatever disco they are in?

  15. Looks like the Avengers vs. Defenders Softball game was rained out to me.

  16. It would be awesome if Marvel could stop being so emo and depressing all the time.

  17. I think artists like the option of drawing Spider-Man in the FF get-up because it involves less detail (the lack of all the webbing).

  18. Why Hulk dressed like Mr. T?

  19. I wonder who the blacked out figure is behind Ironman.

  20. Brevoort is talking about what Fraction has done to the characters with Fear Itself right?


  21. Am I the only who when I look at this, the sad Peanuts music plays in my head like in Arrested Development?

  22. At this point Marvel is all one big event, there hasn’t been a break from one event or another since Civil War

  23. This is why I’ve dropped all Marvel except FF. They are called events because they are supposed to be special, this is just one long dragged out storyline. I’m sick of the constant tie ins and one shots

  24. What would you say these major events are analogous to in our world? Forest fires, a prison riot, a new flu outbreak, political insurrection, genocide, 9.0 earthquake?

    I ask because the difference between those events and a Marvel event like Fear Itself is that our events don’t seem to happen every year to the same people.

    If I were to make a recommendation for the future of Marvel events, it would be to rotate who the principle characters are. It’d be interesting if the next major Marvel event starred the Fantastic Four or the Defenders. This isn’t to say you wouldn’t have Iron Man, Captain America or Thor in the mix – just that they wouldn’t be center stage. Focusing these stories mostly on the Avengers time and time again is probably a major reason we complain about ‘event fatigue’.

    How awesome would it be if the stuff Hickman’s doing in FF turns into the next major Marvel event next summer?
    Or that the return of Jean Grey isn’t localized in X-Men but impacts the entire Marvel Universe (as well it should)?

    This would not only revitalize some the event book as a genre at Marvel but also give readers who elect to only read the event books a chance to explore another pocket of the Marvel Universe.

    I know it ain’t broke but nothing wrong with fresh coat of paint.

  25. “Fear Itself’ is the “Grounded” of the Marvel Universe.

  26. Why cant Fear Itself just be over with for good?

  27. I wonder if the main thing that gets shattered is the razor that tries to shave Hulk’s beard?

  28. I think the heroes in the picture are just as fatigued as we are by all the constant events. They look like “man, this last Fear Itself thing drained us, just let us go home and sleep, but no, another crisis on the horizon? when will it end?”

  29. I may be missing something, but why is everyone saying Shattered Heroes is an event. Couldn’t it be a branding like Initiative, Dark Reign, or Age of Heroes?

  30. Its funny to me with all the negative comments and complaining , but yet these events book keep selling so until that stops Marvel will keep doing them. As far as fear Itself i am enjoying them and the tie-ins. The one good comment on here is that Marvel shouldn’t focus on just the main avengers characters for there events.

  31. Fuuuuuuuuuudge guys this one looks serious!

  32. A good way to defeat the Hulk would be to suspend him by his hair like a piñata.

  33. Well they are doing an event for Spider-Man now, Spider-Island complete with a million tie ins of it’s own too! That should satisfy those of you who want events for characters other than Thor, Cap and Iron Man

  34. Spider-Island is kind of insane and fun to read so far though.

  35. Now that Daredevil is happy no one else can be happy.