SDCC 2010: Spider-Man Panel

The SDCC Spider-Panel just came to an end! Hot off the presses, here's all the news that's fit to print:

Another panel, another Star Destroyer-sized Djurdjevic poster. There's a pretty good chance I'm redoing my office with these in the fall, assuming my marriage survives me announcing that.

look at the size of that thing!


Arguably the biggest news to come out of today's panel was that, after more than 100 issues and two years of a punishing more-than-thrice-monthly publishing schedule, the grand experiment known as Brand New Day will be coming to an end in October. Don't start going through withdrawal just yet: as it turns out, they will simply be replacing the rotating team of "web heads" who've been putting out three issues of Amazing Spider-Man a month with solitary web head Dan Slott, who'll still be getting the book out the door every two weeks, starting with an arc called Big Time. Slott promises that many (if not all) of Brand New Day's plot threads will be tied up in the final BND arc, "Origin of the Species," and that Peter Parker will finally get a steady job in the following arc. Stefano Caselli, Marcos Martin, and fan- and JImski-favorite Humberto Ramos will comprise the rotation of artists on the book moving forward. Each issue will feature at least 30 pages of content and run you $3.99.

ASM 648Caselli Spidey Spidey Ramos Promo Spidey Martin Promo


Ever since it was announced that Tom DeFalco's Spider-Girl was coming to an end, rumors have abounded (some of them started by DeFalco himself) that a new, contemporary-Marvel-Universe character by that name would soon be getting her own book. Although she was last seen calling the Spider-Girl name "lame" in Spidey's Grim Hunt storyline, apparently the former Araña will be accepting the mantle this November in her own monthly title.

new Spider-Girl  spider-girl variant


It was also announced that the talented team of Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Rios will finally give Norman Osborn some time in the spotlight when a five-part mini about his time in the joint, Osborn, comes out this November. (Looks like Norm's already got some prison ink!) In addition, Zeb Wells and Clayton Crain will be helming a Carnage miniseries later this year, despite the fact that Carnage was last seen being ripped in half by the Sentry– in space no less– in New Avengers. The audience at the panel were very excited to hear this news. Carnage has fans. Someone at the panel begged for the return of Ben Reilly. Every character is someone's favorite. There's a lid for every pot.

new Norman Osborn series a'comin'   


  1. Well, I’m okay with Spidey being twice a month, as long as Web of Spider-Man continues telling fully developed arcs like it did with The Extremist.

  2. But… but… Joe Kelly…

  3. More on topic, I understand that nothing can go on forever, but the shifting of viewpoints form arc to arc and writer to writer on BND was pretty amazing for the past two years, and while I’m sure I’ll continue to enjoy ASM, I think we’re really going to understand how special the BND run was once we don’t have Spider-Man coming out pretty much every single week, and story arcs finishing up inside of a month. 

  4. web of spider is ending i think in september over all i cant wait i like what slott dose with spidey  and i also like Carnage

  5. I’m one of those guys who didn’t find BND quite to my liking, without going too deep into it–I do love Spider-Man, though, and I hope that this new status quo they put him in with Big Time is more to my liking.

  6. Looks like #647 will be a great jumping off point …

  7. This is all…kind of disappointing news. Except I love Martin and Ramos (and can’t think of anything Caselli’s done…wait…Caselli of Secret Warriors fame? That’s…well…he’s very talented if not exactly my cup ‘o tea).

    I was just re-reading Out There and wondering what Ramos was up to though. I really enjoyed his Spiderman run a few years back. 

  8. Dan slott over Joe Kelly or Zeb Wells, why??

  9. In an interview with IGN it was revealed that Cletus Kassidy, Carnage’s old psychopathic host, did indeed die in New Avengers. So the symbiotie will be possessing someone new, a female civilian who simply ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time. She will basically lose control to the symboite. Personally, while this idea has been done before, it at least strikes me as far more interesting than the old annoying, "I’m Carnage and I kill everybody cause I’m a psycho isn’t that kewl” approach to the character. This new take could actually work. Guess we will see.

  10. I like a lot of the creators but overall none of these titles or teams really grab me.  However, those Djurdjevic posters…  more please.  Specifically, have him do one for Marvel cosmic.

  11. Dan Slott will not be able to keep that pace up, he’s known for putting out 12 monthlies in 13 months, and cops to his own lateness kind of frequently in that great WordBalloon two parter.

    I’ll be sad to see it go because I used to buy it from time to time when I couldn’t get any other comics at my shop. It was nice to have a book on the shelves where you could pretty much just pick up here and there and get great stuff. 

  12. That ASM news blows.

  13. I’d rather have once a month with Joe Kelly on ASM.

  14. Yeah this is real UGH inducing news. ASM has been so good. Why fix what isn’t broken? And Carnage? Really? UGH.


    The Osborn mini might be cool though.

  15. I’m okay with this, I do enjoy getting a new trade practically every month, now it’ll be every other month. And I like Slott, I do enjoy his Spider-man stories, and meeting him at Comic Con, he’s a hell of a guy. So this is cool

  16. cool, I’ve been wanting to start ASM but the weekly release was just too much, I only get my books when I get paid every two weeks, I have a hard enough time keeping up with those annoying DC weekly books, and I like Humberto Ramos so sounds like a good place to try it out

  17. For Carnage, I just hope that it retains the genuine sense that everyone is at risk. At its best, the character is like a force of nature, and one of the few Spider-Man (or Marvel) villains that doesn’t have any agenda other than adding to a body count. No reasoning, no rationalizing, just the relentless threat of mass murder. It’s a story that can easily slide off the rails and get tiresome or corny, but I don’t think there’s another villain in Spidey’s rogues gallery who occupies that kind of role.

  18. also I like carnage as a spidey baddie. I liked it as it was, this new take seems interesting but sounds like it’s been done to death,  unless she’s as crazy as Cletus.  now I miss my spidey books still at my parents place . . . 

  19. Yay! This sounds like a great jumping on point. Although other then Martin; not a fan of the artists announced….

    Nice to see Carnage is coming back. I know he’s probably not the favorite for many, but I grew up with him and Venom with the animated series. So it’s nice to see him back into the fold. Also, Gargen isn’t Venom anymore? Then who is? 

  20. I was just about to jump off when I read two magical, magical words…MARCOS and MARTIN…finally getting the dues he deserves?

  21. The ASM news is disappointing, but not surprising.  It really has to be so much work for those guys to produce as much as they have.  Maybe the rest of the webheads are feeling burned out?  I think Slott’s a strong Spidey writer, so I’ll be checking out his full take once the status quo changes.  Also, he may have a lot of lead time to get things together.  I can’t remember the last time he wrote an ish of ASM, so maybe he’s been cranking out scripts like a mad man since then.

  22. I was never a big fan of BND. In all honesty i found it boring. It’s good to see Marvel’s flagship book get a restart and great jump on point for new readers. im happy with writers and artists though i would like to see Joe Kelly’s return to Deadpool.

  23. BND was good.  This’ll be good too.  The only thing thats got me is "Someone at the panel begged for the return of Ben Reilly."  People actually like Ben Reilly?

  24. You guys have to take notice: while the book is moving from a three times a month release to twice monthly, we are only losing 6 pages of content per month (From 66 pages to 60 pages).  It’s really not that huge of a blow.  Also, we’re getting the incomparable Dan Slott, who is a Spider-Encyclopedia, writing ASM full time.  If you were at the panel, you can’t help to be excited by all of the news.  Not to mention, Humberto Ramos is now on board and will be delivering some incredible art in the first arc!  The funniest moment of the panel was the spontaneous eruption of "WOOOOOOOOOO!" from one person waiting on line to ask a question when Dan Slott mentioned the character Hybrid.

  25. Dan Slott has been the best ASM writer all along.  Looks at his accomplishments: 

    1. Introduced Mr. Negative 2. Paper Doll 3. Screw Ball 4. New Ways To Die Epic featuring battles with Bullseye, etc. 5. Anti-Venom 6. Molten Man arc 7. Fantastic Four excellent 2 issue arc that made JJJ into mayor 8. ASM 600 Featuring Doc Ock 9. Mysterio/Mr. Negative arc 10. Osborn battle in ASM The List 11. Introduced Overdrive & The Booker 12. Spider-Man Human Torch 13. Shattered Dimensions (upcoming)

    His accomplishments in ASM far outweigh those of the other writers, though the others were at times excellent as well.  They absolutely picked the best writer of ASM to stay on.  He has the most potential and consistently best ideas for ASM to continue to be the writer.  You need the top quality man for the right comic, and in this case Dan Slott is it.  The facts and quality of the stories point to the right man.