The Age of Ultron Covers FANTASTIC FOUR #5AU

It’s coming… The Age of Ultron is upon us. We spoke to Brian Michael Bendis last week about it and heard what to expect, accelerated shipping schedule and all. Like any good universe spanning event, there are tie-ins, including Fantastic Four#5AU, the AU means “Age of Ultron” and it’s similar to a Point One Issue in terms of release numbering and brings Marvel’s first family into The Age of Ultron.

We’re honored to help Marvel unveil the cover for Fantastic Four #5AU by Mark Bagley:

Fantastic Four #5AU ships in March, 2013, with full solicitation info below.


Art by TBA
An AGE OF ULTRON tie-in!

Will the rise of the artificial intelligence Ultron cause the premature end of the Fantastic Four’s sojourn across time and space?

32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99


  1. It’s just me, I know…but I don’t find the recent depictions of Ultron to be very imposing/scary/menacing

  2. I think my favorite Ultron story is still the one where Daredevil fought the crazy one back in the ’80s. Busiek’s Ultron Unlimited was the last great one. So far I’m not convinced this isn’t just a remake of that.

  3. “3.99 ” is this right fantastic four has been 2.99 isthis a one time price our a change for good.

  4. I’m going to skip this event, much like the last two. I am glad that Marvel is making it easier for me to opt out with it’s “AU” numbering.

  5. Being that I am not super familiar with Ultron, I tried doing a search for a ‘Where Do I Start: Ultron”, but no luck (Maybe i missed it?)

    The ‘Where Do I Start” segment of the web site has always proved useful for me pre ‘Big Event’. Not trying to create more work for the iFanboy staff, but is there any chance of a WDIS pre-AU?

  6. what does it mean similar to a point one issue.

    is there going to be a regular fantastic four #5 as well? will this be happening to all the marvel now books?

    why do they need an event so quickly after they relaunched, give us time to get settled in. seriously its only #5 we don’t need another damn event. give DC credit for at least running 18 months of the new 52 before trinity war starts assuming it starts in march which if it doesn’t will mean they’ve run 19 months without a line wide event.

    how long will it be between avx and aou? 4 months?

  7. If the 3.99 price point for issue 5 is correct then I can see me dropping the title and waiting for trade. Getting a bit tired of the double shipping and increased price points of the Marvel books.

  8. Out