SDCC 2012: Marvel Unveils Tony’s New Armor for ‘IRON MAN 3’

Next May, Tony Stark gets a new attitude and some shiny new clankity-clank.

Fans at San Diego Comic Con have been able to tour the wealthy playboy’s wardrobe/armory, replete with each iteration of his power suit. With a new film on the way, it’s time for a makeover. Today Marvel unveiled the new armor for Shane Black’s Iron Man 3.

Have a look:

Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 3 goes down the catwalk May 3, 2013.


  1. I think it’s supposed to look like the armor he’s been using recently but it’s not really accomplishing that look.

  2. Too much gold. not a good look if you ask me.

  3. I’m thinking they went so radical with the design because of Extremis. Otherwise, this kind of blows.

  4. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I like it a lot. We’ve seen more traditional color schemes already and this is the kind of character who’d change up his look every now and then. Don’t understand the complaints.

    • Good point! Didn’t think about it like that.

    • The movie Tony Stark is different than the comic one. He’s a much more ego driven character no matter how much he grows in these films. A suit of Golden armor makes perfect sense.

      Besides, Thinking Tony Stark will only wear one suit of armor in a movie is like saying James Bond will only sleep with one woman,

    • I’m with you. I really the look. It’s something fresh. I can only hope the movie is as good.

  5. Looks incomplete somehow. Like all it needs is the paint job.

  6. Hmm… not loving it right now, but it’ll probably look great on the big screen. I’m not too worried.

  7. Is the second last one a woman’s suit? Could we be seeing Rescue in IM3?

  8. *rrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggggllllllllllllwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww* sorry guys… I just puked! 0_o

  9. kind of looks like armor on top of armor? it doesn’t look right to me, anyways?
    the use of more gold could be to tie in with the armor that was used in that ‘new marvel’ page that appeared last week? would make sense, as i get the impression marvel are going to try and bring their comic and movie worlds closer together?

  10. I like the design a lot, but I agree there’s a bit too much gold.

  11. I really like the design of it. It looks smooth, and slimmed down from other designs. If they just reversed the color scheme of everything but the head I think it would be rad.

  12. As long as the film is better than Ironman 2, it could be pink for all i care. I didn’t like it at first, then i thought it looked good in 2 and look what that got us.

  13. the design is cool and the gauntlets are sweet but there’s too much gold on the front and the legs. the color scheme on the back looks pretty cool.

  14. looks like a half-painted plastic model kit

  15. I like it overall. Agreed that it could use some more red, I kind feel like those gold panels are covering up weaponry or are some sort of stealth panels. I dunno…feel like there is more under the hood

  16. Well, you can see he’s rich by the INCREDIBLE AMOUNT OF GOLD in that armor… It’s different. Maybe with time, I’ll grow into it.

  17. I Dig. Those gloves are dopeness.

  18. No one is going to care what he is wearing once they are sitting in the theatre next May actually watching the movie lol

  19. I like it. We get at least one new armor in every movie anyway, so why not do something a bit different and unique compared to the other armors? Not to mention it may look really good in motion.

  20. The back of the armor is pretty cool, the front’s not bad but there’s too much gold. There’s a reason gold’s usually an accent color. That said, it’s not all bad. But to the person who said it’s supposed to be the current comic’s armor, you win the Marvel No Prize. I think it’s supposed to evoke that, but that armor hasn’t looked good outside of the artist who designed it.

  21. I like the design, but there’s too much gold for me. Especially on the front; way too much gold.

  22. You guys realize it’s Tony Stark wearing this armor right? I mean the guy tends to be a tad eccentric, so it would stand to reason he would develop a new suit, with a bit more of a golden flair to it. I really don’t understand why so many people are complaining about it, I mean it could be worse, they could’ve also added nipples.

  23. Brave choice, Marvel. I wouldn’t have thought evoking the design of assless chaps would be how Disney would want you to go, but embrace the weird.

  24. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I think there should be MORE gold.

  25. Panel in the rear that opens for pooping. Nice.

  26. Hmmm not a fan, too much gold. Maybe it will look better when we see it in action?

  27. I like it a lot. I really like how they are doing something really different with this one. I’d love to see some really crazy big and bulky heavy duty armor though………..maybe………something designed to take out a Hulk………….?

  28. Dat ass!

  29. It’s been bugging me ever since I saw it, but WTF is the third armor from?

    • Iron Man 1? There were three armors in the first one, three in the second one and a seventh appeared in The Avengers.

    • Yeah, but it’s just darker than I remember. Besides, that should be the armor he wore in 2, prior to the suitcase armor and triangle tri-beam.

  30. Hmm. I like that they’re trying something different, but I don’t like this design. Too much gold, like other people said: unpleasant to the eyes.

    I’d rather see a more significant design departure in the armor’s structure than a paint job. If they really want a very different armor I wouldn’t even mind seeing some permutation on the Ultimate Iron Man suit. They’re already pulling a lot of Ultimate stuff for some of the other movies.

  31. Looks good to me, a tad on the yellow side but not exactly a problem.

  32. Avatar photo Jamozk Ekhiss (@JamozkEkhiss) says:

    As many people have said: too gold. Not enough colour, looks a bit bleak. Very nice besides that.

  33. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Too much other colors besides gold! MORE GOLD!

  34. I dig it. It’s definitely very RDJ Tony. I really enjoy watching these suits evolve in both utility and form throughout the franchise. Though I do hope he sues the Avengers suit when the film opens. I kinda like that one.

  35. It’s Oscar statue Iron Man

  36. They should have went solid gold with this one!

  37. Could use a little less red

  38. Needs more red but still pretty cool

  39. It’s his dulce de leche suit. And it’s very nice.

  40. I felt it needed a bit of a tweak. Let me know what y’all think…

  41. I liked it, and hasn’t he had 3 or 4 different suits in each of the other movies? So if you don’t like it I wouldn’t worry about it staying around that long.

  42. *shrugs* I’ll give it a shot, I didn’t think I’d like the suit case armor in iron man 2 but when I saw it in action I ran with it ok, I’m sure when its in motion I won’t pay one bit of attention to what the colors are.

  43. NOT a good look … just stick with the class design (which is not broken!) …

    this is another example of “creative” movie maker types thinking (from some ungodly reason) that they can improve upon the source material … does anyone remember Bat-Nipples? …

    what’s next? maybe a paisley cape for Superman?

    • the source material has had over 100 suits of armor over the years. It’s kind of the characters thing. what exactly is your complaint here?

  44. Avatar photo Mickey">Mickey (@GeeksOfChrist) says:

    Leave it to Tony Stark to look naked in a suit of armor.