SDCC 2012: Quentin Tarantino Bringing ‘DJANGO UNCHAINED’ To DC Comics For 5-Issue Adaptation

News is coming fast out of Comic-Con today that just now, Quentin Tarantino made an un-announced appearance during DC’s “Before Watchmen” Panel to announce that he is doing a comic adaptation of his forthcoming movie Django Unchained for the publisher.

“The comic will literally be the first draft of the script!”  MTV Geek’s twitter page quotes Tarantino as saying.

Over on DC Comics’ twitter page, they have confirmed the announcement, explaining that it will be a 5-issue series that will have “story aspects that aren’t in the movie.” The publisher promises to have “full video footage” of the impromptu announcing up on “very” soon.

At this early date there’s no word on the art front. Might I suggest Ramon Perez, fresh off his Eisner haul from Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand?

Oh hey, here’s video of the announcement:



  1. I’m in.

  2. I’m definitely excited by this news. It’s always interesting when ‘non-comic people’ get involved in creating. Especially when it’s someone as creatively innovative as Tarantino. This will be very cool I think. I’ll be checking it out.

  3. If QT writes it, I’ll check it out for sure. I’d love to see him write a comic. We could play Count The Word Balloons.

  4. Love it – So glad QT is getting into comics, I really hope for a Deadly Viper Assassination Squad series.

  5. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    UPDATED with video of the surprise announcement.

  6. Cool movie poster.

  7. Depending who’s the artist is, this could end up being a real nice hardcover. Yeah, I wait for the trade on most minis and give my monthly dollars to the series that want to stick around a while.

  8. Ramon Perez. YES. Please.

  9. I wonder if Tarantino’s countless discussions filled with meaningless pop-culture references that have nothing to do with the plot will work just as “good” in a comic book.

  10. ah, so like a Tarantino movie it will be entertaining for about fifteen pages and boring as all hell the rest of the time

  11. tarantino movies are awesome. start to finish. Death Proof and Pulp Fiction are probably my favorites.
    hope his comics prove as worthy of my admiration.
    the animation in Kill Bill suggests to me that there’s nothing to worry about. this will be awesome.