PREVIEW: Scarlet Spider #1

The Marvel event of the year, full of fallout and long-term repercussions, turns out to be Spider-Island. Among other things, that Amazing Spider-Man story arc was the genesis of the upcoming web-spinoff Scarlet Spider, written by Chris Yost and hitting your local merchants’ shelves on January 4th.

Peter Parker clone Kaine has found his way to Texas, running from a past that sounds like it’s going to be pretty good at keeping up with him. One thing he does seem to have left behind for good is his old look, as the hoodie and strap-on ankle pouches (seriously: where does one buy those, and why?) have given way to a sleeker, more intimidating outfit.

To see what we mean, take a gander at the covers and preview pages below, drawn by superstar-in-the-making Ryan Stegman.


  1. I enjoy Yost’s writing, and Stegman’s art looks tasty. Looking forward to it.

  2. Never was much of a fan of The Scarlet Spider when he was Ben Reily the clone, let alone a of Kaine. This new version of Scarlet Spider as a lot of potential since it will be written by Chris Yost and the art has a fresh feel to it, sort of like the last two frames, clean shaven, representing a new start.

  3. *yawn* book will be cancelled before issue 6

  4. First thing I have been excited about from Marvel in a long time. Yost always writes a solid story and really have been missing him on a monthly book and not a fill in since X-Force. It has been great to follow Stegman from the She-Hulks mini until this. He is getting better and better. Heck, I even bought Hulk vs Dracula because he was on it and wanted to see him get more work. This is going to be great!

  5. This might be an obvious question, but is this Kaine the same guy who was around during the ’90s Clone Saga? I haven’t actually read Spider Island yet though it’s certainly something I hope to read in the new year.

    • Yep, he was in the clone saga.

    • Yes. He was in the Raft until the Thunderbolts broke him out (or he broke out while the Thunderbolts broke out, something like that), killed in Grim Hunt, resurrected for Spider Island (but prior to it actually starting), and fixed up as a result of Spider Island.

  6. This should have been Mary Jane.

  7. Couple observations / comments:
    – Love the patent leather look of the new costume. Very distinct.
    – That’s a lot of bullets!
    – Looks like we got a bit of a Moon Knight thing going on with “old” Kane smashing up “new” Kane in the mirror.
    – Like the new “clean-cut’ Kane. He’s a potential stand-in for Petey.

    • The bullets don’t work. One of the guns is clearly a shotgun which shoots pellets not bullets… I guess the artist didn’t know that. But that I can forgive cause the visual look is awesome! 😉

  8. A strap-on ankle pouch could be of some use to a bicyclist, if they weren’t too bulky or designed to keep the pouches on the outside.Cycling clothes fit pretty snug and belts tend to get uncomfortable after a while. And if you keep money in them, there is very little chance of someone pick pocketing you with you noticing.

    Not really any worse than a fanny pack.
    Really interesting how they’re bring back scarlet spider, but not Ben Reilly and the Kaine regeneration was a bit too literal deus ex machina.

    From the point one issue, it seems like he’ll be a darker hero, more like batman.

  9. I was never the biggest Scarlet Spider fan, but I find myself looking forward to this.

  10. I like the new costume, but I’ll miss the hoodie.

    Also, what’s going on with his eyebrows once he’s de-bearded? Gotta trim those down a little, bro.

  11. I am very excited for this.

  12. The art looks nice but to be honest my favorite thing about the Scarlett Spider was always his costume. I would always switch to it if I could unlock it in a video game. I don’t really care for this new one.

  13. Crap! Marvel can’t make a story without using spiderman, x-man, or the avengers. Stan Lee has got to look at this and wonder what the hell has happened to the ship. Sad just really sad.

    • In fairness to marvel, pretty much every super hero they have has been on the Avengers of the X-Men at some point, so you are basically saying Marvel cant make a story without Marvel characters, which is a very bizarre argument to make.

    • “Crap! Marvel can’t make a story without using the characters that most people care about! Stan Lee has got to look at this and wonder why they keep using the characters he created. Probably why depositing his most recent royalty check.”

    • No my reasoning for this is why another spiderman book? Hell why another x-man book? Marvel was at its best during the early eighties great concepts, great writing, great characters. Marvel has become a victim of their own sucess. We now have more x-books floating around then they know what to do with and the ones that are well writen will shine till someone comes up with a bright idea for another spin off book destined for failure. My thought process is create good story archs within the books you have and stop spinning off a million new ones. Look at the huge glut of books back in the mid-nineties most of them with the crazy covers and spin offs that later failed. As for Lee I am quite sure he loves those checks but man I am also quite sure he has to shake his head sometimes at the monster he helped build. That is one of the reasons I find it so hard to jump back into the marvel pool unless we are talking about Icon and those books are great. That is not to say that I don’t enjoy FF because that is good as well (I haven’t read 600 yet but I hope its great). Who knows in the next few years DC might start down the Marvel road and I might jump back.

    • so you prefer reboots and are, in fact, not really reboots? Why is it such a sin to put out books in this manner? If they fail, that is punishment for them not being publicized, created, maintained well enough. Why do you take it personal? They are probably just putting out feelers in the form of these books to see what will sell in the future or what else they could try to reach new demographics.

  14. I’m kinda excited by this premise. It’d be nice to have something to show for wading through all that Clone Saga stuff from the 90’s. If anyone can find relevance for this character, Yost is a good choice.

    Diggin’ on the art, very much. I’ll pick up a copy.

  15. it’s good to see Eugene Levy’s eye brows finally have a solo series

  16. Stoked on more Stegman. Looks like a level up too!

  17. We3 ‘homage’ in the third image?

  18. Looks pretty cool. A Scarlet Spider/New Venom team up, or more likely smackdown, could be very entertaining. Cool to see interesting characters springing from the Spideyverse that aren’t symbiotes as well.

    It is, however massively irritating when artists make small mistakes, like shotguns firing small caliber bullets. Guns are pretty simple devices and it isn’t hard to take five minutes to google the mechanics of a particular gun. It’s one of my bugbears, like when you see a revolver with a silencer.

    And no I’m not an NRA member, never even fired a gun, just objectionable to lazy art.

    • judging from the distance from the gun to the target, isn’t it possible that the pellet spread had already widened beyond the scope of that tiny frame? plus some of those bullets could be slugs, i suppose.

  19. Upon further study of these images… Can Kaine shoot organic webs? or does he have shooters hidden? If not.. he’s in trouble now that he’s leapt from a building.

  20. Since he’s a Peter Parker clone, does he have a similar personality? The witty, jokey personality could be cool with a few twists in there. I might check this out.

    I really like that we’re getting outside of NYC with the story.