Teaser: Marvel NOW! The “Indestructible” Mark Waid & Leinil Francis Yu to HULK-Out in November

Today’s word of the day from Marvel NOW! is “Indestructible.” So remember: Whenever you hear the word  “Indestructible” or the names “Mark Waid” or “Leinil Francis Yu” let out a big scream! Or a roar. Or clap your hands together and create an explosive sound wave. The term and its color should’ve tipped you off to the identity of Waid and Yu’s next project, but if that hasn’t done it, there’s confirmation on Twitter.

Oh, and don’t worry about Daredevil. Waid also confirmed he has no plans to exit that fan favorite title, especially with Chris Samnee on board. The writer also promised “humor,” “peril” and “Frost Giants.”

And here’s that teaser from the fine folks at CBR.


  1. I cannot wait to see Waid’s take on Hulk.

  2. I wonder if most of the titles from Marvel with this new starting point (or whatever you want to call it!) will be priced at $2.99 like DC did. Wishful thinking I bet!

    • I’d hope so, but i was thinking probably $3.99 with a free digital download code.

    • At SDCC, I remembering hearing at the Cup o Joe panel that all of the Marvel Now titles will include a digital code. I’m hoping that it’s $2.99 as well…

    • I personally don’t mind. Comics have been $3.99 for over a year now and I’ve accepted that. If the stories great, then they’ll get my money.

    • i hate the $3.99 price point, but i’ve come to realize thats what it is. I’d rather pay $3.99 for one great book, than read a whole bunch of mediocre $2.99 ones. That being said, 3.99 books are on a short leash with me and i’m likely to chop it very fast.

      End of the day, my cash and time budget is capped, so its all about fitting things in.

    • With all this being said and me agreeing with you guys on having to cut books due to budgetary reasons and 3.99 and double shipping along with that sometimes to be a factor how much would everyone say they spend a month on their books???

      I personally try not to exceed $100 a month

    • nope, gladly pay $3.99 for a title WITH the digital code. I travel a lot on business to Bermuda and it sure is convenient to read them on my transformer prime.

      DC is the one doing it ALL wrong, you have to pay $2.99 TWICE to get a digital code and you get TWO comics, much prefer the one comic at the $3.99 pricepoint! I have been noticing that a lot of the mainstream comics in Marvel are now $3.99 with a free code. I seal the comic after getting the code, I do miss the AR stuff though, wish I didn’t need the comic for that, less handling 🙂

    • The whole $3.99 with digital code is cool and all, but what about the people that already buy digitally? I personally buy all my comics through comixology on the IPad and it’s ridiculous that I have to pay an extra dollar just for some gimmick that has no effect on me. In my opinion, the people that already buy it digitally should get a dollar off, but that probably won’t happen.

    • One thing I appreciate about DC, which I wish Marvel would do on Comixology is drop their prices $1 after a month. I think almost every publisher drops their price after a month. Even Darkhorse Digital.

      That being said, I’ll pay $3.99 since it comes with the code, and Hulk is my favorite character. I can still get a discount at my LCS.

  3. Probably as big as an announcement as Aaron & Ribic on Thor. Some incredibly talented teams so far.

  4. This is cool, but was REALLY hoping for Waid to be on the new CapAm. “Man Out of Time” is one of the best Captain stores of all time – maybe THE best.

  5. I’m a really happy Hulk fan this morning. I can’t wait for November. I’m wondering what type of ride Waid will take us on. I loved Irredeemable and currently love Insufferable. What incarnation of Hulk will we see? Looking at the promo-art, the Hulk was wearing some sort of high tech purple armor. I bet that is significant. I’d like to see a version closer to the movie. As long as Hulk isn’t donning a pony tail and glasses. Time for me to revisit Ultimate Hulk vs Wolverine to look at Yu’s art.

  6. yessss ive hated aarons run on hulk this excites me

  7. i’d be willing to try this. If Waid can make the Hulk fun, like he did with Daredevil, i’m so down.

  8. Now I have an excuse to read a Hulk title. I seriously can’t wait to see how Waid pulls it off.

  9. Shut up and take my money! 😀

  10. Between Jeff Parker and Mark Waid the Hulk corner of Marvel is in good hands.

  11. I love the current Daredevil run so I will check this out.

  12. Waid’s already been Incorruptible and Irredeemable…makes sense for him to be Indestructible also!

  13. im actually starting to enjoy alot of these marvel now announcements for the new creative teams on books Which is a good thing i was worried about the stupid name for marvel now

  14. eh. Not reading Hulk. This announcement does not change that for me. I like Yu’s work.

  15. Mark Waid is awesome! I can not wait to read this book 🙂

  16. I’m excited for this book, but I was also excited for Aaron’s run. I’m taking the abused spouse role on the Hulk from now on.

  17. So, Waid is writing a book about an armor wearing Hulk and his tiny SHIELD robot companion? Sound alot better than what that Marvel NOW teaser promised now that Waid is attached. I can see Yu pulling off that Hulk look.

  18. I’ll buy this just because Waid and Yu is on this. I have very little interest in hulk, probably because I’ve never read anything with him as the sole character. But if theres one creative team that can get me interested, it would be this one.

  19. Two of my favourite creators. I’m in!

  20. Just when I think I’m done with the Hulk…

  21. I love seeing the creative team behind Superman: Birthright reunite for who may arguably be the Marvel equivalent of Superman in the sense of super strength and as the titles suggests “indestructibility.” Can’t wait!!! : )

  22. love this I like waid and the hulk,But don’t know if i can afford it.Only problem is i fear matt fraction will get captain america and that makes me sad because i wanted waid to get cap.

    • remender jr jr is the rumor fraction larroca on ff

    • If Fraction takes over Cap I might use Marvel Now! as my jumping off point of an over 300 issue run I’ve collected. I would rather have Bunn than Fraction. If its Remender I’ll piss my pants with excitement and if its Bendis and Maleev I might die of joy.

  23. So is Bruce Banner the Hulk again? Will he be for this?

  24. im not much of a hulk fan but i love me some mark waid writing

  25. like Hulk. like Waid. dislike Yu.

  26. Sounds good to me. Yu draws a great Hulk.

  27. For the first time I can actually say I am stoked at a Marvel comic. This is a fantastic choice and this new series could have the potential to be Marvel’s best series. Funny how Yu is doing this series considering I got into his artwork thanks to another Hulk series; Ultimate Hulk vs Wolverine.

    So now I’m buying three series from Marvel with Hickman’s Avengers books and this….and add Daredevil to the mix to make it 4 full titles. Let’s keep this up.

  28. Has anyone heard any Spiderman news? Is Slot leaving?

  29. loving Waid’s work on daredevil so will check this out. my 2nd Marvel book.

  30. Hell yes to Yu! One of the most talented comic artists to ever walk this earth.

  31. I like Waid on the book but Yu’s artwork leaves me kind of cold…I will pick it up regardless…

  32. I TRULY want this, but I’m gonna go out a limb here and say that YU only stays on for the first 6-8 issues. Sad because comic books are awesome, but they would be better if done like Euro-graphic albums so we get consistent creator work. Don’t get me wrong some artists/writers can stay on a schedule, and far be it from me to criticize because people have lives and what not. It just gets annoying when you get great work from a team, only to have it last maybe 3-4 issues.