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Matt Fraction Exits FANTASTIC FOUR and FF

A Fraction subtraction could leave fans divided.

My Insomnia Loves These Comics

Mike’s getting less sleep these days and he blames comics — happily!

The Inhumans Take Center Stage in Marvel’s INHUMANITY Event

Lockjaw is ready for some play dates.

Image Expo 2013: New Books from Rick Remender, Ed Brubaker, Jason Aaron, Matt Fraction & More!

They are also going to start selling DRM-free digital comics in PDF, ePub, and CBR/CBZ formats!

When “Too Expensive” Becomes “Worth It”

After ranting about Marvel’s $4 books, Mike happily forks over $5 for The Private Eye. Watch him squirm as does his best to explain his reasoning!

Matt Fraction Thinks Comics Can Do Better

They certainly can.

Francesco Francavilla Nocks an Arrow on HAWKEYE #10 & #12

No, Aja isn’t going anywhere.

iFanboy’s Best of 2012: The Best Innovations/Uses of the Medium

These are the top ten books of 2012 that pushed the envelope, went beyond the panel border and refused to be limited in any way when it came time to tell their story.

INTERVIEW: Matt Fraction on HAWKEYE #7

How does Hawkeye fight Hurricane Sandy?

The Age of Ultron Covers FANTASTIC FOUR #5AU