FEAR ITSELF Again Asks “Who Are the Worthy?”

You might have seen the last Fear Itself teaser, with a mysterious hammer, and Grey Gargoyle of all characters.

This time we're looking at a different hammer, suggesting that this is a hammer based event, and ring based events have done so well in the past. We've got Juggernaut, and he's holding back Hercules, and Loki is aghast. It could also be a can of ham with a stick on it. I can't be sure.

Look for Fear Itself #1 out on April 6 for $3.99.


  1. I really like every promotional fear itself teaser i’ve seen. pumped for this event

  2. I think I missed something somewhere…. when was Herc brought back….. must be that Chaos War mini series that I haven’t been picking up.

  3. Hammer based event, nice. 🙂

    I hope Marvel will be sending mini hammers to all the comic stores, I need some more mini hammer in my life. And in this case, the hammer is most certainly not a penis. 

  4. Is this a MC Hammer based event?

  5. Herc’s a bottom?? Hawt!

  6. What worries me is that there has to be someone in the Marvel offices thinking “hey, the Sentry’s about due for a comeback.”

  7. those this mean marvel is going to start coming out with hammers like dc came out with rings??

  8. sorry DOES this mean marvel is going to start coming out with hammers like dc came out with rings??

  9. I hope it’s Thunderstrike’s hammer and the whole thing is a culling of the 90’s nostalgia characters.  Since they probably can’t kill more than one or two A-listers, something tells me I’ll get my wsih.  “Cybermancer…NO!!!”

  10. @Endlessw  If that is the case, you would have to admit that hammers are a lot cooler than rings.

    “I smite you with my colorful rings you bad boys!” I believe that is an exact line from the Blackest Night story.

  11. @dgazzuolo  Except that GL rings can make giant hammers.

  12. *Pft* CLEARLY the three of these guys are fighting over the hammer. There is no one “aghast” and juggy isn’t holding Herc back. Have thee not EYES??

  13. Hercules……That beard is glorious!!

  14. It looks like Loki is trying to catch something.. maybe someone threw the hammer at them all and this is the scene as the hammer landed short of them all. So, the question is who is throwing hammers? Is this a Marvel & Nintendo crossover?

  15. can i just point something out, it’s says “who ARE the worthy?” not “who is worthy?”

    it could mean there will be more than one dude ranning around with a thor hammer after the event is over

  16. I don’t think that’s Loki. I think it’s Balder. Loki’s helmet has horns.

  17. As its a marvel hammer based event I’m hoping that this brings the Everyman Avenger: Thunderstrike into the mix.

  18. @WilliamLund  Then he shouldn’t look so Lokish.

  19. @gOogfgnewt: it’s like the Thor corps worked hard and PLAYED hard too

  20. @g0ofgnewt  Who’s the 4th thor?  Beta Ray Bill, Normal Thor, Thunderstrike and…?

  21. Future Thor (Drago Ktor) from the 25th and a half Century!!!!

  22. Why does Juggy’s helmet look so weird?

  23. @conor  doh! Good point. You are like a ring wielder (not to be mistaken for a ring Wheeler – Captain Planet style)…clever and creative. Conor and DC 1 – Dom and Marvel 0

  24. @JAFlanagan  Are you saying all green-dressed Asgardians with crown-like headpieces look alike? 

  25. @WilliamLund  Yes. I am.

  26. The font makes me thing Fear Itself is a Wizards of the Coast expansion pack….

  27. *think waaahh

  28. Yeah these teasers are pretty much hinting at this is gonna be a Thor-related event.

  29. @TheNextChampion  Marvel did say that this was the Marvel U vs. The God of Fear, and Matt Fraction, the Thor writer, is writing it.

  30. @JAFlanagan you are totally right as identifying that character as Loki

    @WilliamLund Loki died in Siege and was resurrected as a tween who wears the costume you see there. He has yet to get the horns. http://www.majorspoilers.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/JIM622_cov_col1.jpg 

    also Balder is blue and purple 

  31. @conor: There are a ton of different God’s in the Marvel U. It could’ve been the Greek Gods too. (Isn’t Ares son the God of Fear too?)

    Although you’re right, I probably should’ve put two together with a THOR writer doing the event. 

  32. Listen: I don’t care what this is about.  Cyclops dressed as Magneto is badASS.  Win.

  33. @gobo According to Pet Avengers, Frog Thor is a “brother of the hammer.”

    Please let Juggernaut and Herculese be fighting for a tiny frog hammer.

  34. It’s an Asgardian croquet mallet. Apparently they are very competitive.

  35. I hope Juggernaut uses that hammer to beat the entire universe (including the idiots on this forum) into oblivion!!!!!!!!!  Have a Horrible Day!

  36. @Juggs666  Thanks! The Juggernaut would be so proud.