NYCC 2011: TEASER: “It’s Coming,” Marvel Cautions

Something is coming and Smokey the Bear is likely pissed with you.

This weekend Harold Camping Marvel released an ominous, fiery image with some decidedly avian elements. Something is approaching in 2012 and it looks HOT. Scalding, even. And you’ll note that a lot of high profile creators are involved. And as you know, architects love fire. Wait…

 What are we thinking, kids? Phoenix? Phoenix Force? A Balrog? Hot fun in the summer time? The Los Pollos Hermanos Buffalo Chicken-Hawk Wrap?



  2. 5/8 names I am not interested in seeing.

    Artists are gonna make this look pretty though. But I’ll pass.

  3. They’re still letting Fraction write event books?

  4. I vote Balrog, It would be more interesting then the Phoenix coming back.

  5. Pretty much looks to be line-wide.

  6. They’re obviously talking about Beak.

  7. Jean returns, chooses Westchester, Scott goes postal, new Magneto ala Fear Itself poster

  8. I’m starting to hate event books, I think in the last few years Spider Island has been the only one done right, Where it does’nt screw with the other comics so much and has it’s own minis (like Cloak and Dagger, Shang Chi) , Writers must get so annoyed with ” sorry you can’t put in a sixth month arc, Fear itself needs to run thru your comic for 5 months”

  9. Maybe it’s Morph…remember when he came back in the early 90s cartoon series? That was a seriously hectic sequence of episodes. He could have started the fire too.

    Come to think of it, what if its just a grease fire in the mansion mess hall? and ‘it’ refers to the fire truck that is coming to put it out…”It’s coming, so everybody remain calm and evacuate in an orderly fashion, we’ll all be ok if we just remain calm.”

  10. This is clearly announcing that the San Diego Chicken is finally coming to the Marvel universe! Yes!

  11. It’s coming! Marvel Hot Wing Fiesta Combo at Chili’s!

  12. With all the high profile names it’s pretty much a no brainer what this is!

  13. Jean didn’t start the fire, it’s always burning since the world’s been turning.

    They’ve been playing this up since Messiah Complex and a few hints have been dropped along the way. (Some very unsubtle things said about Hope in Cable and Uncanny, Rachel Grey losing her Phoenix powers during War of Kings and saying “Not now, Mom!” and the biggest hint, I thought, was the naming of the new school from the previews.)

    I’ll be interested to see where they take it. I was un-interested in the X-Men before and during Schism, but I’m starting to find a lot to like about them in Regenesis. Though I have to say, I’m pretty lukewarm on the writing talent. Aaron makes sense. Where the hell is Gillen!

  14. Not to be that guy, but Jean’s only been “dead” since 2004. (Or 2006 is you count Phoenix Endsong.) I say dead in quotation marks because technically she’s incubating in an egg waiting for 2154.

  15. umm guys, it’s a sail boat.

  16. Maybe it’s the next big Marvel event: Marvel Knights. All of our favorite heroes decked in shiny armor, carrying swords, sitting around roundish tables and fighting a big flaming dragon.

  17. If they’re giving us a choice I’ll take the guys on the left. No offense.

  18. Barbabra Gold is back, it’s time Jean came back

  19. more vague pre-event press… all of which never lives up to the actual event, re: Secret Invasion, Fear Itself, Schism, Shadowland

  20. Nothing will ever be the same. This is where it all changes. Where were you when the Marvel Universe died?

  21. I really hope this isn’t an anthology of sorts. If it’s line wide I can at least avoid the creators that have been blowing it. Considering there are names on there I actually like, at least part of whatever the fuck this is could be interesting.

  22. If Bendis and Fraction are on there then count me out I don’t care what book it is.

  23. I wouldn’t say Phoenix coming is the same as Jean coming. Some folk may not be too excited about the talent involved, but I like-love every name on that image. I think with multiple writers it’ll either be one-shots that feature a continuing story like The List or One Month to Live, or it will be like Fall of the Mutants or AoA where multiple storylines lead to a similar place.

  24. Double Entendre!

  25. good bring her back

  26. Very orangey.

  27. Presuming it is the Phoenix, I think it would be cool if the Phoenix Force bonded with another major, totally unexpected mutant or Marvel standby. There is a precedent for a male Phoenix (Giraud from the old “Guardians of the Galaxy”) which also would make for an interesting twist. Marvel has been all about the old gender-switcheroos these past few years.

  28. Maybe Marvel is scheduling a mass burning of DC books.

    “Burn 52 of the new 52 and get this new limited edition number 1 Avengers: the Tween years”

  29. If they do bring Jean back I hope she finally sides with Logan.

  30. You know, the Phoenix Force as the subject of a company-wide event book is so obvious I can’t believe it’s never been done before.