TEASER: Death of Spider-Man?!

You may have seen this image swinging around the interwebs this morning…

It's the cover of Marvel Previews for February 2011. According to reports, Marvel is being very tight-lipped about this. Which means one thing: SPECULATION GALORE! So what are you thinking, iFanbase?

For more Spidey-related news, check out the Word Balloon interview with Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott.


  1. I am really excited about the whole concept.

  2. Sign me up! Marvel has been kicking ass with spidey lately so this isn’t just some stunt to boost sales. Probably means they have a really good story. or hey it could be both. I trust marvel with spidey these days. they know what whey’re doing

  3. Thoughts: Death of a spider, man. In the issue sleeping Peter inhales one of the eight spiders that the average human is said to ingest in their lifetime… the issue continues.

  4. Spider-Man is dead.  LONG LIVE THE SCARLET SPIDER!

  5. do it, they killed cap, they kill hawkeye….just kill spider man and bring him back when the movie launches

  6. Couldn’t someone simply make a deal with the Devil to bring him back?  Isn’t there a character in Spiderman’s life that likes making deals with devils?  I can’t recall.

  7. @Ruo21: HaHaHa! I hope that’s it. Now anything else will be a disappointment.

    I haven’t read Spidey in years, but I guess Marvel’s due for an A-List death. It’s been a while since Cap.

  8. Hey, it’s just an announcement for the One More Day TPB…

  9. Are DC and Marvel unable to kill big characters without spelling it out months in advance that they’re doing it? Don’t provide examples that are counter to this statement;)

  10. Peter Parker lives through this storyline, only to return as the fabled hero Man-Spider!

  11. Does anyone else find it kinda weird that this is essentially a preview of a book that consists of nothing but previews for other books?

    Still, kudos to Marvel’s marketing department for giving people two extra weeks to talk about this storyline instead of just releasing MARVEL PREVIEWS on November 24th as scheduled.

  12. @s1lentslayer: Yes. Because after decades of death as a gimmick in comics, they’re well aware that none of us believe our beloved heroes will stay dead. So they build it up for months because they know that we’ll buy it. Death sells. It’s business.

    Suprise deaths have their place (your Sue Dibnys, Nightcrawlers, etc.), but they’re typically used to add impact to a big event, not sold as the event itself.

  13. if there is one thing in comics deserving of the phrase "meh" its the announcement of a contrived and expected killing of a major superhero to boost sales publicity stunt. 

  14. Reading these comments is like watching that episode of the Simpsons where Lisa proves a hamster is smarter than Bart. Just keep grabbing that electrified cupcake.

  15. Spider-Man’s long forgotten enemies, Rolled-Up-Magazine and Terrified Housewife team up; the penultimate two-page splash page is grotesque and reminiscent of Picasso.

  16. I dont understand why everyone is so happy about killing him off because he is one the characters they will defiantly bring back in less than a year and that kind of crap is what I cant stand about the mainstream marvel & DC universe. Just seems that no matter who they kill off, somebody will sacrifice a rotten cabbage to a platypus god and abbra caddabra they are back from the dead for the 500th time. Dead should mean dead as in permanently gone, dont do it unless you mean it because this cycle is getting old and meaningless to me.

  17. <YAWN> … Are they seriously out of new/good ideas?

  18. Dont get me wrong I love marvel comics and the stories are mostly awesome. However I just despise this whole death and rebirth thing they like to do every year or so.

  19. @thompsonlive: So Marvel’s going to "defiantly" bring him back to life? In defiance of what? Readers who refuse to accept that this is part of the industry?

    Temporary "death" has been part of comics for a long, long time. It’s way past time to embrace it and move on. If you don’t want to read it, don’t buy it. Plenty of people will, and Marvel will make boatloads of cash. It’s the way it goes.

    Also, I would totally read a comic where somebody sacrifices a rotten cabbage to a platypus god to bring back a hero. That’s good comics. 

  20. I’ve been loving Spidey stuff as of late so I’m in.

     At least as long as he doesn’t "die", build up a caccoon around himself, actually end up in a comatose state, have some bizzare acid trip visions of spider-totems, then get reborn with stingers in his arms and new powers. 

    That would be just silly.

  21. This pisses me off to high-heaven.  I can’t even enjoy Big Time for one day without them ruining it with DEATH OF SPIDER-MAN!   What the hell!

  22. @WheelHands my bad on the typo I meant to say "definitely" not "defiantly". 

  23. @BizDaddy: LOL … indeed!

  24. I want to like spider-man, not sure if this is helping or not

  25. @thompsonlive: Oh. HaHa! I’m way too literal. Now get working on that rotten cabbage platypus story. I want a first draft by christmas.

  26. Suuurrre he will. (wink, wink)

  27. Marvel doesn’t have the balls to do it permanently. Let Tomino Yoshiyuki write it and you can bet it’ll be definite. Hell, he’ll probably kill Mary Jane, Jameson, Aunt May and anyone the audience cares about while he’s at it.

    He’s good like that.

  28. Spider-Man is no more! He moves to Mexico and becomes known as Hombre Araña!


    maybe it’ll be a Bob Newhart situation (spoiler alert!) where he wakes up in the last scene and realizes his entire show was a dream.

    i also vote for rotten cabbage sacrificed to a platypus story.  

  30. He’ll get killed somehow and the "web" of time/destiny/exhistance will be out of "sync" and hell will regurgitate him. You heard it here first! hahaha.

  31. That Wacky Joe Q is at it again!  That scamp.

  32. Heaven**…. No way Spidey goes to hell lol.

  33. Kill the basatard!

  34. Didn’t JMS do something like this in the other story arc?

  35. @oopsxlandmine can you make a deal with the Devil and NOT go to Hell?

  36. @mikeandzod21  He didn’t make the deal, Mary Jane did. So she’s totally going straight to hell unless she does some heavy redemption

  37. I’m kind of speechless, I know they’re not actually going to kill spider-man but man this news gave me a bit of a jolt.

    Maybe Spidey, the thing, ghost rider, and Iron fist will be framed for a crime they didnt commit and travel across the country in a van. or something

  38. If he doesnt go back in time because of this I will be very upset

  39. @mikeandzod21
    if you promise him someone more valuable perhaps? And i actually hope they don’t do the mephisto thing. And if they do… Thor can just bash his way in there a save him.

  40. Is there any chance this is referring to Ultimate Spider-man?

  41. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…this was predictable and inevitable. "The House of Hack Ideas."

  42. Three years fo good stories during BND buys Marvel the benefit of the doubt to an extent, but it doesn’t negate 15 years of dropping the ball with Spidey.  I will proceed with caution.

  43. @Neb – I’d read a Man-Spider book written by Dan Slott.  I bet that book would be awesome.

  44. Hopefully Peter will just top himself and put us all out of our pain. There’s a nice symmetry to the story there

  45. I don’t get why people get so angry about the death system in comics. Death and rebirth has been essential to comics for years. We don’t even know what is going to happen yet, so before cursing this arc to inifinte hells, lets see what happens first.

  46. I haven’t picked up the first issue of Big Time yet, all this has made me think is why bother? I doubt it’s a "death" in the way Cap or Batman died, but if it is I’m out. Spider-man is my favourite character but I dropped the book earlier in the year because Peter wasn’t being Peter. I thought I’d try again with Big Time but if Peter’s not even being Spider-man, I’ll save the money or go pick up some trades.


  47. here’s how the marvel universe will actually respond on an emotional level if spider-man dies – "what’s a lost…. well, i suppose it was bound to happen. i mean, the guy had issues. aspergers or something. Seriously, he should have asked for help… what a sad, tragic weirdo" 

  48. C’mon folks, we don’t even know what this means. I’ll bet good money this isn’t at all what we think it’s going to be. Don’t judge a book based on a three word teaser.

  49. What they are going to do is shoot him back in time, then let him return through time with different takes on the character, no wait they are going to shoot him with a special gun and dislodge in time only to be brought back juuuuust in time. No wait, they are going to kill him off and then bring him back with more "spider like" powers! Scrath that, already been done. Maybe he and Dr. Brown Connors are going to make a time machine and go back in time and then Marty Peter can get wrapped up in all kinds of comedic situations. Whoa this is heavy.

    I dont read ASM but on Connors POW he convinced me to give it a try. I picked up Big Time today, too late to return it?

  50. the negativity is too damn high

  51. This is dark. Somebody… turn off the dark!

  52. These pretzels are making me thirsty!!

  53. Im not keen on killing peter off, but if he got possessed by the venom symbiote and becomes a villain for a bit that would be cool and have spider-girl take over Amazing spider-man (changing it to amazing spider girl) like they did in incredible herc. I think this would be a good way to go with it.

  54. Marketing ploy pure and simple, it’s just a promo to get people talking about the book. By the looks of it it’s working

  55. I love how people constantly complain about comics doing one of the things that define their genre.

    Here is the main "problem" with comics: there is no third act to the story. After the initial set-up of a character, we just get never-ending second act. Spider-Man’s story is never going to "end.’ Spider-Man, as a character, is never really going to change much. he has basically been the same character for the last 60 years. 60 years from now, he will still be pretty much the same. You can’t make any kind of lasting change to a character who stars in a comic book, month after month, year after year, decade after decade. The problem that causes is that change, which is the essence of writing in which great stories depend on, can not occur. So how do you tell a compelling story when their is no end and no change is allowed? You need to do other things. things that comics have been doing pretty much since their inception. One of those things is to "kill" characters and bring them back.

    It has always happened in comics. it will continue to happen in comics for as long as they exist. If you hate it THAT much, comics might not be the medium for you. It would be like continually going to the circus and complaining their were a bunch of clowns and acrobats there. It’s not like this is a new development. Comics have ALWAYS been like this. They always will be. Either accept it and just enjoy them for what they are, or try to find a medium that is more suited to your personal tastes. 

  56. Amazing Spider-Man is that one book that one book I’ll always buy no matter what.  I’ve read the book pretty continuously since Mcfarlane’s Torment.  I hate the hero death thing, especially with Spidey but it is what it is.  Kinda ready for Joe Q. to change jobs though.  Not that it’s all his fault or anything, I’d just like some new direction that I was originally excited about "Big Time" for, kind of cooled on that with this news. I think Dan Jurgens really got the mileage out of Superman dying.  Not sure it’s really worked since.  I’m not complaining about killing characters off, I just hate that they are involving my favorite character.  Makes it personal.

  57. I’ll only believe it if somehow Marvel got the rights to Hokuto No Ken/Fist of the North Star and had Kenshiro guest star in that issue.

    Peter Parker vs. Kenshiro!

  58. I would laugh if on the first page Parker was dead.

    Kenshiro: Omae Wa Mou Shinderou.

  59. Kill Peter and I’m officially done with Marvel.

  60. Spidey fakes his death, and moves out of New York

    ASM is now about Peter’s road trip across Europe trying to find himself

    might be cool

  61. @Mangaman – Kenshiro’s fist is mighty, but don’t count out Spidey! Ken is a good go-to badass, but unfortunately Ken and Spidey both need oxygen to live. So lets hope none of those planet-destroyer types like Vegeta get caught up in this crossover!

  62. I think Spiderman should be arrested, and on the day of his trial, someone should shoot him in the back when about to enter the court house.  Oh wait that already happened to someone…

  63. tbh death in comics is a joke people only die to be brought back a year later then theres always alternate universes the beest deaths in comics are close friends loved ones family eg robbin although i am interested to see how marvel handels without their biggest name. Just my opinion 🙂