Marvel NOW! Kieron Gillen & Greg Land to Helm IRON MAN in November

Marvel unveiled this teaser logo today for the next addition to their Marvel NOW initiative. The Uncanny X-Men team of Kieron Gillen and Greg Land will reunite for what is almost certainly a new Iron Man title.

Unless…do we need to call Robert Kirkman? Because that implies an improbably massive paperwork mixup.

More details as they’re ironed out.


  1. Gillen deserves a better artist than Land.

  2. I might have to check this out.

  3. You would think that with all his money Tony Stark could buy a good artist for his comic.

  4. Half my face is grinning while the other is drooping significantly.

    Maybe it’ll be awesome…?

  5. I really hope that with the time & the opportunities that a new Iron Man title will provide will make Greg Land step up his game & possibly/hopefully, try to change his all too photo-realistic/unemotional style into a more tech based way. Even though Salvador Larocca also had some photo-realism in his work with Fraction, Land is that times 10 so I hope tht even though the book did have some photo-realistic art before this team starts that it won’t go overboard once we see issue 1. I also really do have high hopes for Gillen & think that he would be perfect for Tony. I also have just realized that this is the 2nd title in a row @ Marvel that Gillen has replaced Fraction (before Uncanny X-Men, now Iron Man). How interesting : )

  6. Out of curiosity, I notice every book Land does gets a HUGE amount of hate…of course its personal preference, and I happen to like Land’s art alot, especially the way he draws female characters…

    What is the reason for the Land hate, for my own learning? Is it his style? How he draws?

    • Generally, it’s his overuse of photo tracing / referencing.

    • It is probably better not to start that whole discussion up again here. Do a search either on this site or on the web in general you’ll find tons of examples and arguements.

    • And that he reuses a lot of the images he traces/references. Also, a lot of those reused pictures are clearly taken from pornographic images. One that comes to mind is a recent issue of Uncanny where Psylocke was supposed to by screaming in agony, but it looked a lot more like ecstacy.

  7. It could be Invincible Wolverine.

  8. im all in i love lands art im ready for the hate on that. and im a huge gillen fan. they have a lot to live up to. fraction larroca ironman run is epic

  9. I’ve been waiting for a new writer to come on to Iron Man. Not because I don’t like Matt Fraction, but I wanted to start from the beginning of someone’s run.

  10. I’m so torn on this Marvel NOW thing. On the one hand, some of it looks promising. But a lot of what marvel does are great concepts, that aren’t given enough time to be fully explored. If you change the status quo, leave it that way for a while and let your creators tell stories in that universe. Don’t keep changing it every year.

    I will probably end up dropping a few of the Marvel books I am reading now. I actually don’t have the greg land hatred that a lot of people do, but I haven’t really been exposed to much of his art. What i have seen, I’m not particularly a fan of, but it wouldn’t make me drop a book. I’ve been reading iron man for 30 years, so that’s one I will most likely keep getting. But every uninspired Marvel book I drop from my pull list is another spot for one of the great books Image is putting out these days…..

  11. At least I have a definite jumping off point. Land is toxic.

  12. So X-Men will be safe to read again. Thanks Marvel.


  13. this news does nothing for me personally but im confused as to why they dont release all the new Marvel Now titles already and get it over with like they did with the New 52 lineup. Its kinda hard to get excited for this when majority of the titles theyve announced so far im not intrested in.

  14. I jumped off Iron man when Fear Itself stared. I’m not going to lambaste Land, but I don’t think I’ll be picking this book after the switch.

  15. It’s very odd that Kieron Gillen appears to be following around Matt Fraction books like a pilot fish. He took over Uncanny from him, he writes a companion book to Fraction’s Thor after being essentially demoted for Fraction and now he appears to be inheriting Iron Man from him. It’s a very definite pattern at this point. Not a yay or nay, just a curiosity.

    But egads, what exactly does Greg Land have on Marvel editorial that he is still getting work after years of being lambasted and tons and tons of evidence that he’s not just traced images but lifted them almost completely without revision.

  16. We get to see if non X fans are willing to put up with Land for Gillen’s goodness.

  17. Gillen already knows how to make a Land book not quite as Land’ish (have him draw crazyness and not humans) so I’m on board.

  18. Oh, thank goodness! I was so worried that Tony & Pepper wouldn’t be traced from famous people and I wouldn’t be able to recognize them!

  19. ………..yawn………..

  20. Greg Land ensures that I will continue not reading Iron Man.

  21. I’m glad that I will be leaving after Fraction & Larrocca’s run is finished, they’ve done such a great job & deserved their Eisner, but there is no way that I would touch anything by Gillen or Land, no thanks!

    Goodbye Tony I guess I’ll see you in Hickmans Avengers.

  22. People can’t complain too much about Land being on this book. Larroca has been using photo reference on that book for years. The subtext of Marvel NOW has always been that Marvel was redistributing their writers and artists from the main books. seems like a sensible fit… Maybe Josh Holloway can keep his Tony stark job.

  23. Wait, so we won’t be treated anymore to Larroca’s photo traced Josh-Holloway’s-Sawyer-from-Lost-as-Tony-Stark any more? Say it ain’t so!

  24. Marvel! Now! Reboot! Now!

  25. Well, I cant say I’ll be sad to see Gillen leave Uncanny X-Men….assuming there still will be an Uncanny X-Men. Actually, will there? As for Land, I dont hate him with the vengeance that many here do but I stopped reading comics between 2004-2011 so I guess I missed most of his work on Marvel books. Gillen hasn’t interested me at all on Uncanny.

    I wonder where Larrocca (sp?) will go now?

  26. Greg Land in Iron man… that may be terrible, but better than it was on the x-men, surely…

  27. I’m not sure what the big deal is about photo referencing. Norman Rockwell ALWAYS painted from photographs. Rockwell would pose photos and then paint them. Rockwell’s artistic reputation is currently soaring, and his canvases are selling for millions.

    I worry a bit about Kieron Gillen, though. I find his writing to sometimes be rather cutsie, or clever for the sake of being clever without much emotional heft.

    • The difference is that Rockwell didn’t trace from Life Magazine.

    • Avatar photo tripleneck (@tripleneck) says:

      Also, I think a lot of artists use photos for reference, but the chain for an artist of Rockwell’s talent goes something like this: photo-artist’s eyes-artist’s brain-artist’s hand-pencil-on paper= drawing. What I think people are objecting to is photo tracing which is a chain something like this: photo-overlayed with tracing paper-artist traces image=drawing. Sometimes a lightbox or a projector is used instead, I understand.

    • I’d suggest you pick up an art history book and read some essays about why Rockwell was a great artist. I’d bet you’ll find it has almost nothing to do with how he posed or photographed the models he used. There is a lot more going on in those paintings than just surface. His work endures for reasons past the the technical execution.

      my biggest problem with land’s work is that its mostly vapid rendering. There is all this emotion and expression with absolutely no life or authenticity behind it. Its so robotic and mechanical. The fact that half his stuff is based on pornographic imagery makes it even worse.

  28. Marvel puts out so many series I don’t read. Could Land be on one of those? He’d be PERFECT for….

    • What I meant to say was I wish Greg Land would move to one of the many titles I don’t read – rather than from one I do read to another I WAS going to read. I no good with talk.

  29. After reading all the hate on Land, I had to google him to see what all the fuss is about. Wow. Really, wow. How does he get away with it?

  30. Such a shame.

    Kieron Gillen isn’t a name I normally associate when thinking about Iron Man. But he could bring a lot of unique stories to Stark we haven’t seen before.

    Then I see Greg Land and I’m instantly off this book. This was a rumor for a while but now seeing Land on this book I can’t recommend enough that people avoid this book. We need to let Marvel know we won’t stand for a lazy, talentless hack ‘drawing’ a major comic book. I get artist use photo referencing all the time but there’s ‘photo referencing’ and outright tracing figures onto a page. Why Marvel can’t find a good mix of creators for Iron Man, the character responsible for giving them millions of dollar in revenue thanks to the movies, is beyond me.

  31. Look, Greg Land can trace porn stars til the cows come home for all I care. But, man, while you’re at it could you take some time to trace a goddamn background or two? How about, like, a tree? Or a building? Or even a source of light? Can we work that in among all the Lady Pouty Faces?

  32. Well here is a book i won’t pick up. Damn Land.

  33. Wow! People really hate Land!

    And also, just for the record, I really hate Land