FEAR ITSELF asks “Who Are The Worthy?”

Marvel released this teaser image to help promote Fear Itself, the next big event written by Matt Fraction with art by the amazing Stuart Immonen. The image below depicts Captain America (Bucky), Iron Man and…the Grey Gargoyle(?) all reaching for what looks to be a hammer, like Thor's Mjölnir, but it doesn't appear to be Mjölnir…


Fear Itself #1 comes out on April 6, 2011 and will be an oversized first issue at the price of $3.99.

I know we're all a bit skeptical of these type of events, but if this one's got Grey Gargoyle coming out of the gate to start, then it just may be my kind of event…


  1. Look, it’s obvious, this is all a ploy to get Grey Gargoyle or GG his own series. That or he dies. But one is bound to happen, and I know what I want. 

  2. I’m not even familiar with Grey Gargoyle. 

    I approach all events with the hope they pull it off, but I’m cautious enough to not get disappointed. 

  3. Don’t fuck with the Grey Gargoyle.

  4. I think this is going to be right up my alley

  5. “Hey, Immonen, fifty buck says you won’t put some obscure character on that FEAR ITSELF promo.”

    “You’re on!”

  6. That’s not Immonen, that’s Salvador Laroca.

  7. What gives it away is the “Salvador” name on the handle’s hammer. His name looks similar to “Immonen”. 😉

  8. @drake you just made me cry.  asshole:)

  9. if they do 4 issues like siege I am in, but anymore than that im hesitant.

  10. Looks like Eric Masterson’s hammer.

  11. crap. Does this mean the Thor .1 issue with Grey Gargoyle is a tie in to FI? DAMN YOU, MARVEL-RA!

  12. Wow. I forgot about Grey Gargoyle’s existence. 

  13. @4iiii  Siege was a resounding success in my book for that very reason! short & sweet would be nice

  14. @r3v  A pox on your house for that sir!  None shall forget about the villain who has the, the, the…uh, yes! the power to turn to stone by touch.  Now, what was his real name again…Damn, I forgot.

  15. here’s the thing. what you can’t see in that picture is that alice cooper is standing on the other side of the hammer. Grey gargoyle is simply down on he’s knees saying “we’re not worthy” over and over

  16. 4iiii@ so far Fear Itself has been announced as being a 7-issue mini. Is this correct, anybody? Sudafed messing with my head right now.

  17. Grey Gargoyle makes this a must-buy.  And he first appeared as a Thor villain so it’s not totally unreasonable for him to be there.  Or maybe he’s a new Thunderbolt.