SDCC 2012: Go Behind Bars with this New Trailer for AMC’s ‘THE WALKING DEAD’ Season Three

You folks like ya some zombies, right? How about a look at AMC’s new trailer for The Walking Dead season 3?

Not sure how much I’m allowed to say out loud. Or type. People get funny about that kind of thing when it comes to this particular franchise. Suffice to say, new characters. New playground. New reasons to stay in on Sunday nights.

Let’s go to prison, October 14th on AMC.


  1. Ho-ly crap. AMC, well done.

  2. it pisses me off that I can’t view it in the UK, WTF!

  3. Can’t wait, great show!!! Pumped for season 3!!!


  5. Yes please!

  6. This is it. I can’t help but think part of the grumbling over the first 2 season has been a burning desire to get here. and I’m so glad we are here! Also, the last scene is super exciting.

  7. T-Pain still has nothing to say.

  8. Good trailer.

    They kinda lost me with Season 2, but I’m hoping this season puts the spring back in my step. This certainly got me excited.

    This is just speculation of course, but it looks like Andrea and Michone spend a good deal of time in Woodbury. I hope they don’t change things so that the Governor/Michonne incident happens before she even meets the rest of the gang. That’ll lessen the emotional impact a bit. But I finally see why they made the choice to make the Gov look a little less dastardly. It seems as though he at least has Andrea convinced that he means well, and that would be a bit hard to believe if he was all eye-patchy and greasy haired.

    Looks awesome. Can’t wait.

    • Been a while since I’ve read that arc but didn’t he get all eye patchy after he *ahem* encountered Michonne?

    • Eye patch was after, yeah.

    • That’s right. My mistake. I’ve read floppies since #1 so I’m a little fuzzy. Still, his character design screamed “BAD GUY” even before the eyepatch, with the greasey hair and the Sgt. Pepper moustache.

  9. Carl is older.

  10. I’m sorry but this looks terrible.

    Thank god I’m not watching this anymore.

    • 4 minutes of distraught people in dirty clothes pointing guns at the camera and shooting gray poeple doesn’t do it for you? … Me either. I’d rather watch Suits on USA and read the Wikipedia recap for Dead at the end of the season.

    • Can’t say I agree about it looking terrible, but I really am glad that I don’t watch the show anymore, or read the comic for that matter. The entire franchise is just too depressing for me. I’d rather watch something that makes me laugh or put a smile on my face.

    • More Big Brother for you!

    • I tapped out around issue 82 and two epidoes from the end of season 2. Comic is too depressing and the series is just too frustrating.

  11. Wow!!! that was amazing! I need to watch it again right now.

  12. Damn I will be re-watching this ALL weekend!

  13. Uploader not available in my country. C’mon!

  14. Mr.Enigma (@EJsingley) says:

    WOW!!!! CAN NOT WAIT !!!!!!!!

  15. That looked perfect.

    Was not expecting the huge spoiler at the end though

  16. Mearl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. never read the comic, but i love the show. definitely one of the best television shows of today.
    the prison thing seems clever. can’t wait for october.
    wake me up when september ends.

  18. Seems like someone’s taking a page from Justified, with the tone & the soundtrack of this trailer. Honestly, that would be far from a bad thing.

  19. WOW. saw this last night on TV during AMC’s broadcast. Looks really cool. Surprised at how much they gave away, but at the same time, i’m excited for what they are keeping close to the chest.

    Woodbury looks does the Prison. Those scenes clearing out the prison are going to be freaky. I can already see it.