Only Then Do You Have Permission To Show Us Your Halloween Costume 2012!

It’s that time of year again…the time of year where pumpkins get smashed, apples get bobbed, candy flows like water and trick-or-treaters put in the extra effort to make sure their costumes look AWESOME!

For the older crowd – pumpkins might still be smashed…and your co-workers might also be smashed. I guess it depends on how seriously your company takes the annual Halloween Party.

Regardless of how your company treats this holiday – over here at iFanboy we love it. (Well, most of us. Not Ron or Josh.) And to celebrate we want to share YOUR costumes. (They don’t even have to be comic book themed!)

That’s right – you put in the effort and you want to make sure everybody sees the awesomeness and we want to help. Email your costume pictures to me at conor AT ifanboy DOT com with COSTUME as the subject by Wednesday, November 7th at 11pm PST – and I’ll get them posted. Please include your iFanboy username so we can let everybody know who you are and let me know what your costume is – in case it’s not crystal clear.

Remember! There are no prizes – other than the pride of showing off your hard work and the adulation you might receive in the comments.

Don’t have a costume and need an idea? Might I suggest…

Check out the iFanbase Halloween costumes of years past!

We look forward to seeing what you’ve got going on this year!


  1. A guy with those type of muscles in a crappy plastic shirt like that just makes me laugh and laugh.

  2. If iFanboy kicked in a bottle of good whiskey, it’d be worth it to dress up as Mr. Bane here. Hell, even using a costume from the WTF Comic Book Costumes article.

    Seriously, I might dress up this Halloween, just haven’t committed yet.

  3. I totally wimped out of Halloween last year due to illness and laziness, so I’m redoubling my efforts for this year! Shit is gonna be tight!

  4. The time of year I love more than any and the time of year that Udo (my dog) dreads more then any. I have been toying with an idea that I am going to start on this weekend for Udo’s costume. It will not e as good as M.O.D.O.G. but it will make me laugh. Hopefully, I will get him to sit still for 2 seconds to take a picture.

  5. You know it’s Halloween when that chill hits the air and iFanboy posts the invite. It’s been my favorite time of year since I was a wee WheelHands. I’m pretty broke this year but that won’t stop me from bringing the thunder.


  6. Steroids not included

  7. I’m looking forward to this. My family is dressing up as the cast of Adventure Time. I shall be Finn. Unfortunately, I have to shave for the role.

    Glob be with you.

  8. could I please get an exact email address please? sorry for being a bother. looking forward to the photos though!

  9. I decided to be dressed up as Agent Phil Coulson for a friend’s Halloween party this friday night! 😀

  10. Photo sent. I hope everyone else gets their pic in on time.

  11. Done and done!