Should Jean Grey Come Back?

I spend a lot of time thinking about the X-Men. More time than is probably healthy. And one of my favorite mutants is Jean Grey. So even before Marvel gave us an image to speculate over, I was already thinking about what would happen if Jean came back.

Jean Grey as The PhoenixWhat initially got me thinking about it was reading the Phoenix Rising collection, which cobbles together the mish-mash of issues that cover Jean Grey’s return after her death in the Dark Phoenix Saga. Jean’s return “happens” over two issues: Avengers #263 and Fantastic Four #286, and then she’s off to the races in the all new X-Factor. Two issues. That’s it. I mean, you could kind of call it cross-over, but it was a non-event.

I couldn’t help but think how brilliant it would be if that happened now. Imagine reading an issue of Avengers one month and BAM! Jean’s back! A genuine, out-of-the-blue surprise. But comics don’t work like that anymore. Readers have access to solicits three months out. Publishers release vague teaser images to generate buzz and sell more books. Nothing, especially something as big as a character returning, is a surprise.

As you can probably tell from the title, the recent X-event Schism has left the merry mutants split into two camps (Team Cyclops and Team Wolverine, as I call them). An ideological difference turned into a physical brawl between Scott and Logan has caused the rest of the X-Men to pick sides. IF Jean were to come back now, she’d find Scott politically in bed with Magneto and literally in bed with Emma Frost. I can’t imagine her being too pleased about that. While back in Westchester she’d find Logan, along with Bobby, Warren, and Hank, at a school bearing her name.

Bringing Jean back in the next year could be a very compelling story. At the time of her death in New X-Men, things were pretty rocky with her and Scott, and she’d be coming back to a divided mutant community. While it would definitely be interesting to see which side of the Schism Jean would choose, I think having her act as the catalyst that brings the teams back together would be a stronger story. It’s a task that only Jean Grey could accomplish, and it would be much more original than just having them all reunite to find some big, world-threatening force.

The timing is also right. There were six years between the end of the Dark Phoenix Saga and the start of X-Factor. This time around, Jean’s been dead since 2004–well, 2006 if you count Phoenix: Endsong. That’s eight (or six) years, practically a generation in terms of comics.

So do I think they’re bringing Jean back?

Honestly, as much as I’d love to see it, I think the “It” that’s coming is the Phoenix Force via Hope Summers. They’ve been dropping hints and laying the ground work for Phoenix Hope for a while now. We’ve seen a lot of fire in Hope’s eyes, and Scott has been keeping a particularly close on on her for signs of the “city in Arizona”.

Hope SummersThere are quite a few ties between Hope and the bramble that is the Summers-Grey family tree. Her surrogate father was Cable – the son of Scott Summers and Jean’s clone Madelyne Pryor. And Hope was born in Alaska, home to three generations of the Summers family and the same place Madelyne was “born”. It’s also where Mister Sinister has worked his special brand of manipulation on the breeding habits of the Greys and Summerses. Sure Alaska’s a huge state, but there are no coincidences in comics. We’ve already seen previews of Sinister in the new Uncanny X-men. I have a feeling his long-time plans to create the strongest mutant are going to manifest with Hope Summers.

Of course, the teaser could also be something completely different. Conspicuously absent from the list of creators in the image is Kieron Gillen. I know Marvel is plugging their boy band the Architects, but it’s extremely odd that the current writer of Uncanny is not listed on a promotion for what will most likely be a huge event for the X-Men. Could Marvel be doing a comic adaptation of Reign of Fire? It’d be awesome but somehow I don’t think so.

Were I the gambling type, I’d put money on the Phoenix Hope theory – it’s got the best odds. But getting Jean Grey back is still nice to think about. How about you guys? I’m sure you’ve got theories, so have at it in the comments.


  1. I’m not against the idea of bringing Jean back, but I’d need to feel there’s a pretty good answer to “and then what?” As much as I love the X-Men, the weight of their history and continuity is getting extremely heavy.

    While I don’t think Marvel needs (or is currently planning) a line-wide reboot, I think the X-Men could use a third act and an ending right about now, to pave the way for a totally fresh start. And I say that as someone who really likes and is well-versed in X-history.

  2. Dear God, why has there not been an adaption of Reign of Fire?
    I never realized I needed this in my life until just now.

  3. Short answer: No.

    Long answer: The whole Phoenix plot continued to shadow and harangue the X-Men for years after it should have been completed. Jean is the only significant link to that relic. If you have a Big Ass Gun ™ in your plot and you don’t use it, the audience will call bullshit on you every time. The Phoenix is, in comic book terms, pretty near the top of Big Ass Guns. Thus the X-Men basically become about the Phoenix and Jean Grey in this repetitive, uninteresting cycle. Sort of like the mid and late 90’s. I am not interested in continuing the Jean Grey saga and her return would just be a prelude to another 2 or 3 years of Jean focused stories. No thank you, ma’am.

    • Agreed. Even Jean suffers from this. Does anyone have a firm grasp of her personality other than “Occasionally she gets mad and blows up a planet” anymore? I don’t see a point in bringing her back.

    • @zombox: you totally nailed it. Unfortunately, it’s most likely going to happen anyhow. That doesn’t preclude it from being done well….

  4. They kinda have to. Its polybagged, spoiled on USA today before shops open, event money on the table for the taking.

  5. They’ve done so much buildup with the Hope storyline that it makes sense it would NOT be Jean. Also, Rachel Summers is floating around these days too. Too many Summerses, if you ask me.

  6. No Jason Aaron in the solicit either, I noticed. I’d like to see Jean Grey’s reaction to Hope. She could align with her (and Cable’s coming back this year as well I guess) and form a new X-Team (separate from Teams Wolverine and Cyclops), the Phoenix Force (with Rachel Summers to boot). Okay, I may’ve just gone off the rails there.

    For those of who spend a lot of time thinking about the X-Men, I co-run a podcast called Danger Room. Check us out!

  7. I think Jean is better dead. She’s a more powerful story device when she’s not actually on the page. She makes the relationships between Scott-Logan-Emma-Rachel-Warren-Bobby-Hank-etc. more interesting as a memory. That being said, the talent involved makes the project all the more interesting. As I noted on another thread, the presence of multiple writers could present a event format that is more appealing to readers as a whole, who may or may not care for each individual talent.

  8. I would gladly of course love Jean to come back. 8 years too long, man. Maybe instead of bringing Schism together, maybe she makes it worse? Maybe it’s BOTH Hope and Jean, and Hope has to BATTLE Jean or something.

    I have been wishful thinking for her to come back forever.

  9. Great article, and I would be in this conversation if I could have it without swearing at people. (Don’t worry, I can’t and I won’t.)

    But I think Ali’s right. This is a misdirect, and it’s going to have nothing to do with Jean Grey.

    • I wish you would weigh in on this. I’ve read comments you’ve made on the subject in the past and always found them interesting. In fact, I wish you would start commenting more often on the site, again.

      For the record, I totally want Jean back, but not before this Hope storyline thats been building pay off. It started around the time I got back into comics, with Messiah Complex, so I’m kinda invested.

    • Well, just basically, I think it’s sometimes fair to say in an individual story that a character is more effective being dead or absent than when they are around in the story, but as part of the context of Marvel’s pattern of giving female characters, particularly, huge powerups and then having no damn clue what to do with them, it’s frustrating. And making more Phoenixes doesn’t fix the problem. I admire what Mike Carey has done with Rogue, taking her to a place where she actually has some control of her powers, and I don’t think it would be that hard to do with Jean Grey if they wanted to. By replicating the Phoenix in other characters, Marvel is just introducing more examples of the same problem. And whenever people say ‘she’s better off dead’, whether intended this way or not, it can come off sounding like, “The most important thing women can do is die so that their boyfriends can be sad, and after all isn’t the men’s character development more important?” (Whereas, for example, I was less put off by Kitty’s fate at the end of Whedon’s ‘Astonishing X-Men’ because Emma’s feelings about losing her were treated as being equally important to her boyfriend Peter’s. With Jean, it’s pretty much only ever to give Cyclops and Wolverine something to fight about.)

    • Thats what I’m talkin about! Thanks Caroline.

  10. I don’t care either way at this point, as long as the story is good and by writers and artists I enjoy. Jean could come back or Hope could go all crazy. Either way I’m good. Personally, I’d put my money on Hope going Super Saiyan though.

    I’ve abandoned the Hope story after being very into it fully on the creators now involved. Gillen is off Generation Hope, Jeph Loeb is writing X-Sanction and now all the damn architects are telling a phoenix story? Blarg… My only hope is the fact that I enjoy a couple of the architects and I’m sure their side of whatever tale this will be will be good. Who knows how important their part will be, but at this point I don’t care about important, I just wan’t GOOD. It’s just like the DC relaunch. The writers you like are still the writers you like.

  11. Bring Jean back please.

    (crosses fingers)

  12. List of people that could be getting a dose of Phoenix Force:

    Cable is coming back from the dead.
    Nate Grey (X-man) is back from the dead.
    Rachel Grey/Summers is back from space.
    Hope Summers finally stopped jumping around in time.

    Personally, I do hope that they bring Jean back to unite all of these characters into one big event. My hope is they finally stop telling the “she’s losing control of her powers” story. They’ve put a lot of work into showing how the Phoenix keeps getting resurrected before it is ready, and I’d like to see a story we’re Jean is Jean, not a Jean is a time bomb waiting to kill everyone.

    My idea is that all of the people in the list above should get an aspect of the Phoenix Force that fits with there personalties.

  13. Could someone on “Team Jean” please elaborate why you want her back? What is it about her that you like so much?

    • (Someone who can answer this without swearing should do so :))

    • Is it creepy to say its because she is a superhot Red Head?

      In all seriousness I think bringing Jean back would be a good think.
      I am less concerned about the Phoenix Force because that immediately makes her useless except as a plot device.
      The character has history with all of the major X-Characters. Some very positive (Storm, Xavier (where the hell is he anyway?), Angel, etc), some romantic (Cyclops and Wolverine), and some negative, if not downright hostile (Emma, Magneto).
      Also, she is something that the X-Men have been seriously lacking. A nurturing character. Someone who isn’t hard edged, overly naive, or underutilized to the point of being a non-entity (Are you listening Ororo??)

    • This is going to be a very subjectve answer – but you’re asking why I like her so…

      What I initially liked about Jean was that she had telekinesis. There aren’t many superheroes with that power and if I could pick one superpower to have, telekinesis would be it. So it’s like an automatic “plus one”. She’s also a great anchor for the team. Scott may be the leader, but I’ve always felt Jean was the heart. It sounds lame, but she’s a genuinely kind person who cares about people, and I think that’s what makes her a great superhero.

      Plus she can mess you up! 🙂

    • I LOVE YOU, ALI!!!!

    • Thank you both for answering my question. As a long time reader of X-Men and the first X-Factor series I agree with Ali that Jean represents the “heart” of the X-Men. Some writers have handled that as schmaltzy as it sounds and some haven’t. Most of all though I think Jean is important for what she represents to other X-Men most notably Cyclops and Wolverine.

      Despite this I think it would be a great challenge to the House of Ideas to NOT bring her back. Let’s face it we’re all expecting her to return because it’s a well-used (over-used?) comic book plot device. Not bringing her back would be far more inventive.

    • Thanks for actually asking someone to explain rather than just shout or swear;

      Jean Grey is revealed to be the one Human being who actually manifest into the latent potential available for all Humanity. I forgot the series in which this was discussed, but it was right after the power switch with Psylocke and after Cyclops was merged with Apocalypse. In this issue Jean Grey was once again called upon to do work as Phoenix, the white Phoenix in fact. The being that summoned Jean explained to her that she hungered for power and that the Phoenix reaching out to her passion formed a bond that makes the entity and Jean forever bound as one and the same. He continued to say that Jean Grey is the only Human Being to ever escape death and that she will again because she has earned that right because she is The Phoenix. This being continued to express to Jean that the powers of the Universe were shaken that such a young creature could grow to such power and awareness so soon; that this caused existing cosmic entities wonder if Humanity will eventually replace them.

      That above is an example of why I like Jean Grey, the story line and growth of the character have a life of their own because the writers for some reason reveal very deep human questions through the conflict that is Jean Grey Phoenix relationship.
      A lowly creature replacing cosmic beings, this is the writters’ questions on GOD/DIVINITY vs. HUMANITY/MORTALITY. Think about it the Phoenix Force balances everything in the universe according to its’ grand scheme, but then there is Jean Grey who taught that force to feel. The writter can be referencing our frustrations with GOD’s timing/ reasoning, haven’t any of you ever felt like “goodness why does that make any sense to happen, can’t you feel how broken this makes my heart GOD”? I think those feelings are layered, manifest in different actions but very present through out the Jean Grey/Phoenix story lines and it would be a shame to keep her dead when in actuality she is the Phoenix! When Hope, Rachel, Cyclops, Magik, Colossus, Namor, and Emma manifest Phoenix potential, they are manifesting Jean! If the writers go and keep her dead after Jean’s communication with Emma during that twisted sister series, and after Endsong when Jean Grey did not even die; she save the X-Men and physically went onto to “find all of her pieces” in the white hot room, if after all of this they choose to keep her dead which they cannot categorically conclude, then I might actually be a little sad.

      I have to agree that so many times the powerful Women are portrayed as out of control, having powers in control does not resolve a character and make them unappealing. Rogue has completely been stealing the show since her control, Wolverine’s been resolved for years and he is still show boating money making. Let Jean rise and stop using her incomplete parts to create hollow characters I say!

      I mean what if Jean Grey the White Phoenix comes back, and trains the Phoenix potential in all of the Omega Class Phoenix potentials, preparing them to defend humanity before some up coming threat that requires all of her pieces to be intact, power, and alive. What if the Human race must defend itself from those cosmic entities that fear our (earth 616) growth latent potential given the rise of so many Omega class types on our planet verse any other planet?! These are just ideas brought about the Phoenix, which inspires possibilities, and that is why I want Jean back, because she is more than fire made flesh, and fire incarnate, she represent possibility.

      Thanks for the chance to share.

  14. I am not attached to x-men books, but for all it is worth it seems like she is the only character that it makes sense to bring back. That is what a Phoenix is it dies and comes back. It is necessary to bring her back.

  15. I agree with someone’s comment earlier about how writers might not know how to use her anymore in context. Jeff Parker had a handle on her for X-Men First Class; but that’s when she’s basically a new person and there isn’t a HUGE piece of continuity that is ruining her character yet.

    I don’t think anyone could make Jean Grey good again because of this Phoenix stuff. She’ll just be an angry person and she’ll quickly get killed off again like in so many stories. Better to make her a memory ala Gwen Stacy at this point then anything else.

    But if this somehow doesn’t link up to Hope in any way then I call massive bullshit on Brubaker, Fraction, Gillen, and everyone else at Marvel who came up with this stupid character.

  16. I’d love her to come back but in one of the Avengers books. Get her entirely out of the X-Men ghetto. She’s too powerful and prominent a character to get mired in all that melodrama.

  17. Quentin Quire is coming back.

    Quentin Quire was a phoenix. (oh yes he was!)

  18. The question is not ‘if’ but ‘when’ will Jean Grey be back. Comics, everybody!

  19. its been almost ten years i hate that grant morrison killed her for no good reason i realy cant think that it took so long.

    • Morrison may not have had a good reason to kill her, but Jean’s death paved the way for all of the (great, IMO) character development Cyclops has experienced over the last 8 years.

      If Jean were still alive, Scott would likely still be boring, proto-Xavier.

    • @Ken: I think reverse that statement with ‘Emma’ has certainly had a great development once she was out of the picture.

      Cyclops is just a big douche now…..well maybe more so.

    • That’s a good point. The Emma rehab started way back with Generation X, but having Jean out of the way definitely allowed her to be more than the stuck up rich lady who for some reason liked to teach young mutants.

      And I agree that Cyclops is a douche — I just happen to prefer that to the overwhelming stench of boring he used to give off.

      I think even Wolverine benefitted, since Jean’s death allowed the Scott/Jean/Logan triangle (which I’ve never enjoyed) to resolve.

      I’d say keep Jean off the table, let’s get Scott to a new status quo and focus on some other recently neglected X-Men, like Iceman and Storm.

    • I don’t agree with all of this but if they would actually use Storm to her potential I would be way less pissed about the Jean thing.

  20. Yes. It is time.

  21. NO, they should leave Jean dead its makes for better characters and stories.

  22. No one lights up a comic board/thread discussion like Jean Grey. Man the passion she brings out of people (if you posted here you somewhat care). On Marvel and CBR she’s got one of the biggest active threads. She is the original 5 x-woman. Barbara Gold is back and I hope Jean will be back. Her return will contribute to x-book sales.

  23. As much as I love Jean, I kind of like her dead.

  24. Please don’t bring her back. I never understood why so many people are in love with this character. Stop looking back, look forward. The whole phoenix storylines should just be left buried IMO.

  25. Jean Grey is not like Gwen Stacy. Her death did not help to define who the X-men are. I have no problem with bringing Jean back as long as it is well written, not drawn by Greg Land and is told with respect to Grant Morrison’s story. Do not bring her back like they brought Magneto back. I still don’t understand how that happened.

  26. I started reading comics after she died so I don’t have any particular care for her, which may be why I don’t exactly want them to bring her back. Obviously, she’s probably going to be back eventually but I don’t mind when deaths last a long time, as its much more effective considering how comic-death never lasts. Especially with such an important character. Can we make it to 10 years? Also, it looks like Nightcrawler will be back (or at least replaced with an alternate version), as will Cable and Havok, Polaris and Rachel returning. How many people do they have room to bring back? Although, it would be the perfect time for her return, what with the splitting up. She really would be making a choice between Logan and Scott and with everything that’s changed…

    Anyway, I do agree that it certainly looks more like a connection to Hope. Hasn’t that been expected since promos for Second Coming?

  27. I have no problem with Jean coming back I just wish they would permanently retire the Phoenix Force.
    Making Jean Phoenix again was yet another symptom of the decline of the X-Men in the mid to late nineties

    • Agreed. I would love to see Jean back without the Phoenix Force. I think having Jean back adds a lot to the story potential to the X-Men. All the character reactions and interactions, and the shift it could bring. A lot has happened since she died, and there is potential for a lot of stories there.

  28. Besides the initial shock value, I can’t really see Jean being that interesting long term. In my made up continuity mind, she’s still dead from the original Phoenix Saga. Do we really need another powerful Summers/Grey telepath? We got Hope, Nathan, Nate, and Rachel. I’d rather them be explored a bit more.

  29. Man, my very first comic was that X-Men right up top there with the wild-haired redhead announcing herself. Bring her back.

  30. Doesn’t matter either way to me. I barely read any X-Men at this point, and if it resulted in me not reading any X-Men, I’d still be fine. I’m glad to see there are folks excited for the character to come back though.

  31. I say that Jean should definitely come back. the X-books have been insanely mundane and boring since Whedon left and reintroducing Jean would be the shot in the arm the series needs. It would give the writers a chance to play with the Scott/Jean/Emma dynamic but this time from a different angle. Also, if they are serious about this “Schism,” Jean would be the right spice that conflict needs to really amp up the Wolverine-Cyke split.
    I say PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring her back! Make my X-Men interesting again!

  32. If they bring her back, I am worried about how she’ll be written. All-powerful but with no control, down on herself because she’s a ticking time-bomb, constant references to how she was dead but isn’t anymore, I’m not really interested in reading stories like that. If she’s brought back as a strong character, then I’m all in. And it’s not just how she’s written in the initial comeback, but for the stories that follow as well.

    If the X-Men need strong females, there are plenty. Jean’s presence is just going to push aside one of the other characters that needs development. Not just Storm or Emma or Rogue. How about Lorna or Surge or Dani? She’s the heart of the X-Men too? That’s been said about Kurt, Peter, Kitty, probably others. The books don’t need Jean.

    And if Jean comes back, what does Scott do? Is he supposed to drop Emma and go right back to her? Does he have to because the marriage is still legal? Like it or not, he loves Emma. With Jean dead, Scott can love them both. I am not going to accept him losing interest in one simply because now he has to choose one over the other.

    But the funny thing about all this speculation is that the powers that be at Marvel have already decided on what is going to happen. Jean Grey is either coming back next year or she’s not. And the fun of reading will be finding out the answers to all of our questions, not simply in us liking the answers. If it pisses some of us off either way, then we must be invested in the story.

  33. I personally don’t like Jean as a character. Just reread the old run up to where she dies…she’s just not someone I connect with, and I think she brings out the worst in Cyclops. Give the Phoenix a rest, Marvel. Here’s my picks on who will get it:

    1-The Beyonder: you know Secret Wars 3 is on the backburner somewhere
    2-Aunt May: so she can turn dark and commit suicide, never to be seen again
    3-Impossible Man: think of the hilarity!
    4-split it up among some villains and they kinda lose control and all the heroes give up…oh wait…
    5-Squirrel Girl: she was meant for greater things other than a nanny. And think of all those panels of Avengers who can talk about her for issues!
    6-Galactus: he eats it, gets indigestion and farts away a cosmic rift, bringing back Nova and all the dead Guardians of Galaxy
    7-It causes every dead Marvel hero and villain and supporting character to return! And they can’t ever die!
    8-Jean Grey’s cocoon
    9-another Summers from another reality! gasp–is she Jean? is she Madelyne? is she Mystique in disguse???
    10-Wolverine or Deadpool. They need another book.
    Take that Marvel architects!

  34. personally i feel like if they bring jean back i’d like it to be AOA jean. I feel like the complete dynamic shift of jean grey back in the world but this time she is madly in love with wolverine would be a fitting shift. it would allow all the growth with scott and emma to keep going forward, yet also add a nice bump for them as scott is faced with his dead wife’s return only to have her be one who made the opposite choice. also i think it could create some interesting wolverine arcs. generally i think if they bring jean back at all she should be totally different and really shake things up in a nuanced way.

  35. reading some of these comments, it sounds like A LOT of people’s knowledge of the character only comes from the Dark Pheonix Saga and Morrison’s New X-Men run. She’s a character that has been around for nearly 50 years, her character has been defined by more than just two stories.

    • I beg to differ. For a lot of readers she wasn’t even an X-Man- from 1977 (end of “Dark Phoenix Saga”) to 1991 (end of X-Factor Vol. 1) she was either dead or not on the main X-Men team. People got to know Storm, Psylocke, Colossus, etc. while Jean was a fallen comrade and a reminder of the seriousness that all the X-Men faced. Other than her marriage to Scott, I can’t think of a significant or defining storyline that featured her up to when Morrison killed her off.

  36. no brainer= NO.

  37. Has there been any major Marvel/DC characters that have successfully stayed dead? Even Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) came back during Civil War but that was only to be killed again.

  38. You know, the Phoenix Force as the subject of a company-wide event book is so obvious I can’t believe it’s never been done before. And if the Phoenix Force is being used in any way, shape, or form, given its history in the Marvel U… it would be bad storytelling NOT to incorporate Jean Grey into that story somehow.

  39. Simple answer: NO.
    Why? Don’t need her.

  40. Simple answer yes never should have been killed off the phoenix should not have returned to her etc.

    Now that said the jean scott thing needed to end and let her soul search a bit be her own

    Next scott declawed Emma simple as that she’s an armpiece v 2.0 and the number 1 yes woman same fate as who ever happens to be dating Scott at the time.

    While we are at it house of m/decimation was the weakest nerf the X books so we can write avengers ploy to date nothing against avengers fans there.

    The phoenix needs to be checked yes but there are better ways including shocker have it leave Jean her weakness resulted in its corruption humanity is too frail to hold it. Another option is have the entity split the dark from the light. More likely if Jean develops the resolve to handle the phoenix and it adds a new villain which checks her power as well as being a new villain and new is what Marvel in general needs not change not gimmicks new material last just have her burn out the phoenix reversing M day and the entity goes dormant for a few thousand years. Again simple and no matter the way Jean had every reason to leave Scott and Logan by the time morrison killed her off. Let her be a single girl for at least 5 rt years before even thinking about either of them.

    Jean was the conscience of the x men with out it you have hitler scott on utopia giving orders to his underlings. This ruined scott and the best thing that can happen to him is to be tossed out on his own completely or just killed off. No problem with developing him but the way they developed him made me lose all ability to relate to him.

    • Oh and 1983 – 95 were my comic days. Jean was a crucial member of the team through out

      Plots where jean was major
      Inferno 85
      God loves man kills 92
      X-cutioners song 93
      X-tinction agenda 94
      X men gold team 2nd in command and not panneled with scott in every frame since he was in blue
      X factor 85 – 90 every plot
      Avalon plot (forget name and year)
      And all these years no phoenix. And she grew up became a leader in her own right and managed to actually be an xman again. Likewise she kept logan and scott from going too far.
      Face it those who think jean was not a major xman obviously werent reading the books prior to 95 and color what ever they find from that time baised on the modern cough crap cough age. Hell the scott logan jean thing was not even center stage until the late 90s jean was with scott logan wanted her she said no that was that drudged up once. A year or so to remind you but that was enough.

      Joe Q and Morrison pretty much systematically tried to tear down the character by doing all the crap you hate her for so they could kill her and try to leave her dead morrison is gone now if we could get Q fired… commodities markets gains and a lucky couple days with $10 k could place you on the Disney board or ruin you … but I digress. Point is Jean can exist with out scott or Wolverine and god knows she had enough reasons for a divorce in the past. Bring her back break up scott emma only for jean to tell him to f off and kick him out for a bit let emma get her claws back she was a villain ffs not arm candy let that fierceness come back. Put Jean in charge of the X alone for a bit. Since storm is playing house with tchalla smh. And maybe the whole line will get back to being the hope for mutants not everything xavier feared.