Teaser: Marvel NOW! Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan and Tony Moore Get Mouthy with DEADPOOL in November

No pretense of mystery on this latest Marvel NOW! teaser from IGN. This November, Deadpool gets a new attitude from comedian Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan, two of the writers behind Image Comics’ The Last Christmas. On art duties, the indomitable Tony Moore. Given the modifier and the creative team, we’re thinking there’s a humor angle.


  1. Tony Moore is awesome!!! The other two writers seem to be actors, not sure about that.

  2. Finally, new Deadpool writers! Way wore out his welcome roughly 10 issues into his run, so this is a MUCH needed breath of fresh air.

    I was hoping that Rick Remender was going to take over Deadpool’s solo series, since his take on Wade is only rivaled by Joe Kelly’s and Gail Simone’s. However, this is a much more interesting direction. Anyone who knows anything about Brian Posehn knows that he knows a great deal about comics, so I’m confident that he can write a great story about Deadpool that isn’t just gag after gag after gag (which is what the solo series has been). And Tony Moore…need I say more?

    • Need you say Moore?

      Sorry. I just had to.

    • I don’t think I would say Kelly and Simone in the same sentence. And I certainly wouldn’t leave out Fabien Nicenza.

    • Yeah, Cable/Deadpool was quite great until the last quarter or so of his run. That series’ Civil War tie in was the best thing to come out of that event aside from the Confession one-shot. I’d put Kelly and Simone over them, though, since there wasn’t a single bad issue in their runs.

  3. I just do not get the Deadpool love. He’s great in small doses, I suppose, like Uncanny X-Force, but I don’t understand the draw.

    • I don’t either, but putting Brian Posehn on writing duties will get me to check out the first issue, at least.

    • I agree. I don’t really know much about Deadpool outside of Remender’s X-Force, but Brian Posehn is a big draw for me.

    • He’s funny, violent and indestructable. He’s a nuanced character with limitless potential for emotional exploration (under the care of the right writer). His books never take themselves too seriously, unlike every other book on the stands.

      Also, y’know… Swords.

  4. I think these teaser “images” are really lame. But this is far and away the best one.

    I don’t read Deadpool in anything but UXF, and this won’t change that fact, but I’m really jealous that all you Deadpool fans get Tony Moore on your title. Enjoy, ya rat bastards!

  5. Nice. This is pretty sweet. I enjoyed a lot of Way’s run on ‘Pool. And he’s had a good long run – 50+ issues that’s 4 years worth. Always great to get new blood in the water. I’m guessing Moore will be 2 or three issues before moving on to something else, as per usual, unfortunately.

    The Last Christmas was hysterical, and I like the two writers from other comics and non-comics material as well. Posehn is a huge metal-head, so that’s always good.

  6. Tony Moore you say?
    This excites me.

  7. Like a casting director for a Marvel ABC or FX tv series in development hell — NEXT!

    Bring on the next announcement for Marvel Now! it is not a reboot (cough) Bullsh-t (cough).


    • I don’t really get your point. I suppose it could just be semantics, but a reboot means restarting continuity (which Marvel is not doing) and relaunch means starting a series anew with a new creative team. So it really isn’t a reboot and even if it was, so what? In the end, don’t we just want great books from great creative teams?

    • I like the Waid’s Daredevil & Hickman’s FF/Fantastic Four (sob sob it is ending). Deadpool is a literal joke of a character bring on the other “Now! BS announcement. I will try the book that features the return of Jean Grey & Avengers (just plain ol’ Avengers) since I am loosing FF books soon. When I watched the ifanboy video of Marvel EIC Axel Alanso my BS detector when through the roof.


  8. I doubt Tony Moore will stay on art for very long, but this is still awesome. Not sure about the writers though. Never heard of them.

  9. This might actually have me pick up a Deadpool series for once. Hopefully its good (fingers crossed)

  10. I really liked Gerry Duggan’s Infinite Horizon book. The artist was Phil Noto. Great Book. I might have to break my NO Deadpool stance and pick this up. I follow Duggan on Twitter and he is freaking hilarious.

  11. Posehn was on Mr. Show. That gives him plenty of cred. I may pick this up.

  12. Stoke for this. Fresh blood!

  13. BEST TITLE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Really? I have to buy a Deadpool comic now? Fuck….

  15. I actually enjoy Way’s writing, been a fan of it ever since “Ghost Rider”. And I’ve enjoyed most of his run on Deadpool, I don’t get all the hate thrown at him. Yes, his Deadpool is crazier than normal and the humor is really juvenile but i feel they work in the series and I enjoy it. I like Kelly’s,Simone’s, and Waid’s respective runs on the character too, but I like how this series has a mainly humorous and accessible bent. I’m proud to say I own all the issues so far of Way’s run and plan to finish it out. After that, I may drop the book. I don’t hate the new guys, and I’ll read the new first issue, but I plan on collecting more dc series and now I’m at a good stopping point with the only marvel series I’ve collected that’s been mostly good.

  16. I’m willing to give the first issue a try although I admit I’m not crazy for the writers. I like Brian Posehn but I don’t automatically think ‘wild/crazy character’ when you’re talking about a soft spoken comedian. (I know he’s into heavy metal and he does act weird in his stand up but he’s normally seen as a calm person)

    The artist though is a big surprise. Never would have thought a big name like Moore would do a ‘B’ book.

  17. I have heard Rob Liefeld is a super nice guy, but his response to this announcement really made me hate more than just his art. http://www.theouthousers.com/index.php/news/117158-rob-liefeld-calls-at-least-25-creators-marvel-d-list.html

    • This is why people shouldn’t put random thoughts on the Internet, never turns out well. Not defending him saying Joe Kelly, Mark Waid, and Gail Simone are D-list, but other creators have made some startling comments too. Bill Willingham comes to mind, along with editors in chief at Marvel and DC. Some people say really dumb things sometimes, as long as it’s not based on real hate or anything I try to ignore it.

  18. I’m excited for this run. With actual comedians writing it, it should be pretty funny and Tony Moore is an awesome artist