Revealed (Leaked?): The Full SECRET AVENGERS

Over on the CBR forums (and pointed out to us by some helpful members of the iFanbase), it appears that we have our look at the full roster of Secret Avengers:


Secret Avengers


As everyone suspected, there's (a godawfully costumed) Steve Rogers leading the Secret Avengers. And as no one guessed (not that I can recall, anyway), the final member of the team is Nova.

Yes, that high pitched squeal of delight was from some dude in San Francisco with bitchin' sideburns.

So we have Steve Rogers, Moon Knight, Beast, Valkyrie, War Machine, and Nova. I have to say, I am pretty excited to read this one. That a pretty nice group dynamic. And boy am I glad we went through all that sturm and drang to get Steve Rogers back so he could fight evil dressed like someone out of the bad old early 90s days.


  1. Interesting. Interesting Team Make-Up, but I must say I only care about 3 of them. And, oh what an unfortunate costume on Steve Rogers. Is he trying out for WILDcats or Youngblood? Because either way he needs more pouches 

  2. Yeah, did some member of the Thunderbolts have the Captain Ameri-armor booked that week? What a terrible outfit!

  3. Switch up Steve Rogers’ costume and I have no complaints about this… hopefully it delivers

  4. Also, I’m tired of Deodato drawing the Avengers, Dark, Secret, or otherwise.

  5. Like on the last article for this series I am a bit more interested with this team.

    Nova, War Machine. Beast, Steve Rogers, and Moon Knight is a team I could follow. However I just don’t care for what the premise is nor do I feel like following it in issues.

    Sorta like Detective Comics a long way back…..I am willing to try it in trade but not issues. i still wanna know what makes this a ‘Secret’ or spec ops team when Nova/Valkyrie/War Machine are here. 

  6. Steve’s costume reminds me of the Super-Patriot.

    Not exactly the same. More of an inverse costume that’s been streamlined a little. But I think the variables remain the same.


  7. I don’t think it looks too– I mean, yeah! That costume sucks!

  8. I can get behind that "godawfully costumed"

    Glad they ended up revealing the roster before the first issue.  I was planning on getting it, but now seeing the team, I have little to no interest To be honest, I can’t think of a team that would’ve made me want to pick it up. Had they kept it a mystery though, I would’ve picked up at least the first issue.

  9. So.. this is where Nova was going. yay!  I was already going to read this book, but now I’m more excited.  With that costume, it looks like Steve is going to be a non-eye patched version of Fury.

  10. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    You know what? Sold. 

  11. I like the roster, but we can’t seriously be expected to call the guy "Steve Rogers" for the duration of this series can we? Since Marvel doesn’t really do the whole, "two heroes with the same name" thing like DC does, may I submit that we start calling him "New Old Cap"? (I also submit that I’m terrible at coming up with hero names.)

  12. Well looks like I’ll be buying all three Avengers books. Sorry wallet…

  13. @TNC. You keep saying you don’t like the premise. We still don’t have a premise. I’m with paul. Sold.

  14. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Anson – TNC is incredibly discerning. Call it aggressive foresight. 

  15. @Anson17: Well it sounds, from interviews and con information it’s either

    A) A Thunderbolts rip-off

    B) A Spec-ops team

    I’m fine with it either way, I just don’t see it with this line up. 

  16. Did I miss a Nova cancellation?  Please tell me he’s just pulling double duty.

  17. There is only one costume that looks good on Steve Rogers.

  18. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Brubaker just mentioned on Twitter that there are three characters on the team not included in this image. 

  19. I love and team and actually dig the costume. It has a little bit of Cap in it but its also more of an agent uniform than a costume, which is exactly what his role seems to be. I think a darker blue or black would work better but Im good with the way it looks. I hate when publishers need to make a costume change but don’t want to go too far, cough…Wally…cough….West, because its doesn’t really work or signify a truly fresh and new direction. The costume is shocking because its so different. Give it a few months or a year and no one will even notice it. 

  20. @TNC – I think Paul’s right. Maybe you have some sort of precog type powers. Might have to start listening to you for a chance. 😛

  21. Is that Steve Rogers? NO NO NO NO NO

  22. I hope this doesn’t mean an end to Novas involvement in the cosmic side of marvel. But I guess it does mean he won’t be in the Thanos mini coming up.

  23. Well, you know what? Good for Nova. Nova should get to spend more time at home. And call his mother every once in a while.

    Steve Roger’s costume is only about two big stripes away from the SHIELD uniforms nobody’s said "boo" about for decades, so maybe we all settle down a little bit about that.

    Now, the question of "why pull the rug out from under the emotional impact of Captain America dying, just to have him do this?" is the one I’m asking, but I am going to take the breathtaking step of letting Brubaker answer it BEFORE I go, "Feh!" and wave the book away.

  24. Also, if Deadpool is on this team I will permanently dent my forehead.

  25. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Maybe Nova just video-conferences in? A lot of people are doing it that way these days. 

  26. @Jimski: In the realm of art, design, and fashion it’s the little details that make all the difference.

  27. Amazing. Will definitely be checking out this book! Great lineup, too!

  28. @Paul/Anson Maybe I do have precog abilities. But they work backwards. So I see good books as bad and bad books as good. It would explain why I had high up for all of those Deadpool ongoings…

    @Paul (again) I would love to see a comic called ‘Marvel Video Conferences’. 

  29. I don’t know, I kind of wish Bucky would have been on this team and Steve on the main Avengers. But this’ll do. This is a great team. I guess I could get behind a "blond Nick Fury" without guns.

  30. Yikes. Can’t say I’m loving anything about this other than the fact Brubaker is writing it. I’ve never been a Deodato fan, and that Steve Rogers costume is terrible. This looks like something from 10 years ago.

    Not to continue the hate (but I will), but that Heroic Age banner is ugly. If Marvel is going to plaster a banner over every book, can they at least design something worth looking at?

  31. Cool. I think they should of stuck with the black outfit Steve Rogers, similiar to what he was sporting pre-Siege. I’m really psyched to have Brubaker writing Steve still.

  32. I don’t know if you mean nobody here guessed Nova, but the Comics Should Be Good blog nailed all of these characters from the teasers.  I like the line up and am curious to see who the unseen 3 members are.  I’ll definitely be giving the series a go. 

  33. I’m curious what the deal is with "THE TEAM NO ONE CAN KNOW ABOUT…".  Is this possibly like Booster Gold where he can’t reveal what he’s doing (and must let the world think he’s a joke) else the world as we know it will come to an end?  I would love that, but I’m guessing not.

    I’m *guessing* they do missions which they can’t take credit for else there would be greater ramifications – a Mission Impossible sort of team.

    Okay, I realize probably few to no one know the answer here.  I’m just thinking outloud.

  34. @JoeFX: Of course I meant nobody here.

  35. Great line-up. I am completely sold on picking this up.

  36. I gotta admit, my stomach turned when I saw this. I don’t think it looks good at all. Maybe it’s just the cover. I will check it out, though, because I feel like giving Brubaker a go, but…this just seems way way melodramatic–which I guess is the point..we’ll see

  37. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @mike – Well, in fairness it’s a hero shot. Every team has this kind of image regardless of the quality of the book itself. 

  38. Like I said in the other thread, this feels like one of those New Defenders/West Coast Avengers type teams. I’m in, just to see how all these offbeat archetypes can work together. Should be interesting.

  39. That costume is one of the reasons that Deodato just really isn’t that great.

  40. I kind of like Steve’s outfit. It’s a S.H.I.E.L.D. uniform with a little Cap flavor. I have a much bigger problem with Nova’s shoulder talons (How does he move his arms without puncturing his face?), Beast’s gauntlets (Or is that Dark Beast?, and the War Machine armor overall.

  41. I’ve been kinda bored with Brubaker’s writing lately but I’ll give the first issue a chance. Certainly have some good characters to work with.

  42. Brubaker says there are 3 missing characters from the teaser via twitter.

  43. @skeets: Yeah, Bendis said that all of the Avengers haven’t been revealed either. Gotta save something for the books!

  44.  "And boy am I glad we went through all that sturm and drang to get Steve Rogers back so he could fight evil dressed like someone out of the bad old early 90s day"

    @Connor LOL I thought the same thing but I think its awesome! Oh Nostalgia…

    Actually this whole Heroic Age thing is nostalgic like if we could relive the 90’s and do it right, lol… I will definitely get this cause its this random team and Brubaker. I also LOVE Steve Rogers as a leader even if he is a tacky mofo’ Plus the art. You win again Marvel just when I thought DC/Vetrigo was taking over my pull list.

  45. This looks like it could be ton of fun. I’m in. I’m a sucker though.

     Is it just me or does this whole Bucky Cap/Steve Rogers thing feel very DC? Not complaining at all. It just feels that way to me. 

  46. If Brubaker’s writing it, I’m interested.

    I like that Valkyrieand Moon Knight are both on the team. I haven’t read much of them, but I’ve been interested in them for a long time.


  47. Other than Steve’s costume, I am super excited for this.

  48. Really not a fan of Deodato’s artwork on Dark Avengers, don’t know if i’ll pick this up.

  49. I just wonder whats so secret about these Avengers? Surely this isn’t the Avengers version of X-Force, right? I mean Beast left the X-Men because of all that. 

  50. actually Conor, I called it this morning 🙂 ( page 2)…though I did guess Human Torch as well.

  51. @strestout1: Again, not here you didn’t. 🙂

  52. @conor i knew i shouldn’t have been lurking here so long.

  53. oh no, please don’t cancel my beloved Nova ongoing, even if it is for this…

  54. Why don’t they just call this book what it is. The Defenders reboot.

  55. Nova! Cool.

    Steve needs a new tailor, though. Yeesh.

  56. @RudeBoy5 good call!

  57. And how does Beast keep his glasses in while bouncing around like that? Maybe that was his actual secondary mutation. I can’t even mow the lawn without mine falling off.

  58. I like the characters, although don’t know too much about valykyre. good characters but can they really mix as a team and i was hoping steve Rogers would have a bigger purpose now hes back than to just lead another team 🙁 This had promise and Ill give it a punt, war machine, nova and beast = awesome but i just don’t think this is going to hold up. Brubaker was awesome on cap (12 months ago) but recently he’s lost touch with the character and i hope he manages to get a handle on it again before writing much of the series.

  59. Glad to see Nova on the team.

  60. This reminds me so much of "Force Works" I want to cry.  Look:

  61. I’m definitely interested in this, and even I was like "Nova!" when I saw the image.  Steve’s costume, eh, although I did like the earlier post that said Steve should be on the Avengers (as Cap IMO) and then have Bucky as the Winter Soldier on this team, since this seems to be a covert ops type of team.  Bust still, Bru writing plus Moon Knight and Nova, I’m in.  As for those wondering if Nova is cancelled, that’s the impression I got in a recent Cup O Joe on Newsarama, as the series along with Guardians is definitely on hiatus during the Thanos mini, however he gave one of those "we have great things in store!" answers, which based on Iron Fist and Ghost Rider, means the titles are gone.  Maybe there will be a cosmic book after combining or something, but I doubt we’ll see a solo Nova and Guardians book, which sucks.

  62. I’m guessing this team formation probably has something to do with what Steve saw at the end of Captain America: Reborn. I’m cool with any team that has ex-Defenders in it. Since this is also supposedly some covert ops team, I like Steve’s costume. I think if you think of it as a UNIFORM it makes more sense. Of all the Heroic Age hype, this is the only book I’m most looking forward to.

  63. I don’t like this Nova thing.  Unless the Secret Avengers are going into space to stop a Kree-Skrull war from breaking out all over again.  What with Nova and Guardians going on hiatus during the next cosmic event, I fear the book may be in trouble.  Although I like the notion that Worldmind helps out the Avengers.

    Worldmind: "Moon Knight!  It is critically important that you pay attention at this time."

    Beast:  "Good luck with that."

    Speaking of Beast, is he the only non-soldier on the roster?


  65. OK.  Is anyone else giggling at the fact that SECRET Avenger Beast has a costume with a shitload of A’s on it?

    "Look!  It’s the Beast with the X-M…no…there’s an A there…not the A-Men…" 

  66. the reveal of Nova really threw me through a loop.

  67. somehow i wish i would have been reading nova all along…

  68. I haven’t read the previous posts so i’m sorry if someone said this beforehand. But I get a Winter Soldier vibe off Steve in that image. (it’s strange just how comfortable i am calling that character Steve. It’s like were old mates)

     Moon Knignt? aww, god damn it!

  69. Love the team. Wasn’t planning on buying this in issues, but will probably try it.

  70. For some reason I find this lineup completely unappealling.  I don’t mind any of these characters on their own but this team looks like someone just picked a bunch of pages from the Marvel Official Handbook out of a hat.  Also a bit worried about the status of the Cosmic books with Nova on this team.   I kinda feel like they are stealing him.  We’ll see though.

  71. BOOOOOO, keep Nova in space!  BOOOOOOOOOOO!

  72. captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

     I love both nova and moon knight, but are a glowing cosmic soldier and a guy who is totally crazy really going to  help you in the secret department?  

  73. Man, now this is a team which I want to read about.

  74. @jashcraft1014 I agree.  I’ma read this book, but I’m really curious how this will tie into the cosmic stories and even the current growth of the Nova Corps.  Nova finally has a crew and is growing the Nova Corps… so hopefully this will be addressed, or maybe they’ll leave Nova’s ongoing alone and the stories will happen concurrently, so we can still get cosmic DnA Nova and Brubaker’s Secret Avenger’s Nova.

  75. How can this team be completely random?

    You have the big three:

    Captain America, Valkirie (Thor), War Machine (Iron Man)

    You have the scientist Beast (also a former Avenger) who fills in for Pym.

    You have your street level fighter Moon Knight (Hawkeye).

    And you got the additional powerhouse Nova (Vision).

    Not random at all.

  76. At least throw Steve back in his old Nomad costume, anything but that frigging mess he’s wearing!

  77. Maybe it’s 50s Cap?

  78. Will Steve be called The American?

  79. There’s a crap ton of firepower on this team…they should kick quite a lot of ass.

  80. Steve Rogers’ costume reminds me of Citizen Steel or Fighting American.

  81. It’s an interesting line-up, but I’m not sure I’m fully sold.  I guess the tone of the book, along with the buzz will determine my interest in this one. 

  82. I think the Cap costume is alright. Especially if he turns around and those straps over his shoulder end up being one of those little Hello Kitty backpacks that middle school girls wear.

  83. I love everything about this team, including Steve’s outfit.


  84. Valkyrie? I was really pulling for Wanda.  perhaps she (and/or her brother) is amongst the three remaining members.

  85. Not the least bit interested in this line up.  Maybe I will pick up at some point but I doubt it.

  86. I’ve been really enjoying Nova.  I wonder if this will draw that book more into the Earth based Marvel Universe. 

  87. Steve’s costume reminds me of the outfit he wore as "The Captain" in What If… #51 What If The Punisher Became Captain America. I’m psyched that Nova is on the team and wonder what Brubaker has in store. I wonder why this team has to be so secret?

  88. Steve Rogers, Moon Knight, Beast, Valkyrie, War Machine, and Nova?

    Good Lord! There’s enough firepower there to destroy most third world countries! I’m in. Even though I put a price on Bucky’s head just to get Steve out of that uniform. Maybe it’ll look better with the old Avengers leather jacket over it?

  89. Moon Knight sold me

  90. I scanned the comments really quick, but I’m surprised no one said that Steve looks like the Fighting American, another Simon/Kirby creation:


  91. Could use some Pym, but I’m pretty excited.

  92. @VitoDelsante You JUST took the words from my mouth….. Joe Simon about ta’ to SUE SOMEBODY!!!!!!  And frankly the way he’s been treated by Marvel I hope he does… and wins.

  93. It’s not Steve Rogers at all. It’s Rob Reynolds with a haircut. 🙂

  94. Marvel should just buy the name and rights to Fighting American.   Replace one Simon and Kirby patriot with another.

  95. I weep for the Nova ongoing it was too beautiful for this world

  96. An Avengers team with Beast, Valkyre, Nova, War Machine, Moon Knight and Steve Rogers? SOLD!!!!

  97. I kind of wish we’d have gotten Scarlet Witch in Valkyrie’s stead. Someone needs to un-destroy her already.

  98. I am definately up for this line up. Some, potentially, really interesting characters. Not massively into Steve’s cozzie, I think it would have been better with a smaller emblem on the chest. Additionally, I really don’t like Deodato’s art. His art seems to make the characters look a bit freaky, particularly women. Novas uniform looks terrible. On balance I will probably not get this book and maybe pick up the trade if it gets good reviews.

  99. @ScorpionMasada, I didn’t notice that, good call!

  100. Couple notes on Nova: He was already headed back to Earth so this dovetails with the Nova ongoing. The book was going on hiatus to let AnL tell their Thanos story. Finally, where has Marvel shown that it isn’t possible to have a character in more than one book especially where one of those books is a team book?  Wolverine, DeadPool and Spidey are in just about every third book Marvel produces. I’m not implying that Nova is on their level (but I’d be ok with that).

    I’m still terribly excited for the new Avengers books. Curious about the unannounced members of the various teams. 

  101. It’s amusing how riled up the good folks here are getting about Steve’s costume.  Perhaps we should rename the website iFashionista.

    @Bornin1142 – I agree.  It’s time to un-mothball Wanda.  I need me some scarlet goodness.

  102. They Fuckin’had to put Nova in there! Now I have to be this.

  103. Nova? Hmm, I was guessing it would be Noh-Var. 

  104. Correction. I actually already considered Nova but thought against it when considering continuity of his series. Had they announced it would be ending I would have definetly pushed for him more on the team.

  105. Is US Agent alive? What if Steve wore that costume (again)?

  106. I like the lineup…

    But these costumes (Steve, Nova and Beast) remind me of the dark ages (aka the 90s) which drove me away from Marvel comics.

    Anyways, I hope Pym isn’t on either team. 

  107. i got 5 out of 6

  108. Coiuld not agree more with the badly costumed Steve Rogers part.  He looks like a metrosexual SHIELD agent. 

  109. BTW @icn1983 you are so right this is Avengers "ForceWorks".  Rob Liefeld should be doing this title just to round out its early 1990’s feel.

  110. this roster is awesome! steve rogers costume…not so much.

  111. Maybe that is not Steve Rogers, but … the Robert Reynolds!!!

  112. Wait didn’t Beast leave the X-men because he was miffed at their black operations and secret missions….so when steve rogers asks you to join your team you come running and leave your girlfriend in space but when your best friend attempts to protect your from your own hypocritical self righteousness you give him the finger…this is why i don’t like beast

  113. How about we see what the actual book is ABOUT before we decide Beast is being a hypocrite.

  114. Beast also left the X-Men because Scott let him be tortured by Osborn. That can put a strain on a friendship…well, at least that’s what I’m told.